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July 15, 2020 
ISPRS Highlights Vol.10 No.1

March 2005



Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Chen Jun, ISPRS Congress Director (PDF Document)
  • ISPRS Annual Report 2004 (PDF Document)
    • Introduction
    • Report from Council
    • Society Activities
    • Membership
    • Intersociety Activities:
      - International Council for Science (ICSU)
      - Committee on Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS)
      - UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)
      - Group on Earth Observation (GEO)
    • Treasurers Report
    • Technical Commissions Reports:
      - TC I - Image Data Acquisition - Sensors and Platforms
      - TC II - Theory and Concepts of Spatio-Temporal Data Handling and Information
      - TC III - Photogrammetric Computer Vision
      - TC IV - Geo-databases and Digital Mapping
      - TC V - Close-Range Sensing: Analysis and Applications
      - TC VI - Education and Outreach
      - TC VII - Thematic Processing Modelling, and Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data
      - TC VIII - Remote Sensing Applications and Policies
    • Committee and Standing Activities
    • CIPA The ICOMOS & ISPRS Committee on Documentation of Cultural Heritage
    • Journal
    • Home Page
    • Events Calendar
  • ISPRS Society (PDF Document)
    • ISPRS 2008 Beijing By Chen Jun, Congress Director ISPRS Council 2004-2008
    • University Course Laserscanning - Data Acquisition and Modeling
    • Announcement: Joint Conferences on urban remote sensing
    • Report of ISPRS Processing and Visualization Using High-Resolution Imagery By Daniela Poli
    • ISPRS Council Meeting Istanbul, 30 September-2 October 2004
    • ISPRS Workshop 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures (3D-ARCH05)
    • Announcement of the ISPRS Workshop Laser Scanning 2005 By Prof.Dr. George Vosselman
    • ISPRS Awards & Honors By John Trinder, 1st Vice President 2004-2008
    • Joint Workshop of ISPRS and DAGM on Object Extraction for 3D City Models, Road Databases and Traffic Monitoring - Concepts,Algorithms, and Evaluation (CMRT05)
    • The Eduard Dolezal Award
    • The Samuel Gamble Award
  • From our Members - The United Nations International Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Disaster Management A Brief Report and Some Useful Suggestions, by Piero Boccardo, DIGET, Politecnico di Torino, Chairman TC VIII/WG 2, Remote Sensing Application for natural disaster and damage assessment (PDF Document)
  • Sustaining Members (PDF Document)
    - ISPRS Sustaining Members
    - Profile of New Sustaining Members
  • Events Calendar (PDF Document)