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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-4/W54, 2007

ISPRS Workshop on Updating Geo-spatial Databases with Imagery & The 5th ISPRS Workshop on Dynamic and Multi-dimensional GIS
28-29 August 2007
Urumchi, China
Editor(s): Jie Jiang, Renliang Zhao

Keynote Speeches

Spatial Database Update and Validation – Current Advances in Theory and Technology
P. A. Woodsford
Page(s) 1-7
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Imagery-based Change Detection

Semi-automatic Verification of Geodata for quality Management and updating of GIS
P. Helmholz, C. Becker, C. Heipke, S. Müller, J. Ostermann, M. Pahl
Page(s) 9-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 169 KB)

Change Detection for Updates of Vector Database through Region-based Classification of VHR Satellite Data
Carleer Alexandre, Wolff Eléonore
Page(s) 15-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 256 KB)

Research on Key Points of 3D Change Detection of Geospatial Database
Song XIA, Deren LI
Page(s) 23-27
Conference Paper (PDF, 101 KB)

Automatic Detection Technique of Residential Area Change Based on Topological Analysis
Hua WANG, Li PAN, Hong ZHENG, Pengfei LIU
Page(s) 29-33
Conference Paper (PDF, 187 KB)

Change Detection of Wetland in Hongze Lake Using a Time Series of Remotely Sensed Imagery
Landi XIA, Renzong RUAN, Xingnan ZHANG
Page(s) 35-39
Conference Paper (PDF, 291 KB)

Dynamic GIS

Dynamic Cartography Using Voronoi/Delaunay Methods
Christopher GOLD
Page(s) 41-47
Conference Paper (PDF, 187 KB)

The Development of a Dynamic GIS for Maritime Navigation Safety
R. I. Goralski, C. M. Gold
Page(s) 47-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

Augmented Quad-edge – 3D Data Structure for Modelling of Building Interiors
P. Boguslawski, C. M. Gold
Page(s) 51-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 122 KB)

Finite Difference Method Runoff Modelling Using Voronoi Cells
Maciej Dakowic, C. M. Gold
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 1262 KB)

The Basic Topology Issues on Spherical Surface Quaternary Triangular Mesh
Miaole HOU, Xuesheng ZHAO, Jun CHEN
Page(s) 61-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 116 KB)

Calculating Topological Spatial Relations Based on Region Algebra: The Thinking in Adjacency Relationship
Jiatian LI, Jun CHEN, Renliang ZHAO, Li MA, Hao CHEN
Page(s) 67-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 684 KB)

Data Fusion and Integration

Data Fusion and Integration for Multi-resolution Online 3D Environmental Monitoring
Yun ZHANG, Pingping XIE, Hui LI
Page(s) 81-89
Conference Paper (PDF, 2825 KB)

Data Harmonisation and Optimisation for Development of Multi-scale Vector Databases
M. Bernard
Page(s) 91-93
Conference Paper (PDF, 36 KB)

Change Detection Based on Spatial Data Mining
Deren LI, Song XIA, Haigang SUI, Xiaodong ZHANG
Page(s) 95-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1219 KB)

Modeling and Implementation of Navigable Geographic Framework Data - Construction of Road Network Based on Fundamental Geographic Data
Wei HUANG, Lifen LIU, Jie JIANG, Yong ZHAO, Guizhi WANG
Page(s) 103-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 655 KB)

3D Modeling

Generative Models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques for Detection and Reconstruction of Stairs from 2D Point Clouds
Jens Saatkamp, Jörg Schmittwilken
Page(s) 111-119
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

Building Reconstruction Using LIDAR Data
R.O.C. Tse, C.M. Gold, D.B. Kidner
Page(s) 121-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 2115 KB)

Improvement of the Fidelity of 3D Architecture Modeling Combining 3D Vector Data and Uncalibrated Image Sequences
Hongwei ZHENG, Volker Rodehorst, Matthias Heinrichs, Olaf Hellwich
Page(s) 127-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 499 KB)

Updating Algorithms for Constraint Delaunay TIN
LiXin WU, YanBing WANG
Page(s) 135-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 179 KB)

Precision Analysis to 3D Reconstruction from Image Sequences
Min SUN, Rixin HE, Daojun WANG
Page(s) 141-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 429 KB)

Image Classification and Analysis

Physical Barrier Detection for Updating of Navigation Databases from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Li MA, Anne Grote, Christian Heipke, Jun CHEN, Jie JIANG
Page(s) 147-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

Fusion of MODIS and Radarsat Data for Crop Type Classification — an Initial Study
Page(s) 153-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 277 KB)

Gaussian Mixture Model of Texture for Extracting Residential Area from High-resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
Juan GU, Jun CHEN, Qiming ZHOU, Hongwei ZHANG
Page(s) 157-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 685 KB)

Comparison of Pixel-based and Object-oriented Classification Methods for Extracting Built-up Areas in Aridzone
Jing QIAN, Qiming ZHOU, Quan HOU
Page(s) 163-171
Conference Paper (PDF, 545 KB)

Fast Flooding Information Extraction in Emergency Response of Flood Disaster
Zhuowei HU, Huili GONG, Liying ZHU
Page(s) 173-177
Conference Paper (PDF, 143 KB)

Fusion of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and LIDAR Data for Object-oriented Urban Land-cover Classification Based on SVM
Haitao LI, Haiyan GU, Yanshun HAN, Jinghui YANG
Page(s) 179-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 185 KB)

Update of Geo-databases

Event-driven Incremental Updating of Cadastral Spatial Database Considering Topological Integrity
Jun CHEN, Xiaoguang ZHOU, Zhilin LI
Page(s) 185-195
Conference Paper (PDF, 346 KB)

Quality Detection and Control for Paper Chart Production & Updating Based on Standard Quality Database
Haigang SUI, Xiaoming LI, Zheng LV, Anmin ZHANG
Page(s) 197-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 153 KB)

An Updating Method of Geospatial Data Based on Traffic Flow Analysis
Page(s) 203-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 136 KB)

Change-only Modeling in Navigation Geo-databases
Shen YING, Lin LI, Xiaofei LIU, Hu ZHAO, Dan LI
Page(s) 207-213
Conference Paper (PDF, 190 KB)

Generic Framework and Key Issues for Updates Propagation between Heterogeneous Spatial Databases
Yuhong WANG, Jun CHEN
Page(s) 215-221
Conference Paper (PDF, 110 KB)

Geo-information Management & Application

Research and Implementation about Government Information Catalog System
Hu WANG, Yiding WU, Xu YANG
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 1438 KB)

The Subdivision of Partial Geo-grid Based on Global Geo-grid Frame
Xiaochong TONG, Jin BEN, Song JI, Yongsheng ZHANG
Page(s) 229-235
Conference Paper (PDF, 373 KB)

On 3D GIS Spatial Modeling
Yanbing WANG, Lixin WU, Wenzhong SHI, Xiaomeng LIU
Page(s) 237-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 709 KB)

Linking Multi-scale Representations in a Navigable Database
Xiaomeng LIU, Yanhui WANG, Hao MENG.
Page(s) 241-245
Conference Paper (PDF, 84 KB)

Spatial Data Sharing and Interoperability Based on Web Spatial Data Service and GML
Feng WANG, Yunfei SHI, Xuguang QIN, Huan ZHANG
Page(s) 247-251
Conference Paper (PDF, 66 KB)

Spatial Multi-cadastral Information and the Technique of the Implementation of the System
Zhanliang YUAN, Aiguo LI, Ziping ZHANG
Page(s) 253-256
Conference Paper (PDF, 79 KB)

Spatial Data Positional Accuracy Analyzing and Testing
Yanwei ZENG
Page(s) 257-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 77 KB)




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