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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXIV Part 2, 2002

ISPRS Commission II, Symposium 2002
Integrated System for Spatial Data Production, Custodian and Decision Support
August 20-23, 2002
Xi'an, China
Editor(s): Jun CHEN, Jie JIANG

A Displacement Method Based on Field Analysis
Tinghua AI, Peter van Oosterom
Page(s) 1 - 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 1251 KB)

Spatial Search Engine - Enabling the Intelligent Geographic Information Retrieval
Yuqi BAI, Chongjun YANG, Donglin LIU, Lingling GUO
Page(s) 9 - 12
Conference Paper (PDF, 144 KB)

Object extraction and revision by Image Analysis Using Existing geospatial Data: State-of-the-art and Steps Towards Operational Systems
Manos Baltsavias
Page(s) 13 - 22
Conference Paper (PDF, 114 KB)

Agri-Enviro Information System for the North China Plain
Georg BARETH, Zhenrong YU
Page(s) 23 - 30
Conference Paper (PDF, 2475 KB)

Multi-sensor Systems for Land-based and Airborne Mapping: Technology of the Future?
Dorota A. Grejner-Brezezinska, Ron LI, Norbert Haala, Charles Toth
Page(s) 31 - 42
Conference Paper (PDF, 821 KB)

Digital terrain model reconstruction in urban areas from airborne laser scanning data: The method and the example of the Town of Pavia (Northern Italy)
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Massimiliano Cannata
Page(s) 43 - 48
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Lidar Derived Elevation Data to support flood Plain modeling
P. Bryant, R. Campos-Marquetti, C. Daniel
Page(s) 49 - 52
Conference Paper (PDF, 1509 KB)

System design for automated quality control of geodata by integration of gis and imagery
Andreas Busch, Felicitas Willrich
Page(s) 53 - 58
Conference Paper (PDF, 616 KB)

Field-Used Digital Photogrammetry Workstation
Page(s) 59 - 60
Conference Paper (PDF, 408 KB)

Semi-Automatic Extraction of Houses with Multi Right Angles from Aerial Images
Xiran CHENG, Jianqing ZHANG
Page(s) 61 - 66
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

Modelling and analysis tools for interferometric SAR observations
M. Crosetto, B. Crippa, R. Barzaghi, M. Agudo
Page(s) 67 - 74
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

Development of an airborne multisensor system for oil spill detection and control
M. Crosetto, E. Biescas, S. Charron, G. Peigne, D. Tarchi
Page(s) 75 - 80
Conference Paper (PDF, 828 KB)

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites and its Working Group on Information Systems and Services
Wyn Cudlip, Terry Fisher, John L. Faundeen
Page(s) 81 - 86
Conference Paper (PDF, 60 KB)

A Thick Web Coverage Client (WCC) of NASA HDF-EOS Web GIS Software Suite (NWGISS)
Donna DENG, Meixia DENG, Peisheng ZHAO, Liping DI
Page(s) 87 - 90
Conference Paper (PDF, 358 KB)

The Spatial Analyse of Clustering Based on Genetic Algorithms
Hongyan DENG, Fang WU, Chang YIN
Page(s) 91 - 94
Conference Paper (PDF, 175 KB)

Model of Error Propagating in Topology Clean Operation
Min DENG, Wenbao LIU, Xiaoyong CHEN
Page(s) 95 - 100
Conference Paper (PDF, 201 KB)

A Model of Muti-server Parallel-processing in WebGIS
Shijun DENG, Lingkui MENG
Page(s) 101 - 106
Conference Paper (PDF, 390 KB)

The Progress and Current Status of ISO Standard Development Project 19130-Sensor and Data Models for Imagery and Gridded Data (WG II/4)
Liping DI, Wolfgang Kresse, Ben Kobler
Page(s) 107 - 110
Conference Paper (PDF, 135 KB)

Study on the key techniques of Mine Environment Protection and Disaster Prevention Decision Support System (MEPDPDSS)
Peijun DU, Yehua SHENG, Dazhi GUO, Tao FANG, Pengfei SHI
Page(s) 111 - 114
Conference Paper (PDF, 142 KB)

Devising and Realizing of Digital Mono-plotter
Da-zhao FAN, Baoming ZHANG, Rong LEI, Mingyao QI, Haitao GUO
Page(s) 115 - 118
Conference Paper (PDF, 459 KB)

Elements of Integrated Systems for Information Services
Poul Frederiksen
Page(s) 119 - 124
Conference Paper (PDF, 309 KB)

Visualization and Decision Support for Watershed Management
Christopher Gold, Maciek Dakowicz, Rebecca Tse
Page(s) 125 - 132
Conference Paper (PDF, 303 KB)

Study on 3D modeling and Visualization in Geological Exploration Engineering
Jianya GONG, Penggen CHENG, Rong LIU, Dajun LI, Shaohua LIU
Page(s) 133 - 138
Conference Paper (PDF, 218 KB)

Sensor Modeling for Aerial Mobile Mapping with Three-Line-Scanner (TLS) Imagery
A. Gruen, Li ZHANG
Page(s) 139 - 146
Conference Paper (PDF, 275 KB)

A Mobile-agent and GML based Framework for Integrating Distributed GIS
Jihong GUAN, Shuigeng ZHOU, Fuling BIAN
Page(s) 147 - 152
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

Application of Generalized Ridge Estimate in Computing the Exterior Orientation Elements of Satellitic Linear Array Scanner Imagery
Haitao GUO, Baoming ZHANG, Qingming GUI
Page(s) 153 - 156
Conference Paper (PDF, 193 KB)

An integrated approach for the orientation of terrestrial outdoor scenes
Norbert Haala, Jan Böhm, Darko Klinec
Page(s) 157 - 162
Conference Paper (PDF, 341 KB)

Design and Application of the GPSVision Mobile Mapping System
Guangping HE
Page(s) 163 - 168
Conference Paper (PDF, 216 KB)

The Design of Urban Underground Pipe Line GIS Based on UML Flexibility Software Developing Model
Jianzhong HE, Luqun LI, Min DENG
Page(s) 169 - 172
Conference Paper (PDF, 140 KB)

Requirements for Modern geographic information systems
Christian Heipke
Page(s) 173 - 184
Conference Paper (PDF, 703 KB)

Self-Diagnosis Within Automatic Road Network Extraction
Stefan HINZ, Christian WIEDEMANN, Heinrich EBNER
Page(s) 185 - 192
Conference Paper (PDF, 1194 KB)

Design of Dynamic Maps for Land Vehicle Navigation
Angelina HO, Zhilin LI
Page(s) 193 - 198
Conference Paper (PDF, 305 KB)

An Objet-Oriented Vector Data Model for 3D geological volume Modeling
Enke HOU, Lixin WU
Page(s) 199 - 202
Conference Paper (PDF, 146 KB)

Automatic Main Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Xiangyun HU, C. Vincent TAO
Page(s) 203 - 208
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

A Road Network Data Model and Its Application in Vehicle Navigation System
Changqing HUANG, Lingkui MENG, Chunyu ZHAO
Page(s) 209 - 212
Conference Paper (PDF, 110 KB)

3D Visualization of Building from LIDAR and IKNOIS Image
Zheng JI, Jianqing ZHANG
Page(s) 213 - 216
Conference Paper (PDF, 435 KB)

Development of Ground Receiving System for KOMPSAT-2
M.G. Kim, T. Kim, S.O. Park, Y. Lim, S. Park, J. Lee, J. Shin, M. Choi
Page(s) 217 - 222
Conference Paper (PDF, 457 KB)

Automated DEM extraction of urban areas from multi resolution satellite images
Taejung Kim, YongJo Im
Page(s) 223 - 228
Conference Paper (PDF, 782 KB)

Status report of ISPRS WG II/4 "Image Data Standards", 2000 - 2002
Wolfgang Kresse, Liping Di
Page(s) 229 - 230
Conference Paper (PDF, 99 KB)

Photogrammetric color scanning
Franz Leberl, Michael Gruber
Page(s) 231 - 234
Conference Paper (PDF, 445 KB)

The Kinematic Positioning of Vehicle with Real-Time Differential GPS/GLONASS and Real-Time Kinematic GPS/GLONASS
In Su Lee, Kyung Chul Youn, Hyun Ho Kim, Woon Yong Park
Page(s) 235 - 240
Conference Paper (PDF, 376 KB)

Accuracy analysis of digital orthophotos
Dajun LI, Jianya GONG, Yunlan GUAN, Chunsheng ZHANG
Page(s) 241 - 244
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

Automatic change detection of geo-spatial data from imagery
Deren LI, Haigang SUI, Ping XIAO
Page(s) 245 - 252
Conference Paper (PDF, 278 KB)

The comparison of the wavelet- based image compressors
Jingwei LI, Yousong Zhao
Page(s) 253 - 258
Conference Paper (PDF, 171 KB)

Automatic Extraction of Urban Road Networks from IKONOS Images Using a Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology Approach
Jonathan LI, Yu LI, Haibin Dong
Page(s) 259 - 264
Conference Paper (PDF, 468 KB)

Boundary, coboundary, six groups topology and 'one face with three layers' in 3D GIS
Qingyuan LI, Yanqing CHANG, Daiyong CAO
Page(s) 265 - 270
Conference Paper (PDF, 205 KB)

A fuzzy relation based algorithm for segmenting color aerial images of urban environment
Yu LI, Jonathan LI, Haibin DONG, Xiangqian GAO
Page(s) 271 - 274
Conference Paper (PDF, 179 KB)

Integration of CGPS and ground meteorological observations for mitigate atmospheric effects on InSAR
Z. W. LI, X. L. DING, Y. Q. CHEN, Z. L. LI, G. X. LIU
Page(s) 275 - 280
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

WEB-based exploratory data analys (WEB-EDA): Visualisation meets spatial analysis
Zhilin LI, Menno-Jan KRAAK
Page(s) 281 - 286
Conference Paper (PDF, 465 KB)

Spatial Analysis Decision Making in GIS approach to Real Estate System
Chengda LIN, Ruifang ZHAI, Lingkui MENG
Page(s) 287 - 290
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

Automatic NOAA AVHRRR Image Registration in Mountains Area
Haibo LIU, Jim McGregor
Page(s) 291 - 296
Conference Paper (PDF, 172 KB)

A Recursive Algorithm for Triangulation of Arbitrary Polygons Based on BSP Tree
Qiang LIU
Page(s) 297 - 300
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

Core Techniques and Products of Digital Photogrammetry and RS for Urban Infrastructure
Rong LIU, Penggen CHENG, Kaiyun LU, Shilin ZOU
Page(s) 301 - 306
Conference Paper (PDF, 182 KB)

Study on dynamic changes of mangroves based on image interactive interpretation system
Yalan LIU, Chengjie WEI, Shouyong YAN, Tao WANG
Page(s) 307 - 310
Conference Paper (PDF, 377 KB)

Segmentation and filtering of laser scanner digital surface models
Peter Lohmann
Page(s) 311 - 316
Conference Paper (PDF, 583 KB)

The Study on Extended Cellular Automata Based on Relational Database and the Spatio-temporal Simulation
Ping LUO, Qingyun DU, Sufang HE
Page(s) 317 - 322
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

Research on an application slolution and key technology of Mobile GIS
Linbing MA, Jianya GONG, Chunsen ZHANG
Page(s) 323 - 326
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

Strategic Evolution of NASA ESE Data Systems (SEEDS)
Kenneth R. McDonald, Liping Di, Stephen W. Wharton
Page(s) 327 - 330
Conference Paper (PDF, 114 KB)

Automatic extraction of landcover themes on digital orthophos in mountainous area for mapping at 1/25k
Hervé Le Men, Jenny Trévisan, Didier Boldo
Page(s) 331 - 338
Conference Paper (PDF, 1047 KB)

An Integrated System of Digital Video Capturing System, GPS and GIS for Radar Clutter Analysis
Ying MING, Fulin BIAN, Jingjue JIANG, Jianshe ZHANG
Page(s) 339 - 346
Conference Paper (PDF, 296 KB)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Systems for Spatial Data Processing, Analysis and Representation
Shunji Murai
Page(s) 347 - 350
Conference Paper (PDF, 120 KB)

Truck detection from aerial photographs
Xutong NIU, Rongxing LI, Morton O'Kelly
Page(s) 351 - 356
Conference Paper (PDF, 369 KB)

Digital Change Detection for Map Database Update
Brian Pilemann Olsen, Thomas Knudsen, Poul Frederiksen
Page(s) 357 - 364
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

Automated Image Georeference and Tactical Support to Canadian Coast Guard Using Downlink - ICEVU Systems
Ziqiang OU, Mac McGregor, A. Koonar, B. Zacharuk
Page(s) 365 - 368
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

System Calibration of Intelligent Photogrammetron
Heping PAN, Chunsen ZHANG
Page(s) 369 - 376
Conference Paper (PDF, 180 KB)

Photogrammetric management GIS system
Ammatzia PELED, Basheer Haj-Yehia
Page(s) 377 - 378
Conference Paper (PDF, 78 KB)

Integrating Modeling for Profile Analysis of Urban Underground Pipelines Based on 3D GIS
Wenxiang PENG, Xiangyang SHE, Huifeng XUE, Wenyu ZHANG
Page(s) 379 - 382
Conference Paper (PDF, 156 KB)

Several Critical Issues of the GIS Architecture for Chinese Railway
Hua QI, Deren LI, Qing ZHU
Page(s) 383 - 388
Conference Paper (PDF, 177 KB)

Some rules for identifying spatial relationships of contours based on contour tree
Chaofei QIAO, Jun CHEN, Zhilin LI, Jianjun LIU
Page(s) 389 - 394
Conference Paper (PDF, 208 KB)

The Applications of SR Techniques in the Remote sensing
Guiqin QIN, Zexun GENG, Qing XU
Page(s) 395 - 400
Conference Paper (PDF, 332 KB)

The preliminary research on spatial data-mining theory and method based on formal concept analysis
Kun QIN, Zequn GUAN, Deren LI, Xinzhou WANG
Page(s) 401 - 404
Conference Paper (PDF, 176 KB)

GI and location based services - principles and some experiences with applications for mountaineers
Wolfgang Reinhardt, Florian Sayda
Page(s) 405 - 408
Conference Paper (PDF, 512 KB)

The Design and Implementation of an Urban Decision Support System Based on Artificial Intelligence Concepts
Farhad Samadzadegan, Rahim Ali Abbaspour, Mohammad Sarpoulaki
Page(s) 409 - 412
Conference Paper (PDF, 251 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry And Cybercity Construction
Jie SHEN, Xiaoyan LIU, Guo-nian LU, Wei ZHOU
Page(s) 413 - 416
Conference Paper (PDF, 247 KB)

An Integrated Digital Close-Range Image Acquisition System and Its Application on Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Yehua SHENG, Xiaohu ZHAO, Dazhi GUO, Peijun DU
Page(s) 417 - 422
Conference Paper (PDF, 306 KB)

A view-dependent level-of-detail model for rendering in three-dimensional GIS
Wenzhong SHI, Bisheng YANG, Qingquan LI
Page(s) 423 - 428
Conference Paper (PDF, 298 KB)

Processing of Laser Scanner Data and automatic Extraction of structure Lines
Lichun SUI
Page(s) 429 - 436
Conference Paper (PDF, 460 KB)

Automatic change detection for road networks from imagery based on GIS
Haigang SUI, Deren LI, Jianya GONG
Page(s) 437 - 442
Conference Paper (PDF, 272 KB)

Exploration of the Road Database for Navigation Systems
Lichun SUI, Liqiu MENG
Page(s) 443 - 448
Conference Paper (PDF, 1333 KB)

Flood Modeling Ular Watershed in North Sumatra
Drs. Mangapul P. Tambunan
Page(s) 449 - 454
Conference Paper (PDF, 120 KB)

Modeling slope uncertainty derived from DEMs: A case study in China loess plateau area
Guoan TANG, Wenzhong SHI, Mudan ZHAO, Yong ZHANG
Page(s) 455 - 462
Conference Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

Mobile Geographic Information Services (M-GIS) - Technology that changes the way we navigate our world
Winnie S.M. Tang, Jan Selwood
Page(s) 463 - 470
Conference Paper (PDF, 2555 KB)

Digital Map Updating from Satellite Imagery
Page(s) 471 - 474
Conference Paper (PDF, 668 KB)

Calibrating Airborne LIDAR Systems
Charles Toth
Page(s) 475 - 480
Conference Paper (PDF, 212 KB)

Integrated System for Health Applications of Earth Science Remote Sensing Data
Gilberto A. Vicente, Nancy Maynard
Page(s) 481 - 484
Conference Paper (PDF, 163 KB)

Urban Geo-spatial Information Updating Technology
Hui WANG, Yongsheng ZHANG, Renli WANG
Page(s) 485 - 488
Conference Paper (PDF, 136 KB)

The development and the application of normal water extent database for flood monitoring using remote sensing
Shixin WANG, Ya-lan LIU, Chenjie WEI, Zhou YI
Page(s) 489 - 492
Conference Paper (PDF, 646 KB)

Network Platform of Remote Sensing for Natural Disaster Monitoring Information Serving and its applications
Shixin WANG, Yi ZHOU, Gewei LI, Yalan Liu, Zongke ZHANG
Page(s) 493 - 498
Conference Paper (PDF, 251 KB)

The explanation of pattern recognition model with cognitive psychology
Shugen WANG
Page(s) 499 - 502
Conference Paper (PDF, 137 KB)

Rough Spatial Description
Shuliang WANG, Deren LI, Wenzhong SHI, Xinzhou WANG, Deyi LI
Page(s) 503 - 510
Conference Paper (PDF, 770 KB)

A method for linking road-network intersections in a multi-scale navigable database
Yanhui Wang, Jun Chen, Jie Jiang
Page(s) 511 - 516
Conference Paper (PDF, 168 KB)

A new digital photogrammetric system For GIS professionals
Younian WANG, Xinghe YANG, Mladen STOJIC, Brad SKELTON
Page(s) 517 - 524
Conference Paper (PDF, 526 KB)

A Model of Mobile Geographic Information Service and Applications
Zhongya WEI, Suning XU, Lun WU
Page(s) 525 - 530
Conference Paper (PDF, 161 KB)

Design and Operation of Spatial Decision Support Systems for Water Resource Protection
Mu-Lin WU, Chiou-Hsiung CHEN, Chih-Hsin CHEN
Page(s) 531 - 534
Conference Paper (PDF, 125 KB)

Land Use/Cover Change Detection Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet based Texture Analysis
Ping XIAO, Xi'an ZHAO, Deren LI
Page(s) 535 - 540
Conference Paper (PDF, 662 KB)

Application of gis and dps for geomorphological evolution analysis in loess watershed
Xuenian Xiao, Guoqing Deng, Chun Wang, Ming Xue
Page(s) 541 - 544
Conference Paper (PDF, 228 KB)

An Improved Simplification Algorithm of 3D Terrain Visualization Model
Wenhan XIE, Jian LU
Page(s) 545 - 548
Conference Paper (PDF, 516 KB)

Automatic Feature Registration and DEM Generation for Martian Surface Mapping
Fengliang XU, Kaichang DI, Rongxing LI, L.H. Matthies, C.F. Olson
Page(s) 549 - 554
Conference Paper (PDF, 490 KB)

Integration of GIS and EOS for Environmental Survey
Suning XU, Zhongya WEI, Chenglin LIU
Page(s) 555 - 560
Conference Paper (PDF, 240 KB)

Various Methods for Producing Orthophoto out of Central Perspective Imagery
Wenling XUAN, Zongjian LIN
Page(s) 561 - 564
Conference Paper (PDF, 171 KB)

Hue Adjustment Method of Large-scale Image Database
Yaohua YI, Jianya GONG, Guoliang WANG
Page(s) 565 - 568
Conference Paper (PDF, 326 KB)

The Study and Management of the Urban Pipeline Net Mapping and Analyzing on MapInfo
Hailong YU, Rong LIU, Shilin ZOU, Kaiyun LU, Hualing WU
Page(s) 569 - 572
Conference Paper (PDF, 255 KB)

A new Form of Object Oriented Spatial Data Model in GIS
Ruifang ZHAI, Chengda LIN, Li YAN
Page(s) 573 - 576
Conference Paper (PDF, 170 KB)

Quantity Control of Digital Map
Baoming ZHANG, Dazhao FAN, Haitao GUO, Tuanzhi MAO
Page(s) 577 - 580
Conference Paper (PDF, 198 KB)

The Survey of Accuracy Analysis of Remote Sensing and GIS
Jie ZHANG, Jianzhong SUN
Page(s) 581 - 584
Conference Paper (PDF, 156 KB)

Multimedia Training Software of Digital Photogrammetry System (Virtuozo NT)
Lei Zhang, Jianqing Zhang
Page(s) 585 - 588
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

Study On 3D Terrain Visualization On Internet
Liqiang ZHANG, Chongjun YANG, Donglin LIU
Page(s) 589 - 594
Conference Paper (PDF, 219 KB)

Asymmetrical Representation of Topological Relationships
Yong Zhang, Jun Chen, Lizhu Zhou
Page(s) 595 - 600
Conference Paper (PDF, 194 KB)

Outlook on the Development of Digital Photogrammetry - From Digital Photogrammetric Workstation (DPW) to Digital Photogrammetric System (DPS)
Zuxun ZHANG, Jianqing ZHANG
Page(s) 601 - 604
Conference Paper (PDF, 133 KB)

Wavelet-based the Character Recognition in Map
Xi'an ZHAO, Ping XIAO
Page(s) 605 - 608
Conference Paper (PDF, 161 KB)

The System of Collaborative Urban Planning and Design Based on 3D-GIS and VR
Xi'an ZHAO, Ping XIAO, ChangHua LI
Page(s) 609 - 612
Conference Paper (PDF, 133 KB)

Urban 3D GIS from LiDAR and Digital Orthoimages
Guoqing Zhou, C. Song, Susan Benjamin, W. Schickler, J. Zimmers
Page(s) 613 - 618
Conference Paper (PDF, 1000 KB)

Event-driven Incremental Updating: An Updating Approach of Spatio-Temporal Database
Xiaoguang ZHOU, Jun CHEN, Jie JIANG, Jianjun ZHU, Zhilin LI
Page(s) 619 - 626
Conference Paper (PDF, 211 KB)

Research on Assessing the Progress Towards Sustainable Development Supported by the Geo-Spatial Information Technology
Page(s) 627 - 632
Conference Paper (PDF, 160 KB)

Fast Rectification for Space-Borne SAR Digital Images with No Ground Control Point
Caiying ZHU, Guowang JIN, Qing XU
Page(s) 633 - 638
Conference Paper (PDF, 274 KB)

Effects of the Interval of Tiepoints on the Reliability of Sar Image Co-registration
Weibao Zou, Zhilin Li, Xiaoli Ding, Yongqi Chen, Guoxiang Liu
Page(s) 639 - 644
Conference Paper (PDF, 743 KB)

A Study on Integrating Geology data, Surveying data, Minerals data and Establishing Visualization Application Systems
Yanhong ZOU, Tagen DAI
Page(s) 645 - 650
Conference Paper (PDF, 177 KB)

Incorporating Digital Watermarks in Colour Digital Images
M.A. Chapman, A. Fidera
Page(s) 651 - 656
Conference Paper (PDF, 239 KB)

CCNS / AEROcontrol an integrated GPS/IMU system with standard interfaces for data exchange
J. Kremer
Page(s) 657 - 662
Conference Paper (PDF, 720 KB)




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