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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-1/W51, 2007

WG I/5, IV/3
ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2007:
High-Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information
May 29 - June 1, 2007
Hannover, Germany
Editor(s): C. Heipke, K. Jacobsen, M. Gerke

DMC geometric performance analysis
R. Alamus, W. Kornus, I. Riesinger
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 388 KB)

The accuracy of a DEM derived from ASTER data using differential GPS measurements
S.D. Al-Harbi, K.J. Tansey
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 635 KB)

Stereoscopic Accuracy
B. Arias, J. Gomez
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 104 KB)

Relative Orientation: A Comparision between Analog and Digital Images
B. Arias, J. Gomez
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 15 KB)

Geometric and radiometric investigations of Cartosat-1 data
E. Baltsavias, S. Kocaman, D. Akca, K. Wolff
Page(s) 13
Conference Paper (PDF, 7943 KB)

Bundle Block Adjustment with High Resolution ULTRACAMD Images
I. Baz, G. Büyüksalih, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1197 KB)

GMES: from research projects to operational environmental monitoring services
T. Blaschke, P. Zeil, J. Strobl, S. Lang, D. Tiede, M. Möller, G. Triebnig, C. Schiller, M. Mittlböck, B. Resch
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1622 KB)

DeCover- Geoinformation Services to Update and Supplement Land Cover Data for German Decision Makers
O. Büscher, O. Buck
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 379 KB)

Digital Aerial Imagery Quality Assurance in the United States: A Progress Report
J. Christopherson, B. Christensen, G. Stensaas
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 8 KB)

Measurement of Surface Displacement Caused by Underground Nuclear Explosions by Differential SAR Interferometry
X. Cong, K. Gutjahr, J. Schlittenhardt, U. Soergel
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 2692 KB)

Results from the EuroSDR Digital Camera Calibration Network
M. Cramer
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 68 KB)

Cartosat-1 stereo imagery: potentialities about orientation, DSM extraction and orthorectification
M. Crespi, F. Barbato, L. De Vendictis, G. Iannucci, D. Poli, F. Volpe, X. Wang
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 360 KB)

SISAR: a Rigorous Orientation Model for Synchronous and Asynchronous Pushbroom Sensors Imagery
M. Crespi, F. Fratarcangeli, F. Giannone, F. Pieralice
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 327 KB)

MEDUSA - A Wide Swath High Resolution Digital Camera for the Pegasus system
B. Delauré, T. van Achteren, J. Biesemans, N. Lewyckyj, J. Everaerts
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 65 KB)

Modelling and conception of an hydrological data base of the watershed. Case of Sebkha of Oran (West of Algeria)
A. Dif, Z. Zebbar, S. Zaitra, M. Idriss Hassani
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 229 KB)

First Experiences with TerraSAR-X Images
M. Eineder, H. Breit, B. Schättler, N. Adam, T. Fritz
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 10 KB)

Comparison of Different Integration Techniques of Ancillary Information into an object-based Classification Process
M. Förster, B. Kleinschmit
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 101 KB)

Multi-Purpose Ground Terminal for High Resolution Space Images Reception
O. Gershenzon, V. Gershenzon
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 256 KB)

Photogrammetric image acquisition and image analysis of oblique imagery – a new challenge for the digital airborne system PFIFF
G. Grenzdörffer, M. Friedlander I. Guretzki
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

Benefits of Robust Parameter Estimation Techniques in an Automated Geocoding Processing Chain
K-H. Gutjahr, K. Scharrer
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 1300 KB)

Detection and Tracking of Vehicles in low Framerate Arial Image Sequences
S. Hinz, D. Lenhart, J. Leitloff
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

A Strategy for Quality Assurance of Land-Cover/Land-Use Interpretation Results with Faulty or Obsolete Reference Data
P. Hofmann, P. Lohmann
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 409 KB)

First Results of the Parametrical Model for Satellite Sensors
M. Iwanicki, L.C. Ke, W. Wolniewicz
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 365 KB)

Geometry and Information Contents of Large Size Digital Frame Cameras
K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 868 KB)

Digital Height Models by CARTOSAT-1
K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1256 KB)

RapidEye – A Novel Approach to Space Borne Geo-Information Solutions
F. Jung-Rothenhaeusler, H. Weichelt, M. Pach
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 2917 KB)

A Landcover Classification Scheme fot High Resolution Imagery and its Application to Bushfire Protection in Residential Areas
J. Kim, J-P. Muller
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 983 KB)

An algorithm for verification and change detection between 3D geospatial databases and aerial images
T. Knudsen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 9733 KB)

Application of high-resolution satellite imagery for detection of disaster damages and disaster monitoring -Through the produce of interpretation characteristics cards of satellite imageries for disaster damages-
M. Koarai, I. Kamiya, H.P. Sato, M. Matsuoka, K. Amano
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1742 KB)

Orientation and Calibration of ALOS/PRISM Imagery
S. Kocaman, A. Gruen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

Automated 3D City Modelling and the importance of quality assurance techniques
N. Kokkas, M. Smith
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 822 KB)

Incorporation of allometry into single-tree remote sensing with lidar and multiple aerial images
I. Korpela
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 928 KB)

Modeling of Urban Areas from High Resolution Stereo Satellite Images
T. Krauß, M. Lehner, P. Reinartz
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1502 KB)

Calibration of a wide-angle digital camera system for near real time scenarios
F. Kurz, R. Müller, M. Stephani, P. Reinartz, M. Schroeder
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

Automated Building Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Spectral and Structural Information Based on Artificial Neural Networks
Z Ebadi H. Lari
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

Stereo Evaluation of CARTOSAT-1 Data for French and Catalonian Test Sites
M. Lehner, R. Müller, P. Schroeder M. Reinartz
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 224 KB)

High resolution earth imaging for transport corridor slope stability risk analysis
M. Lim, J. P. Mills, S. L. Barr, D. Barber, S. Glendinning, G. Parkin, J. Hall, B. Clarke
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1477 KB)

Sea Level Determination Experiences at Cape of Begur using Altimetry and Tide Gauges
J.J. Martinez Benjamin, M.A. Ortiz Castellon, M. Martinez Garcia, J. Talaya, G. Rodriguez Velasco, B. Perez, E. Alvarez
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 480 KB)

The NextMap Program - National Scale DEMs Created from Airborne InSAR
B. Mercer
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 69 KB)

Mapping of urban green cover using different image processing techniques on VHR satellite data
L. Misakova
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 759 KB)

Methodology of Cartography of the Stranding by the Use of the Teledetection "Case of the Area of Bousaada-Algeria"

Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 3165 KB)

Automatic Production of a European Orthoimage Coverage within the GMES Land Fast Track Service using SPOT 4/5 and IRS-P6 LISS III Data
R. Müller, T. Krauß, M. Lehner, P. Reinartz
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 167 KB)

Production of vegetation information to 3D city models from SPOT satellite images
E. Parmes, K. Rainio
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 158 KB)

High Resolution SRTM Height Models
R. Passini, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 588 KB)

Mapping Capability of a Low-Cost Aerial Data Acquisition Platform – First Results
H. Raggam, R. Wack, K-H. Gutjahr
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 415 KB)

Direct Georeferencing of Digital Camera Images for Stereo Plotting
P. Redweik, L. Crispim
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 205 KB)

Assessment of DSM Accuracy obtained by High Resolution Stereo Images
S. Rózycki, W. Wolniewicz
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 941 KB)

A precise texture-color based Forest detection in urban environment
A. Safia, D.C. He, M.F. Belbachir, L. Bounoua
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1721 KB)

Handling of Ikonos High Resolution Space Imagery in 3D
M.K. Sanli
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 706 KB)

Deformation Monitoring of Earth Crust and Constrain Source Parameters of 2003 Bam (Iran) earthquake Using Interferometric Technique of SAR Images
M. Saradjian, B. Mansouri, S. Vajedian
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 62 KB)

Landcover Mapping of Bandah Aceh, Indonesia, using Optical and SAR Satellite Imagery
M. Schmitz, P. Lohmann, F. Kuehn
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 14 KB)

The Digital Mapping Camera DMC and its Application Potential
R.W. Schroth
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1406 KB)

Comparison of SPOT, SRTM and ASTER DEMs
U.G. Sefercik, K. Jacobsen, M. Oruc, A.M. Marangoz
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 632 KB)

Topographic Mapping fom Small Satellites: a Case Study on CHRIS/PROBA Data
A. Shaker, J. Nichol, M.S. Wong
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 631 KB)

Investigation into Self Calibration methods for the Vexcel UltraCam D Digital Aerial Camera
M.J. Smith, N. Kokkas, K.S. Qtaishat
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

- Model Deformation - Accuracy of Digital Frame Cameras
V. Spreckels, A. Schlienkamp, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 9
Conference Paper (PDF, 1218 KB)

Recent Advances in Cartosat-1 Data Processing
P.K. Srivastava, T.P. Srinivasan, A. Gupta, S. Singh, J.S. Nain, Prakash S. Amitabh, B. Katikeyan, G. Krishna
Page(s) 10
Conference Paper (PDF, 1553 KB)

New Horizons in 3D Mapping for On-line Services
V. Tao
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 373 KB)

Extension of an Automatic Building Extraction Technique to Airborne Laser Scanner Data containing Damaged Buildings
F. Tarsha-Kurdi, M. Rehor, T. Landes, P. Grussenmeyer, H-P. Bähr
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 3394 KB)

Mapping of Agricultural Activities Using Multi Temporal ASAR ENVISAT data
S.M. Tavakkoli Sabour, P. Lohmann, U. Soergel
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 247 KB)

High resolution motion estimation of sea ice using an implicit quad-tree approach
M. Thomas, C.A. Geiger, C. Kambhamettu
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 7104 KB)

CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Orthokit Data Evaluation
P.S. Titarov
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Color and Lidar Data Fusion: Application to Automatic Forest Boundary Delineation in Arial Images
Z. Wang, R. Boesch, C. Ginzler
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X: Revolution in Spaceborne Radar
M. Weber
Page(s) 1
Conference Paper (PDF, 72 KB)

Image analysis of fused SAR and optical images deploying open source software library OTB
J.D. Wegner, J. Inglada, C. Tison
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 1435 KB)

A Generic Pushbroom Sensor Model for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery applied to Spot 5, QuickBird and ALOS data sets
T. Weser, F. Rottensteiner, J. Willneff, C. Fraser
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 91 KB)

DSM Generation from early ALOS/PRISM Data using SAT-PP
K. Wolff, A. Gruen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1865 KB)




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