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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII-7/C4, 2009

International Conference on Geo-spatial Solutions for Emergency Management and the 50th Anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
14-16 September 2009
Beijing, China
Editor(s): Zhang Jixian, Li Zhilin, Cheng Pengfei, Yan Qin

UAV-based Multi-sensor Data Fusion for Time-critical Disaster Response
Oktay Baysal, Guoqing Zhou
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 877 KB)

Future Intelligent Earth Observation System (FIEOS) for Fast Response to Disaster
Guoqing Zhou
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 518 KB)

Modelling of Realistic Three Dimensional Dam Collapse and Landslide Events
Paul W. Cleary, Kai Rothauge, Mahesh Prakash
Page(s) 13-19
Conference Paper (PDF, 874 KB)

Extraction of 3D Feature from LiDAR Data Fused with Aerial Images Using Improved Mean-shift Algorithm
Liu Chun, Zhang Yunling
Page(s) 20-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 569 KB)

Comparative Researches on Probabilistic Neural Networks and Multi-layer Perceptron Networks for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
Liu Gang
Page(s) 25-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 1107 KB)

The Implementation and Analysis of Kalman Filter Phase Unwrapping Algorithm of InSAR
Liu Guolin, Hao Huadong, Tao Qiuxiang, Bai Tingyi, Hu Leyin
Page(s) 30-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 1103 KB)

Retrieving LST and Its Thermal Environment Evaluation Analysis Based on CBERS-02 IRMSS and MODIS Data
Yu Ming, Ji Qing, Shu Qiong
Page(s) 35-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 421 KB)

Straight Roads Extraction by Fusion of Spoke Wheel and Region Growing
Lin Xiangguo, Zhang Jixian, Liu Zhengjun, Shen Jing
Page(s) 41-46
Conference Paper (PDF, 463 KB)

ALOS Palsar Observation of KILAUEA Volcano Activities from 2006 to 2009
Zhe Hu, Linlin Ge, Xiaojing Li, Kui Zhang, Alex Hey-Man NG, Chris Rizos
Page(s) 47-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 2446 KB)

Monitoring Subsidence Area in Mine Based on Multi-source and Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Data
Wang Ping, Zhan Lili, Li Xinzhi
Page(s) 53-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

Value of IFSAR Geospatial Products and Services for Emergency Management
X. Li, D. Hisdal, H. W. Utter
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 1167 KB)

GIS Analysis for Determining of Potential Landslide Area Distribution Pattern – A Case Study in Sumedang Regency West Java Indonesia
Yosef Dwi Sigit Prunomo, Ferrari Pinem
Page(s) 63-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 263 KB)

Formulation of Geo-spatial Solution for Disaster Management
Seema Purohit, Shruti Mantri
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 944 KB)

Development and Demonstration Application of Government Geographic Information Service Platform
Liu Jiping, Xu Shenghua, Wang Liang, Zhang Fuhao
Page(s) 73-77
Conference Paper (PDF, 306 KB)

Analysis of Ground Motion Parameters and Ground Liquefaction Prediction Using GIS for Kunming Basin, China
Li Xiangxin, Li Gang, Li Cunzhi
Page(s) 78-83
Conference Paper (PDF, 1054 KB)

A Study of Feature Points Extraction Based on Point Cloud Data Sets and Model Simplification in Goaf
Fang Yuanmin, Chen Jie, Xia Yonghua
Page(s) 84-87
Conference Paper (PDF, 216 KB)

Avoiding the Blue Roof Data during Extracting Vegetation from High Resolution Images
Badawi Rami, Feng Xuezhi, Xiao Pengfeng, Zhao Shuhe
Page(s) 88-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 711 KB)

The Effect of Sound Wave Bending on Underwater Acoustic Positioning Accuracy
Zhu Xiang'e, Cai Yanhui, Wang Quan
Page(s) 92-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 199 KB)

3D Dynamic Terrain Visualization of Island Areas
Ai Bo, Tang Xinming, Shi Shaoyu, Wang Hongyan, Yang Fanlin
Page(s) 96-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 516 KB)

Guidelines on Both Spatial Standards from, and the Merging of Digital Terrain Data for Emergency Risk Management Planning
A.L. Mitchell, Chang H. C., Yu J. H., Ge L., T. Sleigh
Page(s) 101-105
Conference Paper (PDF, 1122 KB)

Research of Mobile Spatial Information Service Based on Open Framework
Bi Junfang, Wang Liang, Wang Yong, Liang Dasheng
Page(s) 106-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 227 KB)

A Novel Image Fusion Method for Multi-spectral and High-resolution Panchromatic Images
Zhu Jiamin, Deng Ruru, He Yingqing, Qin Yan, Chen Qidong
Page(s) 109-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 554 KB)

Research on the Formalization Description of User Requirement in GIS Demand-based Services
Cai Yongxiang, Huang ZhongYu
Page(s) 113-117
Conference Paper (PDF, 462 KB)

The Design and Implementation of Address Matching Engine
Chen Xu, Li Qingyuan, Wang Yong
Page(s) 118-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 238 KB)

Geodetic Network and Geoid Model of Mongolia
D. Munkhtsetseg
Page(s) 121-125
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Cloud-based Service for Big Spatial Data Technology in Emergency Management
Ge Xiaosan, Wang Huilian
Page(s) 126-129
Conference Paper (PDF, 164 KB)

The Lunar DEM Generation Process Based on Clementine and Chang’e-1 Images
B. King, Guo J., Chen Y. Q., Zhang J. X., Zhang Y. H., Ning X. G.
Page(s) 130-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 446 KB)

Research on Vehicle-borne System of 3D Spatial Data Acquisition Based on POS and Laser Ranging Technology
Hou Yanfang, Ye Zetian
Page(s) 134-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

Development and Application of National Western Map Surveying Project Management Platform System in National Western Map Surveying Program
Lei Bing, Zhou Ping, Gan Yuhang
Page(s) 137-141
Conference Paper (PDF, 1032 KB)

TV Broadcasting Frequency Programming Based on GIS
Lei Bing, Xu Chang, Wang Ruoyi
Page(s) 142-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 250 KB)

Research on Mineral Resources Planning and Management Information System Based on GIS Technology
Li Haifeng, Li Jiugang
Page(s) 145-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 189 KB)

Design and Implementation of WebGIS for Government Emergency Management Based on SOA
Li Jiugang, Tang Xinming, Liu Zhengjun, Duan Minyan
Page(s) 149-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

A Research and Development of Non-control Digital Close-range Photogrammetry
Li Ming, Li Yingcheng, Ding Xiaobo, Xue Yanli
Page(s) 153-157
Conference Paper (PDF, 360 KB)

Approach on Area Coordinate, Volume Coordinate, and Their Usage in True 3DGIS
Li Qingyuan, Liao Gang, Chen Xu, Zheng jiarong
Page(s) 158-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

Low-altitude Unmanned Airship Photogrammetry System
Li Wei
Page(s) 165-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 522 KB)

Dust Storm Detection Based on MODIS Data
Li Xian, Song Weidong
Page(s) 169-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 363 KB)

Design of Spatio-temporal Database System for Mining Land
Liu Changhua, Zhang Houtian, Wang Shidong
Page(s) 173-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 240 KB)

The Construction and Applications of Main River Entities Data
Liu Dongqin, Su Shanwu, Lin Zongjian
Page(s) 179-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 198 KB)

The Display of Chinese and English Characters Based on OpenGL ES in Symbian Operation System
Liu Jinping, Liu Zhengjun, Huang Ying
Page(s) 183-187
Conference Paper (PDF, 338 KB)

Application and Precision Analyses of Airborne LiDAR Technique in Zhejiang Area
Liu Pei, Li Yingcheng, Xue Yanli, Ding Xiaobo, Luo Xiangyong
Page(s) 188-191
Conference Paper (PDF, 315 KB)

Geoinformation and Standard for Synthetical Emergency Management System
Luo Chengfeng, Liu Zhengjun, Zhang Jixian
Page(s) 192-195
Conference Paper (PDF, 161 KB)

The Exploration of Data Mining and WebGIS Technology in an Emergency Rescue System
Lv Yan, Zhu Yi
Page(s) 196-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 154 KB)

Apply Exploration of Neural Network and Public Green in the Handle of Mixed Pixel of Genetic BP Propagation Algorithm
Lv Yan, Zhu Yi
Page(s) 199-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 208 KB)

Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Flood Hazard Mapping in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand
Duan Minyan, Zhang Jixian, Liu Zhengjun, Aekkapol Aekakkararungroj
Page(s) 203-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 547 KB)

Robust Building Outline Representation and Extraction
Cui Shiyong, Yan Qin, Liu Zhengjun, Li Min
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

Multi-spectral Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Based on K-L Transformation
Tang Hongmei, Wang Renli, Jiang Tao
Page(s) 215-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 258 KB)

Texture-based LiDAR Gray Image Segmentation Using Artificial Neural Network
Qiao Jigang, Zhang Yihan
Page(s) 219-223
Conference Paper (PDF, 1451 KB)

3D-GIS for Barrier Lake Disaster Reduction and Risk Management
Qiao Qinghua, Zhang Tong
Page(s) 224-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

Differential Radar Interferometry and Its Application in Monitoring Underground Coal Mininginduced Subsidence
Sheng Yaobin, Wang Yunjia, Ge Linlin, Chris Rizos
Page(s) 227-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 1134 KB)

PSE for Regional Economy Spatial Analysis Based on Spatial Statistical Model
Song Quanhong, Dong Chun
Page(s) 233-237
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

The Theory and Workflow-organizing Operating Model of Emergency Information Rapid Publication
Sun Lijian, Zhu Yi, Xu Shenghua, Zhang Yu
Page(s) 238-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 591 KB)

The Hypothesis of Verb Logic and Its Application in Universal Emergency Response Information System Design
Tan Jian, Fan Xiangtao
Page(s) 245-249
Conference Paper (PDF, 189 KB)

Researches on Software Architecture in Emergency Response Network Spatial Information System
Tan Jian, Fan Xiangtao
Page(s) 250-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

China Resources and Environment Remote Sensing Satellites’ Application in Monitoring Bushfire in Victoria in Australia
Tan Jian, Fan Xiangtao, Xu Tianfeng, Zhu Boqin
Page(s) 255-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 322 KB)

Automatic Precise Geometric Correction for HJ-CCD Imagery
Tian Ye, Li Haitao, Han Yanshun, Gu Haiyan
Page(s) 259-263
Conference Paper (PDF, 326 KB)

Applications of Small Satellite Constellation for Environment and Disaster Monitoring and Forcasting (SSCEDMF) Disaster Monitoring and Assessment
Wang L., Yang S., Xi X., Li W.
Page(s) 264-267
Conference Paper (PDF, 392 KB)

Unsupervised Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data Using Image Clustering and H/A/a Decomposition
Wang Liangwenjing, Zhang Yonghong, Lu Xiushan, Wang Ping
Page(s) 268-271
Conference Paper (PDF, 1246 KB)

Extraction of Optimal Skeleton of Polygon Based on Hierarchical Analysis
Wang Tao
Page(s) 272-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 393 KB)

Land Cover Classification in Beijing Area Based on CBERS-02B CCD Data
Wang Wenwen, Zhang Yonghong
Page(s) 277-280
Conference Paper (PDF, 782 KB)

Urban Area Classification in High Resolution SAR Based on Texture Features
Wen Caihuan, Zhang Yonghong, Deng Kazhong
Page(s) 281-285
Conference Paper (PDF, 1297 KB)

GIS-based Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Forest Fire-potential Zone-grading
Wu Wenbo, Ma Mingzhou, Zhang Kaixuan, Fan Shuo
Page(s) 286-289
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Applications of 2DPCA in Remote Sensing Image Fusion
Wu Xueming, Li Cangping, Yang Wunian
Page(s) 290-297
Conference Paper (PDF, 758 KB)

Comparison between Several Softwares with the Function of Generating Relief Shading
Wu Yuqing, Tang Xinming
Page(s) 298-301
Conference Paper (PDF, 482 KB)

Applications of the Resources Satellites for Environment and Disaster Monitoring and Forecasting in Disaster Monitoring and Assessment
Xi Xiaofei, Lin Meng, Zang Yi, Pu Na
Page(s) 302-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 226 KB)

The Design of Image Topographic Maps and Hill-shading Topographic Maps in the Western Mapping Project
Yin Hongmei, Su Shanwu, Yu Ronghua, Tian Juan
Page(s) 305-307
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

DEM Generation from Airborne LiDAR Data
Yuan F., Zhang J. X., Zhang L., Gao J. X.
Page(s) 308-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 329 KB)

Improve on DIJKSTRA Shortest Path Algorithm for Huge Data
Zhang Fuhao, Qiu Ageng, Li Qingyuan
Page(s) 313-316
Conference Paper (PDF, 614 KB)

The Ecological Security Analysis of Jinan City Based on Land Use/Cover Change
Zhang Jingzhao, Zhu Yunhai, Wu Hongzhi, Jiang Tao
Page(s) 317-321
Conference Paper (PDF, 213 KB)

Dynamic Mission Planning Technology of Remote Sensing Satellite for Disaster Surveillance
Zhang Zhengqiang, Lin Meng, Xi Xiaofei, Guo Jianen
Page(s) 322-325
Conference Paper (PDF, 231 KB)

Water Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image Based on the Fast Matching Level Set Method
Zhang Yanling, Liu Zhengjun, Zhang Jixian, Yan Haowen
Page(s) 326-329
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)

The Building of Water Information Publishing System for Anhui Provinces
Zhao Yanling, Zhao Hui, Liu Jianmin, Chen Yihua
Page(s) 330-332
Conference Paper (PDF, 200 KB)

Research on the Retrieval Model of Hot-polluting for Warmliquid Letting in Nuclear Power Station
Zhou Li, Lu Xia
Page(s) 333-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

A Research of Emergency Logistics Distribution VRP Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Zhu Jufang, Li Qingyuan, Zhang Weisong
Page(s) 337-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 181 KB)

SAR Image and Optical Image Registration Based on Contour and Similarity Measures
Jia Weijie, Zhang Jixian, Yang Jinghui
Page(s) 341-345
Conference Paper (PDF, 298 KB)

Application of Breakline and Manual Additional Points in Tin Modeling
Gu Linyu, Lu Xiaoping, Li Yingcheng, Liu Pei, Sun Xiaofeng, Liu Huijie
Page(s) 346-351
Conference Paper (PDF, 286 KB)

Analyse on Image Distortion Caused by Camera Tilting Angle in Mosaic Camera
Wu Zhuolei, Xue Yanli, Li Yingcheng, Zhao Lijian, Zhang Lina
Page(s) 352-355
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Research on Data Processing of Deformation Monitoring for Side Slope by New Developed Special GPS Software
Chen Jie, Fang Yuanmin, Xia Yonghua
Page(s) 356-359
Conference Paper (PDF, 232 KB)

The Research of Fine Classification and Coding of City Geo-names
Li Ruwen, Liu Dongqin, Li Chengming
Page(s) 360-361
Conference Paper (PDF, 103 KB)




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