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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII - Part 3A, 2010

ISPRS Technical Commission III Symposium
PCV 2010 - Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis
1–3 September 2010
Saint-Mandé, France
Editor(s): N. Paparoditis, M. Pıerrot-Deseilligny, C. Mallet, O. Tournaire

Papers accepted on the basis of peer-reviewed full manuscripts

Parameter estimation for a marked point process within a framework of multidimensional shape extraction from remote sensing images
Saima Ben Hadj, Florent Chatelain, Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 949 KB)

Integrating multiple classifiers with fuzzy majority voting for improved land cover classification
Mahmoud Gomah, John Trinder, Ahmed Shaker, Mahmoud Hamed, Ali Elsagheer
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 958 KB)

Robust matching of aerial images with low overlap
Maxim Mizotin, Gleb Krivovyaz, Alexander Velizhev, Alexey Chernyavskiy, Andrew Sechin
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 2593 KB)

Environment Modeling from Images Taken by a Low Cost Camera
Maxime Lhuillier
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 1432 KB)

A New Straight Line Reconstruction Methodology From Multi-Spectral Stereo Aerial Images
Ali Özgün Ok, Jan Dirk Wegner, Christian Heipke, Franz Rottensteiner, Uwe Soergel, Vedat Toprak
Page(s) 25-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 1367 KB)

Effect of Sampling in Creating a Digital Image on Measurement Accuracy of Center Location of a Circle
Ryuji Matsuoka, Mitsuo Sone, Noboru Sudo, Hideyo Yokotsuka, Naoki Shirai
Page(s) 31-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 5886 KB)

Traffic classification and speed estimation in time series of airborne optical remote sensing images
Gintautas Palubinskas, Peter Reinartz
Page(s) 37-42
Conference Paper (PDF, 670 KB)

Frequency filtering and connected components characterization for zebra-crossing and hatched markings detection
Thomas Gavrilovic, Jérôme Ninot, Laurent Smadja
Page(s) 43-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 4147 KB)

Building Detection from Multispectral Imagery and LIDAR Data Employing A Threshold-Free Evaluation System
Mohammad Awrangjeb, Mehdi Ravanbakhsh, Clive S. Fraser
Page(s) 49-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 661 KB)

Improvement of a procedure for vehicle detection and tracking by base frame updating and Kalman filter
Giuseppe Artese
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 763 KB)

Multi-modal background subtraction using Gaussian Mixture Models
Benjamin Langmann, Seyed E. Ghobadi, Klaus Hartmann, Otmar Loffeld
Page(s) 61-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 960 KB)

Understanding Changes and Deformations on Multi-Temporal Rock Face Point Clouds
Marco Scaioni, Mario Alba
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 810 KB)

Panorama-based camera calibration
Bertrand Cannelle, Nicolas Paparoditis, Olivier Tournaire
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 1281 KB)

Quality measures for textures extracted from airborne IR image sequences
Dorota Iwaszczuk, Uwe Stilla
Page(s) 79-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 580 KB)

Enhanced first approximation for icp-based global matching of free-form curves in side-looking radar geometry
Dimitra Vassilaki, Charalambos Ioannidis, Athanasios Stamos
Page(s) 85-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 1183 KB)

Extracting wire-frame models of street façades from 3D point clouds and the corresponding cadastral map
Karim Hammoudi, Fadi Dornaika, Bahman Soheilian, Nicolas Paparoditis
Page(s) 91-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 811 KB)

A multi-level span analysis for improving 3D power-line reconstruction performance using airborne laser scanning data
Yoonseok Jwa, Gunho Sohn
Page(s) 97-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 427 KB)

Non-associative Markov networks for 3D point cloud classification
Roman Shapovalov, Alexander Velizhev, Olga Barinova
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 573 KB)

Point Cloud Non Local Denoising using Local Surface Descriptor Similarity
Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud, François Goulette
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 1822 KB)

Land classification of wavelet-compressed full-waveform LiDAR data
Sandor Laky, Piroska Zaletnyik, Charles K. Toth
Page(s) 115-119
Conference Paper (PDF, 286 KB)

A Markov Random Field Model for Individual Tree Detection from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Junjie Zhang, Gunho Sohn
Page(s) 120-125
Conference Paper (PDF, 494 KB)

3D classification of power-line scene from airborne laser scanning data using Random Forests
Heungsik Brian Kim, Gunho Sohn
Page(s) 126-132
Conference Paper (PDF, 458 KB)

Matching terrestrial images captured by a nomad system to images of a reference database for pose estimation purpose
Arnaud le Bris, Nicolas Paparoditis
Page(s) 133-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 5251 KB)

Vehicle Localization using Landmarks obtained by a Lidar Mobile Mapping System
Claus Brenner
Page(s) 139-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 4454 KB)

Geometry-image-intensity combined features for registration of terrestrial laser scans
Shahar Barnea, Sagi Filin
Page(s) 145-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 592 KB)

Extraction of accurate tie points for automated pose estimation of close-range blocks
Luigi Barazzetti, Fabio Remondino, Marco Scaioni
Page(s) 151-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 4177 KB)

Optimal vanishing point detection and rotation estimation of single images from a Legoland scene
Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 157-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 1259 KB)

Using building and bridge information for adapting roads to ALS data by means of network snakes
Jens Goepfert, Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 163-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 1369 KB)

On the use of laser scanner and photogrammetry for the global digitization of the medieval walls of Avila
Juan Mancera-Taboada, Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Diego González-Aguilera, Ángel Muñoz-Nieto, Javier Gómez-Lahoz, Jesús Herrero-Pascual, Inmaculada Picón-Cabrera
Page(s) 169-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 351 KB)

Plane and Boundary Extraction from LiDAR data using Clustering and Convex Hull Projection
Augustine Tsai, Chun F. Hsu, I-Chou Hong, Wen-Kai Liu
Page(s) 175-179
Conference Paper (PDF, 742 KB)

Motion blur detection in aerial images shot with channel-dependent exposure time
Lâmân Lelégard, Mathieu Brédif, Bruno Vallet, Didier Boldo
Page(s) 180-185
Conference Paper (PDF, 2114 KB)

Building Sparse 3D representations from a Set of Calibrated Panoramic Images
Daniel Wojtaszek, Robert Laganière, Hamed Peikari, Mohammad Peikari
Page(s) 186-191
Conference Paper (PDF, 8596 KB)

Fringe Code Reduction for 3D Measurement Systems Using Epipolar Geometry
Christian Bräuer-Burchardt, Christoph Munkelt, Matthias Heinze, Peter Kühmstedt, Gunther Notni
Page(s) 192-197
Conference Paper (PDF, 360 KB)

Quality measures for building reconstruction from airborne laser scanner data
Sander Oude Elberink
Page(s) 198-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 3222 KB)

SRTM registration for electro-optic satellite images without GCP
Yolda¸s Ataseven, A. Aydin Alatan
Page(s) 204-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 225 KB)

People tracking and trajectory interpretation in aerial image sequences
Florian Burkert, Florian Schmidt, Matthias Butenuth, Stefan Hinz
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 831 KB)

Segmentation of networks from VHR remote sensing images using a directed phase field HOAC model
Aymen El Ghoul, Ian Jermyn, Josiane Zerubia
Page(s) 215-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 2279 KB)

Land cover dependent derivation of Digital Surface Models from airborne laser scanning data
Markus Hollaus, Gottfried Mandlburger, Norbert Pfeifer, Werner Mücke
Page(s) 221-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 3079 KB)

A Formulation For Unsupervised Hierarchical Segmentation Of Façade ImagesWith Periodic Models
Jean-Pascal Burochin, Bruno Vallet, Olivier Tournaire, Nicolas Paparoditis
Page(s) 227-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 2131 KB)

Image-based building classification and 3D modeling with super-pixels
Stefan Kluckner, Horst Bischof
Page(s) 233-238
Conference Paper (PDF, 4541 KB)

Urban building detection from optical and InSAR features exploiting context
Jan Dirk Wegner, Ali Özgün Ok, Antje Thiele, Franz Rottensteiner, Uwe Soergel
Page(s) 239-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 674 KB)

Roof plane segmentation by combining multiple images and point clouds
Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 245-250
Conference Paper (PDF, 482 KB)

Automatic detection of buildings with rectangular flat roofs from multi-view oblique imagery
Jing Xiao, Markus Gerke, George Vosselman
Page(s) 251-256
Conference Paper (PDF, 407 KB)

Evaluation of texture energies for classification of façades images
Martin Drauschke, Helmut Mayer
Page(s) 257-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 2251 KB)

Evidence of walls in oblique images for automatic verification of buildings
Adam Patrick Nyaruhuma, Markus Gerke, George Vosselman
Page(s) 263-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 380 KB)

Model-based reconstruction and classification of façade parts in 3D point clouds
Jörg Schmittwilken, Lutz Plümer
Page(s) 269-274
Conference Paper (PDF, 25529 KB)

Automatic Production of Occlusion-Free Rectified Façade Textures using Vehicle-Based Imagery
Sébastien Bénitez, Eloïse Denis, Caroline Baillard
Page(s) 275-280
Conference Paper (PDF, 5644 KB)

Road Extraction and Environment Interpretation from Lidar Sensors
Laurent Smadja, Jérome Ninot, Thomas Gavrilovic
Page(s) 281-286
Conference Paper (PDF, 1335 KB)

Road Sign Recognition Using A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm And Primitives Fusion
Jérôme Ninot Laurent Smadja, Kevin Heggarty
Page(s) 287-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 2036 KB)

Towards road modelling from terrestrial laser points
Eloïse Denis, Renaud Burk, Caroline Baillard
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 2082 KB)

Automatic road network extraction in suburban areas from high resolution aerial images
Anne Grote, Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 299-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 1209 KB)