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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII - Part 5, 2010

Proceedings of the ISPRS Commission V Mid-Term Symposium 'Close Range Image Measurement Techniques'
21-24 June 2010
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Editor(s): Mills, J. P., Barber, D. M., Miller, P.E. and Newton, I.

WG V/1 - Vision metrology - best practice, systems and applications

Effect Of The Hadamard Transform On Motion Estimation Of Different Layers In Video Coding
M. Varley, D. Ait
Page(s) 1-4
Conference Paper (PDF, 227 KB)

Development And Testing Of A Method For Tunnel Monitoring Via Vision Metrology
M. Alba, L. Barazzetti, A. Giussani, F. Roncoroni, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 17-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

A Fuzzy Clustering Approach For Supervision Of Biological Processes By Image Processing

Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 276 KB)

Development Of A Robot Guided Optical Multisensory System For Inline Inspection Of Cylinder Heads
A. Cefalu, J. Böhm
Page(s) 137-142
Conference Paper (PDF, 1524 KB)

Microstructure Model Of A Multifilament Yarn Imbedded In Concrete
I. Focke, J. Lange, B-G. Kang, W. Benning
Page(s) 245-249
Conference Paper (PDF, 1133 KB)

Crack Detection In Load Tests For Civil Engineering Material Testing By Digital Closed Range Photogrammetry – Algorithms And Applications
U. Hampel
Page(s) 268-271
Conference Paper (PDF, 533 KB)

Experiences With 3d Reference Bodies For Quality Assessment Of Free-form Surface Measurements
T. Luhmann, F. Bethmann, B. Herd, J. Ohm
Page(s) 405-410
Conference Paper (PDF, 592 KB)

Polynomial Texture Mapping And 3d Representations
L. Macdonald, S. Robson
Page(s) 422-427
Conference Paper (PDF, 1240 KB)

A Distance Protocol For Mid-range Tls In Support Of Astm-e57 Standards Activities
N. Mak, J-A. Beraldin, L. Cournoyer, M. Picard
Page(s) 428-433
Conference Paper (PDF, 916 KB)

A Triangulation Method For 3d-measurement Of Specular Surfaces
R. Muhr, G. Schutte, M. Vincze
Page(s) 466-471
Conference Paper (PDF, 574 KB)

A Flexible Multi-media Bundle Approach
C. Mulsow
Page(s) 472-477
Conference Paper (PDF, 498 KB)

Camera Calibration Techniques Using Multiple Cameras Of Different Resolutions And Bundle Of Distances
K. Nakano, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 484-489
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

Automatic 3d Surface Reconstruction By Combining Stereovision With The Slit-scanner Approach
A. Prokos, G. Karras, E. Petsa
Page(s) 505-509
Conference Paper (PDF, 428 KB)

Image-based Detection And Matching Of Homologue Points Using Feature-vectors – Functionality And Evaluation In A Deformation Measurement System
A. Reiterer, N.B. Huber, A. Bauer
Page(s) 510-515
Conference Paper (PDF, 390 KB)

Industrial Inspection And Checking Of Marble Tiles
D. Skarlatos, C. Bakolias
Page(s) 549-553
Conference Paper (PDF, 236 KB)

Error Propagation For Close-range Single Image Relative Measurements
H. Theiss
Page(s) 571-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Development Of A New Laser-based, Optical Indoor Positioning System
S. Tilch, R. Mautz
Page(s) 575-580
Conference Paper (PDF, 332 KB)

3d Least Squares Tracking In Time-resolved Tomographic Reconstructions Of Dense Flow Marker Particle Fields
P. Westfeld, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 597-602
Conference Paper (PDF, 490 KB)

3d Modeling Of Small Objects Using Macrolens In Digital Very Close Range Photogrammetry
H. Yanagi, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 617-622
Conference Paper (PDF, 1003 KB)

WG V/2 - Cultural heritage data acquisition and processing

Measurement Of Petroglyhps (rock Arts) Of Gobustan With Close Range Photogrammetry
C. Alyilmaz, S. Alyilmaz, M. Yakar
Page(s) 29-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

Applied 3d Photogrammetric Studies For The Historical Heritage Of Extremadura (Spain)
A. Atkinson, J.J. de Sanjosé Blasco, J. de Matias Bejarano
Page(s) 51-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 367 KB)

Geometric And Radiometric Analysis Of Paintings
L. Barazzetti, M. Scaioni, R. Brumana, F. Remondino, A. Rizzi, M. Lo Brutto
Page(s) 62-67
Conference Paper (PDF, 718 KB)

Application Of High Resolution Laser Scanning And Photogrammetric Techniques To Data Acquisition, Analysis And Interpretation In Palaeontology
K. Bates, P.L. Falkingham, F. Rarity, D. Hodgetts, P.L. Manning, A. Purslow
Page(s) 68-73
Conference Paper (PDF, 1191 KB)

What Is The Future Of Metric Heritage Documentation And Its Skills?
B. Blake
Page(s) 98-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1910 KB)

3d Photorealistic Modelling Of Stone Monuments By Dense Image Matching
M. Cabrelles, A.E. Segui, S. Navarro, S. Galcera, C. Portalés, J. L. Lerma
Page(s) 121-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 481 KB)

Health Monitoring Of Complex Structure Using Tls And Photogrammetry
M. Camarda, A. Guarnieri, N. Milan, A. Vettore
Page(s) 125-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 932 KB)

Laser Scanner Survey Of An Archaeological Site - Scala Di Furno
D. Costantino, M.G. Angelini, G. Caprino
Page(s) 178-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 862 KB)

Polynomial Texture Mapping At Roughting Linn Rock Art Site
S. Duffy
Page(s) 213-217
Conference Paper (PDF, 601 KB)

Polynomial Texture Mapping And Related Imaging Technologies For The Recording, Analysis And Presentation Of Archaeological Materials
G. Earl, Gareth Beale, Kirk Martinez, Hembo Pagi
Page(s) 218-223
Conference Paper (PDF, 380 KB)

Multiscale Multiresolution Spherical Photogrammetry With Long Focal Lenses For Architectural Surveys
G. Fangi
Page(s) 228-233
Conference Paper (PDF, 1775 KB)

Multiple Data Source For Survey And Modeling Of Very Complex Architecture.
F. Fassi, C. Achille, L. Fugonese, C. Monti
Page(s) 234-239
Conference Paper (PDF, 1445 KB)

An Optical 3d Measuring Technique For A Detailed Non- Contact Data Acquisition Of Object Surfaces In The Fields Of Cultural Heritage, Archaeology And The Care And Preservation Of Historic Monuments
M. Floth, M. Breuer
Page(s) 240-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 446 KB)

High Resolution 3d Recording And Modelling Of The Bronze Age Cave "les Fraux" In Perigord (France)
P. Grussenmeyer, T. Landes, E. Alby, L. Carozza
Page(s) 262-267
Conference Paper (PDF, 1765 KB)

Evaluation Of Laser Scanner Performance In Documentation Of Historical And Architectural Ruins , A Case Study In Konya
A. Gulec Korumaz, M. Korumaz, O. N. Dulgerler, L. Karasaka, F. Yildiz, M. Yakar
Page(s) 361-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 2170 KB)

Documentation Challenges In An International And Interdisciplinary Research Project
K. Hanke, G. Hiebel, K. Kovacs, M. Moser
Page(s) 272-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 552 KB)

Documentation Of Architectural Scenes Using A Hierarchical Method
S. Jain Nitin, S.S. Rohini, S.M. Sabarish, S. Srinath, R. Vidhya
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 238 KB)

Reconstruction And Visualization Of Original Landscape Based On Reverse Mapping
H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 311-315
Conference Paper (PDF, 1123 KB)

Topcon's Pi-3000 In The Inventory Of Data Relating To Sculptural And Portable Artifacts
E. Kazana
Page(s) 322-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 300 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning And 3d Imaging: Heritage Case Study – The Black Gate, Newcastle Upon Tyne
M. Horne, D. Heslop
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 759 KB)

Acquisition, Modeling And Gis Integration Of A 3d Model Of The Frame Of Xvith Century Historic Building
M. Koehl, A. Vimle
Page(s) 349-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 780 KB)

Reproduction Of Turkish Traditional Wall-painting Using Close Range Photogrammetry, A Case Study In Gaziantep
M. Korumaz, A. G. Korumaz
Page(s) 367-371
Conference Paper (PDF, 473 KB)

The Use Of 3d Laser Scanning And 3d Modelling In The Realisation Of An Artistic Vision; The Use Of 3d Data In The Production Of Large Scale Public Art In Tudor Square, Sheffield.
La Pensee, J. Parsons, M. Cooper, S. Broadbent, R. Bingham, R. Watts, J. Myers, J. Berry
Page(s) 375-380
Conference Paper (PDF, 414 KB)

Archeological Site Documentation And Monitoring Of Changes Using Surface-based Photogrammetry
S. Levin, S. Filin
Page(s) 381-386
Conference Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

Digital Survey Of Ancient Mosaics Of Ravenna

Page(s) 434-439
Conference Paper (PDF, 1327 KB)

Photogrammetric And Lidar Integration For The Cultural Heritage Metric Surveys
F. Nex, F. Rinaudo
Page(s) 490-495
Conference Paper (PDF, 973 KB)

3d-sutra – Interactive Analysis Tool For A Web- Atlas Of Scanned Sutra Inscriptions In China
N. Schmidt, R. Schütze, F. Boochs
Page(s) 532-537
Conference Paper (PDF, 2855 KB)

Off The Shelf Close-range Photogrammetric Software For Cultural Heritage Documentation At Stonehenge
A. Wojtas
Page(s) 603-607
Conference Paper (PDF, 731 KB)

The Model Of Turkey In Legal Protection Of Cultural Heritage
S. Yildiz
Page(s) 627-632
Conference Paper (PDF, 123 KB)

Photogrammetric Evaluation Of Saint Theodoros Trion Church
F. Yildiz, M. Yakar, O. Neseli, O. Mutluoglu
Page(s) 623-626
Conference Paper (PDF, 510 KB)

WG V/3 - Terrestrial laser scanning and 3D imaging

Automatic Detection Of Changes And Deformation In Rock Faces By Terrestrial Laser Scanning
M. Alba, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 11-16
Conference Paper (PDF, 555 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning And Non Parametric Methods In Masonry Arches Inspection
P. Arias, B. Riveiro, J. Armesto, M. Solla
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 366 KB)

Automating Post-processing Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds For Road Feature Surveys
D. Belton, K-H. Bae
Page(s) 74-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 480 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning – Civil Engineering Applications
A. Berényi, T. Lovas, A. Barsi
Page(s) 80-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

Voxel Space Analysis Of Terrestrial Laser Scans In Forests For Wind Field Modeling
A. Bienert, R. Queck, A. Schmidt, C. Bernhofer, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 92-97
Conference Paper (PDF, 4259 KB)

Automatic 3d Modelling Of Indoor Manhattan-world Scenes From Laser Data
A. Budroni, J. Böhm
Page(s) 115-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 891 KB)

Self-calibration Of The Trimble (mensi) Gs200 Terrestrial Laser Scanner
J. Chow, D.D. Lichti, W.F. Teskey
Page(s) 161-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 1287 KB)

Damage Detection On Historical Buildings Using Unsupervised Classification Techniques
C. Crespo, L.J. Armesto, P. Arias, D. Gonzalez-Aguilera
Page(s) 184-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 286 KB)

Laser Scanning Applied To Hydraulic Modeling
A. Evans
Page(s) 224-227
Conference Paper (PDF, 672 KB)

Assessing The Performance Of A Structured Light Scanner
A. Georgopoulos, Ch. Ioannidis, A. Valanis
Page(s) 250-255
Conference Paper (PDF, 488 KB)

Inexpensive 3-d Laser Scanner System Based On A Galvanometer Scan Head
T. Hegna, H. Pettersson, K. Grujic
Page(s) 277-281
Conference Paper (PDF, 421 KB)

Influence Of Atmospheric Conditions On The Range Distance And Number Of Returned Points In Leica Scanstation 2 Point Clouds.
K. Hejbudzka, R. Lindenbergh, S. Soudarissnane, A. Humme
Page(s) 282-287
Conference Paper (PDF, 709 KB)

Automated Extraction Of Break Lines In Tls Data Of Real Environment
K. Kitamura, N. Kochi, N. D'Apuzzo, S. Kaneko
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

Automatic Feature Matching Between Digital Images And 2d Representations Of A 3d Laser Scanner Point Cloud
N. Meierhold, M. Spehr, A. Schilling, S Gumbold, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 446-451
Conference Paper (PDF, 2306 KB)

WG V/4 - Image-based and range-based 3D modelling

Estimation Of Exterior Parameters Of Sensor Combination For Efficient 3d Modeling
F. Yildiz, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 23-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 316 KB)

Automation In 3-d Reconstruction: Results On Different Kinds Of Close-range Blocks
L. Barazzetti, M. Scaioni, F. Remondino
Page(s) 55-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 896 KB)

Least-squares Matching With Advanced Geometric Transformation Models
F. Bethmann, T. Luhmann
Page(s) 86-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 587 KB)

High Accuracy Image And Range Based Acquiring For Artistic Handworks 3d-models.
C. Bonfanti, F. Chiabrando, A. Spanò
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 1139 KB)

Very Close Nadiral Images: A Proposal For Quick Digging Survey
F. Chiabrando, E. Costamagna, F. Rinaudo, A. Spano
Page(s) 155-160
Conference Paper (PDF, 875 KB)

Automated 3d Object Reconstruction Via Multi-image Close-range Photogrammetry
I. Jazayeri, C.S. Fraser, S. Cronk
Page(s) 305-310
Conference Paper (PDF, 589 KB)

Multi-media Projector – Single Camera Photogrammetric System For Fast 3d Reconstruction
V. Knyaz
Page(s) 343-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 1124 KB)

Low Cost Reverse Engineering Techniques For 3d Modelling Of Propellers
F. Menna, S. Tioisi
Page(s) 452-457
Conference Paper (PDF, 513 KB)

An Explicit Growth Model Of The Stereo Region Growing Algorithm For Parallel Processing
D. Shin, J-P. Muller
Page(s) 543-548
Conference Paper (PDF, 568 KB)

Gpu-based Volumetric Reconstruction Of Trees From Multiple Images
D. Vock, S. Gumhold, M. Spehr, P. Westfield, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 586-591
Conference Paper (PDF, 600 KB)

WG V/5 - Image sensor technology

Image And Laser Scanner Processing As Confident Cues For Object Detection In Driving Situations
A. Catalá-Prat, F. Köster, R. Reulke
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 490 KB)

Real-time Dense Stereo Mapping For Multi-sensor Navigation
D. Grießbach, A. Börner, I. Ernst, S. Zuev
Page(s) 256-261
Conference Paper (PDF, 819 KB)

Fast Computation Of Region Homogeneity With Application In A Surveillance Task
U. Knauer
Page(s) 337-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 2330 KB)

An Unified Calibration Approach For Generic Cameras
A. Luber, R. Reulke
Page(s) 399-404
Conference Paper (PDF, 227 KB)

Geometric Calibration Of Thermographic Cameras
T. Luhmann, J. Ohm, J. Piechel, T. Roelfs
Page(s) 411-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 458 KB)

The Effects Of Temperature Variation On Single-lens-reflex Digital Camera Calibration Parameters
M. Smith, E. Cope
Page(s) 554-559
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

On The Self-calibration Of Long Focal Length Cameras
C. Stamatopoulos, C.S. Fraser, S. Cronk
Page(s) 560-564
Conference Paper (PDF, 321 KB)

Accuracy Of Measurement Using A Pair Of Stereo Images Acquired By Finepix Real 3d W1 Without Controls
G. Takahashi, R. Matsouka
Page(s) 565-570
Conference Paper (PDF, 905 KB)

WG V/6 - Close range morphological measurement for the earth sciences

Application Of Close-range Photogrammetry And Digital Photography Analysis For The Estimation Of Leaf Area Index In A Greenhouse Tomato Culture.
M. Aguilar, J. L. Pozo, F.J. Aguilar, A. M. Gracia, I. Fernandez, J. Sanchez-Hermosilla, J. Negreiros
Page(s) 5-10
Conference Paper (PDF, 944 KB)

Image Measurement Techniques In Rock Glacier Modelling
J. De Matías, J. Moreno, J.J. De Sanjosé, J.J. Guerrero
Page(s) 189-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 466 KB)

Eolian Sand Transport Monitored By Terrestrial Laser Scanning
R. Lindenbergh, S. Soudarissanane, S. de Vries, M. Coquet, M. de Schipper, K. Hejbudzka, K. Duijnmayer, B. van Goor, A. Cohen
Page(s) 393-398
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

Photogrammetric Techniques For The Determination Of Spatio-temporal Velocity Fields At Glaciar San Rafael
H.-G. Maas, D. Schneider, E. Schwalbe, G. Casassa, A. Wendt
Page(s) 417-421
Conference Paper (PDF, 971 KB)

Small Format Digital Photogrammetry For Applications In The Earth Sciences
D. H. Rieke-Zapp, B. Bommer-Denss, D. Ernst
Page(s) 516-519
Conference Paper (PDF, 225 KB)

Photogrammetric Measurement Of The Meke Lake And Its Environment With Kite Photographs To Monitoring Of Water Level To Climate Change
M. Yakar, F. Yildiz, A. Metin, F. Uray, A. Ulvi, L. Karasaka, O. Mutluoglu, D. Z. Seker
Page(s) 613-616
Conference Paper (PDF, 475 KB)

ICWG V/I - Land-based mobile mapping systems

Application Of Orientation Code Matching For Structure From Motion
T. Anai, N. Fukaya, N. Kochi, N. D'Apuzzo
Page(s) 33-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 514 KB)

Refining Existing 3d Building Models With Terrestrial Laser Points Acquired From A Mobile Mapping Vehicle
E. Denis, C. Baillard
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 606 KB)

Using Stationary And Mobile Laser Scanner To Detect Forest Defoliation
A. Krooks, Anssi Krooks, Juha Hyyppä, Päivi Lyytikäinen-Saarenmaa, Anttoni Jaakkola, Sanna Kaasalainen
Page(s) 372-374
Conference Paper (PDF, 243 KB)

Initial Results From European Road Safety Inspection (eursi) Mobile Mapping Project
C. Mcelhinney, P. Kumar, C. Cahalane, T. McCarthy
Page(s) 440-445
Conference Paper (PDF, 3188 KB)

Detection And Modelling Of 3d Trees From Mobile Laser Scanning Data
M. Rutzinger, A. K. Pratihast, S. Oude Elberink, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 520-525
Conference Paper (PDF, 417 KB)

Analysis And Improvement Of Laser Terrestrial Mobile Mapping Systems Configurations
H. J. Yoo, F. Goulette, J. Senpauroca, G. Lepère
Page(s) 633-638
Conference Paper (PDF, 501 KB)

Accuracy Enhancement Of Terrestrial Mobile Lidar Data Using Theory Of Assimilation
H. Yousif, J. Li, Y. Shu, M. Chapman
Page(s) 639-645
Conference Paper (PDF, 263 KB)

ICWG I/V - UVS for mapping and monitoring applications

A Low-cost Airborne Platform For Ecological Monitoring
A. Clark, J.C. Woods, O. Oechsle
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 542 KB)

Development Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle At Padova University
U. Coppa, A. Guarnieri, M. Camarda, A. Vettore
Page(s) 173-177
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

Evaluation Of A Lightweigth Uas-prototype For Hyperspectral Imaging.
K. Nackaerts, B. Delauré, J. Everaerts, B. Michiels, C. Holmund, J. Mäkynen, H. Saari
Page(s) 478-483
Conference Paper (PDF, 1039 KB)

UAV-based Remote Sensing Of Landslides
U. Niethammer, S. Rothmund, M. Joswig, M.R. James, J. Travelletti
Page(s) 496-501
Conference Paper (PDF, 768 KB)

UAVs For The Documentation Of Archaeological Excavations
M. Sauerbier, H. Eisenbeiss
Page(s) 526-531
Conference Paper (PDF, 649 KB)

SS-1 - Human body measurement and motion analysis

A Real-time Single-camera Approach For Automatic Fall Detection
A. Doulamis, N. Doulamis, I. Kalisperakis, C. Stentoumis
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 362 KB)

Simple Shape-from-shading In The Dental And Medical Measurement Context

Page(s) 458-461
Conference Paper (PDF, 137 KB)

SS-2 - Range cameras

Accuracy Of Exterior Orientation For A Range Camera
J. Boehm, T. Pattinson
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 1024 KB)

SR-4000 Tof Camera: Further Experimental Tests And First Applications To Metric Surveys
F. Chiabrando, D. Piatta, F. Rinaudo
Page(s) 149-154
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Integration Of Tof Camera And Multi-image Matching Approach For Cultural Heritage Survey
F. Chiabrando, F. Nex, D. Piatti, F. Rinaudo
Page(s) 143-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 2210 KB)

An Evaluation Of Time-of-flight Range Cameras For Close Range Metrology Applications
A. Dorrington, J. Hyyppa, A. Jaakkola. S. Kaasalainen, P. Lyytikäinen-Saarenmaa, M. Hobpainen
Page(s) 201-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 328 KB)

Modeling Scattering Distortion Of 3d Range Camera
S. Jamtsho, D.D. Lichti
Page(s) 299-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 551 KB)

Quantifying The Distortion Of Distance Observations Caused By Scattering In Time-of-flight Range Cameras
W. Karel, S. Ghuffar, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 316-321
Conference Paper (PDF, 846 KB)

Distance Error Estimation For Range Imaging Sensors
E. Tournas, M. Tsakiri
Page(s) 581-585
Conference Paper (PDF, 322 KB)

SS-3 - Student consortium

3d Colour Imaging For Cultural Heritage Artefacts
M. Hess, S. Robson
Page(s) 288-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 819 KB)

Direct Linear Transformation Based Photogrammetry Software On The Web
B. Molnár
Page(s) 462-465
Conference Paper (PDF, 318 KB)

Dlt Based, Close Range Photogrammetric Approach To Structural Deformation Measurement
V. Peterman
Page(s) 502-504
Conference Paper (PDF, 289 KB)

3d-camera Based Navigation Of A Mobile Robot In An Agricultural Environment
M. Schulze
Page(s) 538-542
Conference Paper (PDF, 1754 KB)

Monitoring The Testing, Construction And As-built Condition Of Membrane Structures By Close Range Photogrammetry
C. Wang, J. P. Mills, P. D. Gosling, B. Bridgens, R. J. Grisdale
Page(s) 592-596
Conference Paper (PDF, 158 KB)

Real-time Close Range Web-cam Photogrammetry Suited To The Coordination Of Optical Topography Sensors Located On The Human Head
S. Wong, S. Robson, A. Gibson, J. Hebden
Page(s) 608-612
Conference Paper (PDF, 358 KB)




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