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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-3/W52, 2007

WG III/3 III/4 V/3 VIII/11
Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop
'Laser Scanning 2007 and SilviLaser 2007'
September 12-14, 2007
Espoo, Finland
Editor(s): P. Rönnholm, H. Hyyppä, J. Hyyppä

Papers were accepted on the basis of peer-reviewed full manuscripts. 

Generalized Least Squares Multiple 3D Surface Matching
D. Akca, A. Gruen
Page(s) 1-7
Conference Paper (PDF, 1514 KB)

Statistical Properties of Mean Stand Biomass Estimators in a Lidar-Based Double Sampling Forest Survey Design
H.-E. Andersen, J. Breidenbach
Page(s) 8-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

On-Site Self-Calibration Using Planar Features for Terrestrial Laser Scanners
K.-H. Bae, D. Lichti
Page(s) 14-19
Conference Paper (PDF, 839 KB)

Problems Related to the Generation of True-Orthophotos with Lidar DDSMs
L. Barazzetti, M. Brovelli, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 20-25
Conference Paper (PDF, 1209 KB)

Improving the Morphological Analysis for Tree Extraction: a Dynamic Approach to Lidar Data
A. Barilotti, F. Sepic, E. Abramo, F. Crosilla
Page(s) 26-31
Conference Paper (PDF, 1277 KB)

Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans via Image Based Features
S. Barnea, S. Filin
Page(s) 32-37
Conference Paper (PDF, 1223 KB)

Towards the Estimation of Tree Structural Class in Northwest Coastal Forests Using Lidar Remote Sensing
C. W. Bater, N. C. Coops, S. E. Gergel, N. R. Goodwin
Page(s) 38-43
Conference Paper (PDF, 1223 KB)

Combined Feature Extraction for Façade Reconstruction
S. Becker, N. Haala
Page(s) 44-49
Conference Paper (PDF, 3557 KB)

Tree Detection and Diameter Estimations by Analysis of Forest Terrestrial Laserscanner Point Clouds
A. Bienert, S. Scheller, E. Keane, F. Mohan, C. Nugent
Page(s) 50-55
Conference Paper (PDF, 2507 KB)

Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Shipbuilding
K. Biskup, P. Arias, H. Lorenzo, J. Armesto
Page(s) 56-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 413 KB)

Using Airborne Small-Footprint Laser Scanner to Assess the Quantity of Seedlings in an Uneven-Aged Spruce Forest
O. M. Bollandsås, K. H. Hanssen, S. Marthiniussen, E. Næsset
Page(s) 62-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 232 KB)

Automatic Segmentation of Building Facades Using Terrestrial Laser Data
H. Boulaassal, T . Landes, P. Grussenmeyer, F. Tarsha-Kurdi
Page(s) 65-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 533 KB)

Validation of Airborne Lidar Intensity Values from a Forested Landscape Using HYMAP data: Preliminary Analyses
D. S. Boyd, R. A. Hill
Page(s) 71-76
Conference Paper (PDF, 2872 KB)

A Mixed Effects Model to Estimate Stand Volume by Means of Small Footprint Airborne Lidar Data for an American and German Study Site
J. Breidenbach, R. McGaughey, H.-E. Andersen, G. Kändler, S. Reutebuch
Page(s) 77-83
Conference Paper (PDF, 372 KB)

Automatic Relative Orientation of Terrestrial Laser Scans Using Planar Structures and Angle Constraints
C. Brenner, C. Dold
Page(s) 84-89
Conference Paper (PDF, 781 KB)

Supervised Classification of Water Regions from Lidar Data in the Wadden Sea Using a Fuzzy Logic Concept
A. Brzank, C. Heipke
Page(s) 90-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

Using Airborne Lidar for the Assessment of Canopy Structure Influences on CO2 Fluxes
L. Chasmer, A. Barr, A. Black, C. Hopkinson, N. Kljun, J. H. McCaughey, P. Treitz
Page(s) 96-101
Conference Paper (PDF, 985 KB)

Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
A. Chauve, C. Mallet, F. Bretar, S. Durrieu, M. P. Deseilligny, W. Puech
Page(s) 102-107
Conference Paper (PDF, 974 KB)

Icesat Fullwaveform Altimetry Compared to Airborne Laser Altimetry over the Netherlands
H. Duong, R. Lindenbergh, N. Pfeifer, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 108-113
Conference Paper (PDF, 887 KB)

Simulating Sampling Efficiency in Airborne Laser Scanning Based Forest Inventory
L. Ene, E. Næsset, T. Gobakken
Page(s) 114-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 358 KB)

Detection and Reconstruction of Free Form Surfaces from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
S. Filin, N. A. Akel, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

Terrestrial Lidar Measurents for Analysing Canopy Structure in an Old-Growth Forest
S. Fleck, N. Obertreiber, I. Schmidt, M. Brauns, H. Jungkunst, C. Leuschner
Page(s) 125-129
Conference Paper (PDF, 916 KB)

Adaptive Filtering of Aerial Laser Scanning Data
G. Forlani, C. Nardinocchi
Page(s) 130-135
Conference Paper (PDF, 1035 KB)

Lidar-Derived Site Index in the U.S. Pacific Northwest - Challenges and Opportunities
D. Gatziolis
Page(s) 136-143
Conference Paper (PDF, 1252 KB)

Accuracy of Forest Parameters Derived from Medium Footprint Lidar under Operational Constraints
C. Ginzler, J. Boehl, R. Boesch, L. T. Waser
Page(s) 144-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

Assessing Effects of Laser Point Density on Biophysical Stand Properties Derived from Airborne Laser Scanner Data in Mature Forest
T. Gobakken, E. Næsset
Page(s) 150-155
Conference Paper (PDF, 358 KB)

Estimation of the Lidar Height Offset in Coastal Vegetated Areas
J. Goepfert, U. Soerge
Page(s) 156-161
Conference Paper (PDF, 454 KB)

Automatic Co-Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Digital Camera for the Generation of Hybrids Models
D. González Aguilera, P. Rodríguez Gonzálvez, J. Gómez Lahoz
Page(s) 162-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 521 KB)

Assessment of Sub-Canopy Structure in a Complex Coniferous Forest
N. R. Goodwin, N. C. Coops, C. Bater, S. E. Gergel
Page(s) 169-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 2031 KB)

Planar Feature Extraction in Terrestrial Laser Scans Using Gradient Based Range Image Segmentation
B. Gorte
Page(s) 173-177
Conference Paper (PDF, 960 KB)

Registration of Agia Sanmarina Lidar Data Using Surface Elements
W. von Hansen
Page(s) 178-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 2246 KB)

Going Undercover: Mapping Woodland Understorey from Leaf-On and Leaf-Off Lidar Data
R. A. Hill
Page(s) 184-189
Conference Paper (PDF, 302 KB)

Modelling Canopy Gap Fraction from Lidar Intensity
C. Hopkinson, L. Chasmer
Page(s) 190-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 374 KB)

Glacier Surface Segmentation Using Airborne Laser Scanning Point Cloud and Intensity Data
B. Höfle, T. Geist, M. Rutzinger, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 4094 KB)

Radiometric Calibration of ALS Intensity
S. Kaasalainen, J. Hyyppä, P. Litkey, H. Hyyppä, E. Ahokas, A. Kukko, H. Kaartinen
Page(s) 201-205
Conference Paper (PDF, 651 KB)

Extending Generalized Hough Transform to Detect 3D Objects in Laser Range Data
K. Khoshelham
Page(s) 206-210
Conference Paper (PDF, 288 KB)

Tree Height Estimation Methods for Terrestrial Laser Scanning in a Forest Reserve
G. Király, G. Brolly
Page(s) 211-215
Conference Paper (PDF, 364 KB)

REIN Algorithm and the Influence of Point Cloud Density on nDSM and DTM Precision in a Submediterranean Forest
A. Kobler, P. Ogrinc
Page(s) 216-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 863 KB)

Automatic Glacier Surface Analysis from Airborne Laser Scanning
M. Kodde, N. Pfeifer, B. Gorte, T. Geist, B. Höfle
Page(s) 221-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 1029 KB)

Inventory Using Lidar and Aerial Images for 3D Treetop Positioning, Species Recognition, Height and Crown Width Estimation
I. Korpela, B. Dahlin, H. Schäfer, E. Bruun, F. Haapaniemi, J. Honkasalo, S. Ilvesniemi, V. Kuutti, M. Linkosalmi, J. Mustonen, M. Salo, O. Suomi, H. Virtanen
Page(s) 227-233
Conference Paper (PDF, 994 KB)

Laser Scanner Simulator for System Analysis and Algorithm Development: a Case with Forest Measurements
A. Kukko, J. Hyyppä
Page(s) 234-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 1395 KB)

Road Environment Mapping System of the Finnish Geodetic Institute - FGI Roamer -
A. Kukko, C.-O. Andrei, V.-M. Salminen, H. Kaartinen, Y. Chen, P. Rönnholm, H. Hyyppä, J. Hyyppä, R. Chen, H. Haggrén, I. Kosonen, K. Čapek
Page(s) 241-247
Conference Paper (PDF, 1321 KB)

Estimation of LAI Using LiDAR Remote Sensing in Forest
D.-A. Kwak, W.-K. Lee, H.-K. Cho
Page(s) 248-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 426 KB)

Deciduous-Coniferous Tree Classification Using Difference between First and Last Pulse Laser Signatures
X. Liang, J. Hyyppä, L. Matikainen
Page(s) 253-257
Conference Paper (PDF, 410 KB)

Waveform Features for Tree Identification
P. Litkey, P. Rönnholm, J. Lumme, X. Liang
Page(s) 258-263
Conference Paper (PDF, 641 KB)

Generating Lidar Data in Laboratory: Lidar Simulator
B. Lohani, R. K. Mishra
Page(s) 264-269
Conference Paper (PDF, 1041 KB)

Experiences and Possibilities of ALS Based Forest Inventory in Finland (Keynote)
M. Maltamo, P. Packalén, J. Peuhkurinen, A. Suvanto, A. Pesonen, J. Hyyppä
Page(s) 270-279
Conference Paper (PDF, 314 KB)

Classification Tree Based Building Detection From Laser Scanner and Aerial Image Data
L. Matikainen, H. Kaartinen, J. Hyyppä
Page(s) 280-287
Conference Paper (PDF, 1199 KB)

Recovering Plot-Specific Diameter Distribution and Height-Diameter Curve Using ALS Based Stand Characteristics
L. Mehtätalo, M. Maltamo, P. Packalen
Page(s) 288-293
Conference Paper (PDF, 342 KB)

Ray Tracing for Modeling of Small Footprint Airborne Laser Scanning Returns
F. Morsdorf, O. Frey, B. Koetz, E. Meier
Page(s) 294-299
Conference Paper (PDF, 4641 KB)

Utilizing Airborne Laser Intensity for Tree Species Classification
H. O. Ørka, E. Næsset, O. M. Bollandsås
Page(s) 300-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 247 KB)

Quality Analysis of 3D Road Reconstruction
S. Oude Elberink, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 305-310
Conference Paper (PDF, 1591 KB)

Geometrical Aspects of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (Keynote)
N. Pfeifer, C. Briese
Page(s) 311-319
Conference Paper (PDF, 329 KB)

Extracting Windows from Terrestrial Laser Scanning
S. Pu, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 320-325
Conference Paper (PDF, 946 KB)

Classification of Building Damages Based on Laser Scanning Data
M. Rehor
Page(s) 326-331
Conference Paper (PDF, 5098 KB)

Combined Tree Segmentation and Stem Detection Using Full Waveform Lidar Data
J. Reitberger, P. Krzystek, U. Stilla
Page(s) 332-337
Conference Paper (PDF, 518 KB)

From Point Cloud to Surface: Modeling Structures in Laser Scanner Point Clouds
P. Rodríguez Gonzálvez, D. González Aguilera, J. Gómez Lahoz
Page(s) 338-343
Conference Paper (PDF, 858 KB)

A Method of Directly Estimating Stemwood Volume from Glas Waveform Parameters
J. Rosette, P. North, J. Suárez
Page(s) 344-349
Conference Paper (PDF, 528 KB)

Using Airborne Laser-Scanner-Data in Forestry Management: a Novel Approach to Single Tree Delineation
J. Rossmann, M. Schluse, A. Bücken, P. Krahwinkler
Page(s) 350-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 1762 KB)

Integration of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry (Keynote)
P. Rönnholm, E. Honkavaara, P. Litkey, H. Hyyppä, J. Hyyppä
Page(s) 355-362
Conference Paper (PDF, 1245 KB)

An Implementation of the ASPRS LAS Standard
A. Samberg
Page(s) 363-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 570 KB)

Integrated Bundle Adjustment with Variance Component Estimation - Fusion of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data, Panoramic and Central Perspective Image Data
D. Schneider, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 373-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 984 KB)

Mapping Defoliation with Lidar
S. Solberg, E. Næsset
Page(s) 379-382
Conference Paper (PDF, 342 KB)

Hierarchical Clustered Outlier Detection in Laser Scanner Point Clouds
S. Sotoodeh
Page(s) 383-388
Conference Paper (PDF, 2612 KB)

Estimation of Carbon Stocks in New Zealand Planted Forests Using Airborne Scanning Lidar
P. R. Stephens, P. J. Watt, D. Loubser, A. Haywood, M. O. Kimberley
Page(s) 389-394
Conference Paper (PDF, 797 KB)

Extracting Structural Characteristics of Dormant Herbaceous Floodplain Vegetation from Airborne Laser Scanner Data
M. Straatsma, H. Middelkoop
Page(s) 395-400
Conference Paper (PDF, 368 KB)

Assessment of LiDAR-Derived Tree Heights Estimated from Different Flight Altitude Data in Mountainous Forests with Poor Laser Penetration Rates
T. Takahashi, Y. Awaya, Y. Hirata, N. Furuya, T. Sakai, A. Sakai
Page(s) 401-406
Conference Paper (PDF, 460 KB)

Hough-Transform and Extended RANSAC Algorithms for Automatic Detection of 3D Building Roof Planes from Lidar Data
F. Tarsha-Kurdi, T. Landes, P. Grussenmeyer
Page(s) 407-412
Conference Paper (PDF, 4916 KB)

Waveform Analysis Techniques in Airborne Laser Scanning (Keynote)
W. Wagner, A. Roncat, T. Melzer, A. Ullrich
Page(s) 413-418
Conference Paper (PDF, 515 KB)

Development of a Procedure for Vertical Structure Analysis and 3D Single Tree Extraction within Forests Based on Lidar Point Cloud
Y. Wang, H. Weinacker, B. Koch
Page(s) 419-423
Conference Paper (PDF, 1102 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning Versus Traditional Forest Inventory First Results from the Polish Forests
P. Wezyk, K. Koziol, M. Glista, M. Pierzchalski
Page(s) 424-429
Conference Paper (PDF, 1477 KB)

Change Detection via Terrestrial Laser Scanning
R. Zeibak, S. Filin
Page(s) 430-435
Conference Paper (PDF, 1125 KB)

Hierarchical Watershed Segmentation of Canopy Height Model for Multi-Scale Forest Inventory
K. Zhao, S. Popescu
Page(s) 436-441
Conference Paper (PDF, 579 KB)




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