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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-3/W24, 2005

WG III/4-5 IV/3
Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop CMRT 2005:
Object Extraction for 3D City Models, Road Databases and Traffic Monitoring - Concepts, Algorithms and Evaluation
29-30 Aug 2005
Vienna, Austria
Editor(s): U.Stilla, F.Rottensteiner, S.Hinz

Session 1: Airborne Laserscanning

Region Refinement and Parametric Reconstruction of Building Roofs by Integration of Image and Height Data
K. Koshelham
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 615 KB)

A Full GIS-Based Workflow for Tree Identification and Tree Crown Delineation using Laser Scanning
D. Tiede, G. Hochleitner, T. Blaschke
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1495 KB)

Evaluation of a Method for Fusing LIDAR Data and Multispectral Images for Building Detection
F. Rottensteiner, G. Summer, J. Trinder, S. Clode, K. Kubik
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 501 KB)

Session 2: Road Extraction

Scale-Dependent Adaptation of Object Models for Road Extraction
J. Heller, K. Pakzad
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction from Multispectral High Resolution Satellite Images
U. Bacher, H. Mayer
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1085 KB)

Robust and Efficient Road Tracking in Aerial Images
J. Zhou, W. F. Bischof, T. Caelli
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 534 KB)

Session 3: Building Extraction I

Extraction of 3D Spatial Polygons Based on the Overlapping Criterion for Roof Extraction from Aerial Images
Y. Avrahami, Y. Raizman, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1171 KB)

Constraints for Modelling Complex Objects
C. Brenner
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 347 KB)

Building Façade Interpretation from Image Sequences
H. Mayer, S. Reznik
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1801 KB)

Session 4: Vehicles and Traffic I

Motion Detection by Classification of Local Structures in Airborne Thermal Videos
M. Kirchhof, E. Michaelsen, K. Jäger
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1157 KB)

New Approaches for Real Time Traffic Data Acquisition with Airborne Systems
I. Ernst, M. Hetscher, K. Thiessenhusen, M. Ruhé, A. Börner, S. Zuev
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 360 KB)

Automatic Vehicle Detection in Space Images Supported by Digital Map Data
J. Leitloff, S. Hinz, U. Stilla
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 728 KB)

Session 5: Vehicles and Traffic II

Vehicles Detection from Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
A. Gerhardinger, D. Ehrlich, M. Pesaresi
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1359 KB)

A-Priori Information Driven Detection of Moving Objects for Traffic Monitoring by Spaceborne SAR
F. Meyer, S. Hinz, A. Laika, R. Bamler
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 540 KB)

Two-Channel SAR Ground Moving Target Indication for Traffic Monitoring in Urban Terrain
I. Sikaneta, C. H. Gierull
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

Session 6: Building Extraction II

Automatic Building Reconstruction from Cadastral Maps and Aerial Images
F. Taillandier
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1262 KB)

Interpretation of High Resolution SAR Data using Existing GIS Data in Urban Areas
T. Balz, N. Haala
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 908 KB)

Voxel-Based Quality Evaluation of Photogrammetric Building Acquisitions
J. Meidow, H.-F. Schuster
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 633 KB)

Poster Session:

Data Fusion for Classification and Object Extraction
B. C. Gruber-Geymayer, A. Klaus, K. Karner
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 703 KB)

Semi-Automatic Building Extraction utilizing Quickbird Imagery
S. D. Mayunga, Y. Zhang, D.J. Coleman
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 339 KB)

3D-Modeling of Urban Structures
H. Gross, U. Thoennessen, W. v. Hansen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 2200 KB)

Robust Building Detection in Aerial Images
S. Müller, D. W. Zaum
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1169 KB)

Potential of Building Extraction from Multi-Aspect High-Resolution Amplitude SAR Data
E. Michaelsen, U. Soergel, U. Thoennessen
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 3117 KB)

Stereophotogrammetric Measuring in Risk Areas with the aid of Remotely Controlled Equipment
E. Gavlovský, E. Sojka, R. Kapica, D. Böhmová
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 2981 KB)

Improving City Model Determination by using Road Detection from LIDAR Data
S. P. Clode, F. Rottensteiner, P. Kootsookos
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1263 KB)

Performance Evaluation of ATOMI System for Road Database Updating from Aerial Film, ADS40, Ikonos and Quickbird Orthoimagery
C. Zhang, E. Baltsavias, L. O'Sullivan
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 3733 KB)

Automatic Quality Assessment of GIS Road Data using Aerial Imagery - A Comparison between Bayesian and Evidential Reasoning
M. Gerke
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 582 KB)

Outline Extraction of a Motorway from Helicopter Image Sequence
B. G. H. Gorte, F. Karimi Nejadasl, S. P. Hoogendoorn
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1461 KB)

A Fusion Strategy for Extracted Road Networks from Multi-Aspect SAR Images
K. Hedman, B. Wessel, U. Stilla
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 943 KB)

On Tracking-Driven Road Map Extraction from GMTI Radar Data
W. Koch, M. Ulmke
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)