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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-3/W19, 2005

WG III/3-4 V/3
Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop Laser scanning 2005
September 12-14, 2005
Enschede, the Netherlands
Editor(s): G. Vosselman and C. Brenner

Session 1: Sensor analysis

Assesment of sensor characteristics of an airborne laser scanner using geometric reference targets
L. Wotruba, F. Morsdorf, E. Meier, D. Nüesch
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 511 KB)

A framework for position uncertainty of unorganised three-dimensional point clouds from near-monostatic laser scanners using covariance analysis
K.-H. Bae, D. Belton, D.D. Lichti
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 284 KB)

Laboratory calibration of backscattered intensity for laser scanning land targets
S. Kaasalainen, J. Hyyppä, T. Mielonen
Page(s) 13-17
Conference Paper (PDF, 1024 KB)

Integrated laser scanner and intensity image calibration and accuracy assessment
J. Amiri Parian, A. Gruen
Page(s) 18-23
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

Session 2: Change detection

Accuracy analysis of the Leica HDS3000 and feasibility of tunnel deformation monitoring
R. Lindenbergh, N. Pfeifer, T. Rabbani
Page(s) 24-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 1335 KB)

Change detection on point cloud data acquired with a ground laser scanner
D. Girardeau-Montaut, M. Roux, R. Marc, G. Thibault
Page(s) 30-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 1380 KB)

Session 3: Digital elevation models

Automated extraction of pair wise structure lines using airborne laserscanner data in coastal areas
A. Brzank, P. Lohmann, C. Heipke
Page(s) 36-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 199 KB)

3D mapping of Switzerland - Challenges and experiences
J. Luethy, R. Stengele
Page(s) 42-47
Conference Paper (PDF, 283 KB)

Laser DTM generation for South-Tyrol and 3D-visualization
R. Wack, H. Stelzl
Page(s) 48-53
Conference Paper (PDF, 815 KB)

Dense DTM generalization aided by roads extracted from LiDAR data
N. Abo Akel, K. Kremeike, S. Filin, M. Sester, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 54-59
Conference Paper (PDF, 1113 KB)

Session 4: Point cloud segmentation

Efficient Hough transform for automatic detection of cylinders in point clouds
T. Rabbani, F. van den Heuvel
Page(s) 60-65
Conference Paper (PDF, 257 KB)

Filtering of airborne laser scanner data based on segmented point clouds
G. Sithole, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 66-71
Conference Paper (PDF, 381 KB)

Hybrid image segmentation using LiDAR 3D planar primitives
F. Bretar, M. Roux
Page(s) 72-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 418 KB)

Segmentation based robust interpolation - a new approach to laser data filtering
D. Tóvári, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 79-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

Session 5: Vegetation analysis I

Factors affecting the quality of DTM generation in forested areas
H. Hyyppä, X. Yu, J. Hyyppä, H. Kaartinen, S. Kaasalainen, E. Honkavaara, P. Rönnholm
Page(s) 85-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 287 KB)

Quantitative mapping of hydrodynamic vegetation density of floodplain forest using airborne laser scanning
M.W. Straatsma
Page(s) 91-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 1915 KB)

Applicability of first pulse derived digital terrain models for boreal forest zone
X. Yu, H. Hyyppä, H. Kaartinen, J. Hyyppä, E. Ahokas, S. Kaasalainen
Page(s) 97-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 186 KB)

Session 6: Waveform analysis

Visualization and analysis of full-waveform airborne laser scanner data
Å. Persson, U. Söderman, J. Töpel, S. Ahlberg
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 534 KB)

Sub-pixel edge localization based on laser waveform analysis
B. Jutzi, J. Neulist, U. Stilla
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 149 KB)

Session 7: Poster session

Optimization of the scanning angle for countrywide laser scanning
E. Ahokas, J. Oksanen, J. Hyyppä, H. Kaartinen
Page(s) 115-119
Conference Paper (PDF, 165 KB)

A morphological reconstruction algorithm for separating off-terrain points from terrain points in laser scanning data
H. Arefi, M. Hahn
Page(s) 120-125
Conference Paper (PDF, 539 KB)

Maintaining momentum in terrestrial laser scanning: A UK case study
D.M. Barber, J.P. Mills, P.G. Bryan
Page(s) 126-131
Conference Paper (PDF, 281 KB)

A segmentation procedure of LiDAR data by applying mixed parametric and nonparametric models
F. Crosilla, D. Visintini, F. Sepic
Page(s) 132-137
Conference Paper (PDF, 324 KB)

On the use of airborne laser scanning data to verify and enrich road network features
C. Hatger
Page(s) 138-143
Conference Paper (PDF, 254 KB)

Using individual tree crown approach for forest volume extraction with aerial images and laser point clouds
J. Hyyppä, T. Mielonen, H. Hyyppä, M. Maltamo, X. Yu, E. Honkavaara, H. Kaartinen
Page(s) 144-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 259 KB)

Height texture of low vegetation in airborne laser scanner data and its potential for DTM correction
B.G.H. Gorte, N. Pfeifer, S. Oude Elberink
Page(s) 150-155
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

Feasibility and problems of TLS in modeling rock faces for hazard mapping
M. Alba, L. Longoni, M. Papini, F. Roncoroni, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 156-161
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

Extraction of planar patches from point clouds to retrieve dip and dip direction of rock discontinuities
R. Roncella, G. Forlani
Page(s) 162-167
Conference Paper (PDF, 417 KB)

Effects of LiDAR DEM resolution in flood modelling: A model sensitivity study for the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras
A. Tamiru Haile, T.H.M. Rientjes
Page(s) 168-173
Conference Paper (PDF, 244 KB)

Session 8: Registration

Automatic tie elements detection for laser scanner strip adjustment
N. Pfeifer, S. Oude Elberink, S. Filin
Page(s) 174-179
Conference Paper (PDF, 478 KB)

Extended Gaussian images for the registration of terrestrial scan data
C. Dold
Page(s) 180-185
Conference Paper (PDF, 241 KB)

Fast correspondence search for 3D surface matching
D. Akca, A. Gruen
Page(s) 186-191
Conference Paper (PDF, 205 KB)

Efficient integration of aerial and terrestrial laser data for virtual city modeling using lasermaps
J. Böhm, N. Haala
Page(s) 192-197
Conference Paper (PDF, 498 KB)

Session 9: Vegetation analysis II

The potential of discrete return, small footprint airborne laser scanning data for vegetation density estimation
F. Morsdorf, B. Koetz, E. Meier, K.I. Itten, B. Allgöwer
Page(s) 198-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 231 KB)

Measuring the growth of individual trees using multi-temporal airborne laser scanning point clouds
X. Yu, J. Hyyppä, H. Kaartinen, H. Hyyppä, M. Maltamo, P. Rönnholm
Page(s) 204-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 171 KB)

Session 10: Building reconstruction

3D building model generation from airborne laserscanner data using 2D GIS data and orthogonal point cloud projections
E. Schwalbe, H.-G. Maas, F. Seidel
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 335 KB)

Airborne laserscanning data for determination of suitable areas for photovoltaics
T. Voegtle, E. Steinle, D. Tóvári
Page(s) 215-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 662 KB)

Automated delineation of roof planes from LiDAR data
F. Rottensteiner, J. Trinder, S. Clode, K. Kubik
Page(s) 221-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 247 KB)

Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison
H. Kaartinen, J. Hyyppä, E. Gülch, G. Vosselman, H. Hyyppä, L. Matikainen, A.D. Hofmann, U. Mäder, Å. Persson, U. Söderman, M. Elmqvist, A. Ruiz, M. Dragoja, D. Flamanc, G. Maillet, T. Kersten, J. Carl, R. Hau, E. Wild, L. Frederiksen, J. Holmgaard, K. Vester
Page(s) 227-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 143 KB)




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