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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII-2/W11, 2009

WG II/2, II/3, II/4
Workshop on quality, scale and analysis aspects of city models
December 3-4, 2009
Lund, Sweden
Editor(s): Lars Harrie

Session 1 – Geometric reasoning

Geometric reasoning in 3D building models using multivariate polynomials and characteristic sets
Sandra Loch-Dehbi, Lutz Plümer
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 513 KB)

Approximate geometric reasoning with extended geographic objects
Gwen Wilke
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 654 KB)

Learning semantic models and grammar rules of building parts
Youness Dehbi, Jörg Schmittwilken, Lutz Plümer
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 363 KB)

Session 2 – Interpretation and enrichment

A mathematic model for event detection in spatiotemporal city environment
Hongchao Fan, Lu Liu, Liqiu Meng
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

Semi-automatic city model extraction from tri-stereoscopic vhr satellite imagery
Frederik Tack, Rudi Goossens
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 557 KB)

3D city registration and enrichment
Jonathan Quinn, Philip Smart, Christopher Jones
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 723 KB)


3D city GIS for sustaining city infrastructure - the Bentley approach
Benoit Fredericque, Alain Lapierre, Peter Byrn
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 297 KB)

Considering uncertainties within an emergency prediction model in an urban environement
Tonio Fincke, Jochen Schiewe, Karl-Peter Traub
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 796 KB)

Space allocation of educational centers using multiplicatively weighted Voronoi diagram
Firoozeh Karimi, Mahmoodreza Delavar, M. A. Mostafavi
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 303 KB)

Modeling of urban industrial economy through utilization of thermal band
A. Lee, Kwang Hoon Chi
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 748 KB)

Session 3 – Scale issues

Generalization of 3D City Models as a Service
Richard Guercke, Claus Brenner, Monika Sester
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 331 KB)

Terrain-dependent aggregation of 3D citymodels
Timo Götzelmann, Richard Guercke, Claus Brenner, Monika Sester
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 211 KB)

Visual Analytics approach for considering uncertainty information
Jochen Schiewe
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 381 KB)

Session 4 – Technical issues

A framework for generalization of city models based on CityGML and X3D
Bo Mao, Yifang Ban, Lars Harrie
Page(s) 9
Conference Paper (PDF, 653 KB)

Integration of rendering technologies and visualization techniques to improve 3D Mobile GIS applications
Mahdi Farnaghi, Ali Mansourian, Ara Toomanian
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 143 KB)

City model and scale model of the city of Zagreb
Snjezana Franic, Ivan Novaković, Ivan Bacic-Deprato
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 6234 KB)

Session 5 – Quality and applications

Development of an advanced uncertainty measure for classified remotely sensed scenes
Jochen Schiewe, Christoph Kinkeldey
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 723 KB)

Road traffic noise:gis tools for noise mapping and a case study for skåne region
Florentina Farcas, Åke Sivertun
Page(s) 10
Conference Paper (PDF, 6040 KB)

Quality assessment of historical Baalbek’s 3D city model
Ahmed Al Amouri, Thomas Kolbe
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 864 KB)