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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII - Part 7B, 2010

ISPRS Technical Commission VII Symposium
100 Years ISPRS
Advancing Remote Sensing Science
July 5–7, 2010
Vienna, Austria
Editor(s): W. Wagner, B. Székely

Papers accepted on the basis of peer-reviewed abstracts

Spectral reflectance of rice canopy and red edge position (REP) as indicator of high-yielding variety
Mozhgan Abbasi, Ali A. Darvishsefat, Michael E. Schaepman
Page(s) 1-5
Conference Paper (PDF, 2451 KB)

Simulated rain rate effects on SAR Interferograms
Riadh Abdelfattah, A. Elmzoughi, Z. Belhadj
Page(s) 6-9
Conference Paper (PDF, 862 KB)

CANASAT project: monitoring the sugarcane harvest type in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Daniel Alves de Aguiar, Wagner Fernando da Silva, Bernardo Friedrich Theodor Rudorff, Marcos Adami
Page(s) 10-15
Conference Paper (PDF, 1020 KB)

Remote Sensing for physical Protection of the pipeline network - Online Monitoring of Corridor-Based Infrastructure
Mansour Ahmadi Foroushani, S. Damadi
Page(s) 16-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

WinGIS - GIS software for ICT developers
Bernhard Aigner, Walter Mayer
Page(s) 23-25
Conference Paper (PDF, 1872 KB)

Assessment of biophysical structure of riparian zones based on segmentation method, spatial knowledge and texture analysis
Thiago Alencar-Silva, Philippe Maillard
Page(s) 26-31
Conference Paper (PDF, 565 KB)

The role of remote sensing in fighting against terrorism- A case of Pakistan
Ali Asmat
Page(s) 32-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 112 KB)

Vertical roughness mapping - ALS based classification of the vertical vegetation structure in forested areas
Christoph Aubrecht, Bernhard Höfle, Markus Hollaus, Mario Köstl, Klaus Steinnocher, Wolfgang Wagner
Page(s) 35-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 2829 KB)

Observing stress of artificial night lighting on marine ecosystems - A remote sensing application study
Christoph Aubrecht, Chris Elvidge, Daniel Ziskin, Pedro Rodrigues, Artur Gil
Page(s) 41-46
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Classification of clouds with object oriented technique
Hamid Azari, A.A. Matkan, Alireza Shakiba, H. Pourali
Page(s) 47-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 611 KB)

PLEIADES-HR imaging system: ground processing and products performances, few months before launch
Simon Baillarin, Chantal Panem, Laurent Lebegue, François Bignalet-Cazalet
Page(s) 51-55
Conference Paper (PDF, 399 KB)

Small Scale Roughness Effects on Thermal IR Spectra
Lee Balick, Iryna Danilina, Alan Gillespie, John Jolin, A. Mushkin
Page(s) 56-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 628 KB)

Mapping wetland environments in the Brazilian savannah from high resolution Ikonos image data
Ivan Barbosa
Page(s) 62-67
Conference Paper (PDF, 416 KB)

Land use classification with high resolution satellite radar for estimating the impacts of land use change on the quality of ecosystem services
Damian Bargiel, Sylvia Herrmann, Uwe Sörgel, P. Lohmann
Page(s) 68-73
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

The Multi-sensor Land Classification System LCS: Automatic multitemporal land use classification system for multi-resolution data
Alan Beccati, Marco Folegani, Sergio D’Elia, Roberto Fabrizi, Stefano Natali, Luca Vittuari
Page(s) 74-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Validation of the reflectance calibration of the ADS40 airborne sensor using ground reflectance measurements
Ulrich Beisl, Muzaffer Adiguezel
Page(s) 80-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 900 KB)

Accuracy of 3D face recognition frameworks
Vitantonio Bevilacqua, Mauro Caprioli, Marco Cortellino, Marco Giannini, Giuseppe Mastronardi, Vito Santarcangelo
Page(s) 86-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 1513 KB)

Evaluation of a laser Mobile Mapping System for monitoring sandy coasts
Maja Bitenc, Roderik Lindenbergh, Kourosh Khoshelham, Pieter van Waarden
Page(s) 92-97
Conference Paper (PDF, 836 KB)

Automatic Registration of Air-Borne and Space-Borne Images by Topology Map-Matching with SURF Processor Algorithm
Anna Brook, Eyal Ben-Dor
Page(s) 98-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 154 KB)

The advantages of boresight effects on the hyperspectral data analysis
Anna Brook, Eyal Ben-Dor
Page(s) 103-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 455 KB)

Comparing information derived from Global land cover datasets with Landsat imagery for the Huambo province and Guinea-Bissau
Ana Cabral, Maria Vasconcelos, Duarte Oom
Page(s) 107-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 1573 KB)

Application of KOMPSAT II imagery for carbon emmission inventory map
Eunmi Chang, JR Kim, I.H. Lee, Y.S. Choi, G.S. Kim
Page(s) 113-116
Conference Paper (PDF, 702 KB)

Collocation-aided adjustment of heterogeneous models for satellite images
Wen-Chi Chang, Liang-Chien Chen, Tee-Ann Teo
Page(s) 117-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

Change detection of building models from aerial images and LIDAR data
Liang-Chien Chen, Li-Jer Lin, Hong-Kuei Cheng, Shin-Hui Lee
Page(s) 121-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 608 KB)

A New Rigorous Sensor Model for Radar Imagery Based on Exterior Orientation Elements
Chunquan Cheng, Jixian Zhang, Kazhong Deng, Li Zhang
Page(s) 127-131
Conference Paper (PDF, 289 KB)

Passive microwave soil moisture evaluations by ground based measurements in Korea
Minha Choi, Hyun Woo Kim, Tae Woong Kim, Jae Hyun Ahn, Y-M. Hur
Page(s) 132-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 488 KB)

Disaster Monitoring and Management by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology
Tien-Yin Chou, Mei-Ling Yeh, Ying Chih Chen, Yen Hung Chen
Page(s) 137-142
Conference Paper (PDF, 645 KB)

Use spectral derivatives for estimating canopy water content
Jan Clevers
Page(s) 143-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

Multitemporal fuzzy Markov chain-based classification of very high resolution images of an urban site
Raul Q Feitosa, Tessio Novack, Luiz F G Rego
Page(s) 148-153
Conference Paper (PDF, 302 KB)

Persistent Scatterer Interferometry based on TerraSAR-X imagery: the Barcelona test area
Michele Crosetto, Oriol Monserrat, Maria Cuevas, Bruho Crippa
Page(s) 154-159
Conference Paper (PDF, 521 KB)

The Light Fantastic: Using airborne lidar, in archaeological survey
Simon Crutchley
Page(s) 160-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 1001 KB)

Hydrological Simulation of Mahanadi River Basin and Impact of land use / land cover change on surface runoff using a macro scale hydrological model
VK Dadhwal, SP Aggarwal, Nidhi Mishra
Page(s) 165-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 1955 KB)

Retrieval of Vegetation Biochemicals Using a Radiative Transfer Model and Hyperspectral data
Roshanak Darvishzadeh, Clement Atzberger, Andrew Skidmore, Martin Schlerf
Page(s) 171-175
Conference Paper (PDF, 166 KB)

Assessment of the impact of uncertainty on modelled soil surface roughness on SAR-retrieved soil moisture uncertainty
Eva De Keyser, Hans Lievens, Hilde Vernieuwe, J. Alvarez-Mozos, Bernard De Baets, Niko Verhoest
Page(s) 176-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 420 KB)

Sub-pixel precision image matching for displacement measurement of mass movement using normalised crosscorrelation
Misganu Debella-Gilo, Andreas Kääb
Page(s) 181-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 312 KB)

Wireless sensor networks for in-situ image validation for water and nutrient management
Rakhesh Devadas, Simon Jones, Glenn Fitzgerald, Ian McCauley, Eileen Perry, Brett Matthews, Michelle Watt, Jelle Ferwerda, Abbas Kouzani
Page(s) 187-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 572 KB)

Analysis of full-waveform ALS data by simultaniously acquired TLS data: Towards an advanced DTM generation in wooded areas
Michael Doneus, Christian Briese, Nikolaus Studnicka
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 704 KB)

Remote Sensing for Drought Assessment in Arid Regions (A Case Study of Central Part of Iran, "Shirkooh-Yazd")
Mohsen Ebrahimi, Ali Akbar Matkan, Roshanak Darvishzadeh
Page(s) 199-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 696 KB)

Quality Assessment Of Image fusion Techniques For Multisensor High Resolution Satellite Images (case study: IRS-P5 and IRS-P6 satellite images)
Mohammad Fallah Yakhdani, Ali Azizi
Page(s) 204-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 1025 KB)

Study on user requirements for remote sensing applications in forestry
Bernhard Felbermeier, Andreas Hahn, Tomi Schneider
Page(s) 210-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 78 KB)

Targeted Change Detection: A Novel Sensor-Independent Partially-Supervised Approach
Diego Fernàndez-Prieto, Mattia Marconcini
Page(s) 213-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

NDVI (MODIS sensor) response to interannual variability of rainfall and evapotranspiration in a soybean producing region, southern Brazil
Angelica Giarolla, Walter E. Baethgen, Pietro Ceccato
Page(s) 219-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 6621 KB)

The use of aerospace photographies and remote sensing data in cartography
Magsad Gojamanov
Page(s) 225-227
Conference Paper (PDF, 120 KB)

Monitoring of beaches and sand dunes using digital aerial photography with direct georeferencing
Jose Gonçalves, Luisa Bastos, B. Perez, A. Magalhaes
Page(s) 228-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

The use of similarity images on multi-sensor automatic image registration
Hernâni Gonçalves, José A. Gonçalves, Luís Corte-Real
Page(s) 233-238
Conference Paper (PDF, 1088 KB)

A method for robust extraction of control points on high-resolution satellite images
J. González, Vicente Arévalo, C. Galindo
Page(s) 239-242
Conference Paper (PDF, 891 KB)

Airborne Hyperspectral Image Georeferencing aided by High-Resolution Satellite Images
Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, Charles Toth, Jaehong Oh
Page(s) 243-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 463 KB)

Tree Species Detection using full waveform LIDAR data in a complex forest
Sandeep Gupta, Barbara Koch, Holger Weinacker
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

Super resolved remote sensing by fusion of multi spectral and spatial data
Eran Gur, Zeev Zalevsky, Bahram Javidi
Page(s) 255-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 240 KB)

Extracting olivine-rich portions of ultramafic rocks using ASTER TIR data
O. Bora Gürçay
Page(s) 259-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 2692 KB)

Active and passive microwave remote sensing of springtime near-surface soil thaw events at middle latitudes
Lijian Han, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Mitsuru Tsubo
Page(s) 265-269
Conference Paper (PDF, 712 KB)

Stereo radargrammetry in South-East Asia using TerraSAR-X stripmap data
Xueyan He, Timo Balz, Lu Zhang, Mingsheng Liao
Page(s) 270-274
Conference Paper (PDF, 748 KB)

Automatic Quality Control of Cropland and grasland GIS objects using IKONOS Satellite Imagery
Petra Helmholz, Franz Rottensteiner, Christian Heipke
Page(s) 275-280
Conference Paper (PDF, 795 KB)

Urban vegetation detection using high density full-waveform airborne LiDAR data - Combination of object-based image and point cloud analysis
Bernhard Höfle, Markus Hollaus
Page(s) 281-286
Conference Paper (PDF, 4440 KB)

Terrain roughness parameters from full-waveform airborne LIDAR data
Markus Hollaus, Bernhard Höfle
Page(s) 287-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 5769 KB)

Recognition of winding displacements for steel coils via laser light section technique
Patrick Hölzl, Daniel C. H. Schleicher, Bernhard G. Zagar
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 912 KB)

An invented approach in image registration "new era in photogrammetry"
Amir Saeed Homainejad
Page(s) 299-303
Conference Paper (PDF, 270 KB)

Farmland parcels extraction based on high resolution remote sensing images
Tangao Hu, Wenquan Zhu, Jinshui Zhang
Page(s) 304-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 191 KB)

Detection of forest management operations using bi-temporal aerial photographs
Pekka Hyvönen, Jaakko Heinonen, Arto Haara
Page(s) 309-313
Conference Paper (PDF, 336 KB)

Fusion of Pan and Multispectral Images based on Contourlet Transform
Yonghong Jia, Moyan Xiao
Page(s) 314-316
Conference Paper (PDF, 1418 KB)

The sensitivity of multifrequency (X, C and L-band) radar backscatter signatures to biological variables over corn and soybean fields
Xianfeng Jiao, Heather McNairn, Jiali Shang, Elizabeth Pattey
Page(s) 317-321
Conference Paper (PDF, 200 KB)

A DBMS-based 3D Topology Model for Laser Radar Simulation
Chulmin Jun, G. Kim
Page(s) 322-326
Conference Paper (PDF, 731 KB)

Data driven alignment of 3D building models and digital aerial images
Jaewook Jung, Costas Armenakis, Gunho Sohn
Page(s) 327-332
Conference Paper (PDF, 1061 KB)

TerraSAR-X Stereo Digital elevation models for complex terrain conditions in alpine regions and its suitability for orthorectification purposes of optical and SAR imagery
Nadine Kiefl, Wolfgang Koppe, Simon D. Hennig
Page(s) 333-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 2364 KB)

Application of multi-spectral remotely sensed imagery in agriculture
Svitlana Kokhan
Page(s) 337-341
Conference Paper (PDF, 1383 KB)

Variation and anisotropy of Reflectance of forrest trees in radiometrically calibrated images of an airborne line sensor images – implications to species classification
Ilkka Korpela, Felix Rohrbach
Page(s) 342-347
Conference Paper (PDF, 879 KB)

High Resolution Imagery Retrieval on the Basis of Sketch-Modelling
Nelley M. Kovalevskaya, K.A. Boenko
Page(s) 348-353
Conference Paper (PDF, 822 KB)

Geoland2 - Towards an operational GMES Land Monitoring Core Service; First Results of the Biogeophysical Parameter Core Mapping Service
Roselyne Lacaze, Gianpaolo Balsamo, Frédéric Baret, Bradley Andrew, Jean-Christophe Calvet, Fernando Camacho, Raphaël D’Andrimont, Pacholczyk Philippe, Bruno Smets, Hervé Poilvé, Kevin Tansey, Isabel Trigo, Wolfgang Wagner, Sandra Freitas, Hassan Makhmara, Vahid Naeimi, Weiss Marie
Page(s) 354-359
Conference Paper (PDF, 966 KB)

Radiometric calibration of Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data based on natural surfaces
Hubert Lehner, Christian Briese
Page(s) 360-365
Conference Paper (PDF, 3572 KB)

Urban impervious surface extraction from very high resolution imagery by One-Class Support Vector Machine
Peijun Li, Haiqing Xu, Shukun Li
Page(s) 366-370
Conference Paper (PDF, 2242 KB)

Building model reconstruction with LiDAR data and topographic map by registration of building outlines
Bo-Cheng Lin, Rey-Jer You, Man-Chia Hsu
Page(s) 371-375
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

Advances on Repeated Space-borne SAR Interferometry and its application to ground deformation monitoring - a review
Zhenguo Liu
Page(s) 376-382
Conference Paper (PDF, 128 KB)

Multiresolution image fusion: Phase congruency for spatial consistency assessment
Aliaksei Makarau, Gintautas Palubinskas, Peter Reinartz
Page(s) 383-388
Conference Paper (PDF, 304 KB)

Detecting Human-induced Scene Changes Using Coherent Change Detection in SAR Images
Nada Milisavljevic, Damien Closson, Isabelle Bloch
Page(s) 389-394
Conference Paper (PDF, 1219 KB)

Self calibration of small and medium format digital cameras
Donald Moe, Aparajithan Sampath, Jon Christopherson, Mike Benson
Page(s) 395-400
Conference Paper (PDF, 533 KB)

The aerial photos to detect changes in the landscape affected by black coal deep mining
Monika Mulkova, Renata Popelkova
Page(s) 401-406
Conference Paper (PDF, 847 KB)

Efficiency of texture measurement from two optical sensors for improved biomass estimation
Janet Nichol, Muhammad Latifur Rahman Sarker
Page(s) 407-411
Conference Paper (PDF, 578 KB)

Land cover classification in Albania
Pal Nikolli
Page(s) 412-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

Land Cover Remote Sensing Imagery Web Retrieval in Chinese Second Round of National Land Use Inventory Program
Xiaogang Ning, Yonghong Zhang
Page(s) 417-419
Conference Paper (PDF, 133 KB)

Production of true orthophotos in practice and various application possibilities
Herman Novak, Martin Ulz, Ludwig Dorfstetter, Jens Schickor
Page(s) 420-423
Conference Paper (PDF, 1075 KB)

Spatio-Temporal Characterization of Aerosols through Active Use of Data from Multiple Sensors
Zoran Obradovic, Debashish Das, Vladan Radosavljevic, Kosta Ristovski, Slobodan Vucetic
Page(s) 424-429
Conference Paper (PDF, 355 KB)

An assessment of the efficiency of LANDSAT, NIGERIASAT-1 and SPOT images for landuse/landcover analyses in Ekiti west area of Nigeria
Adebayo Gbenga Ojo, Francis Abiodun Adesina
Page(s) 430-435
Conference Paper (PDF, 328 KB)

Studying Bio-Environmental Potentials of Kusalan Area, Based on IUCN criterions, using RS and GIS technologies
DJafar Oladi, Nabi Ahsani
Page(s) 436-440
Conference Paper (PDF, 977 KB)

PROVIDING processing lines and test data for the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service
Philippe Pacholczyk, Roselyne Lacaze, Hassan Makhmara
Page(s) 441-446
Conference Paper (PDF, 1639 KB)

A comparison of total shortwave surface albedo retrievals from MODIS and TM data
Marlon Pape, Michael Vohland
Page(s) 447-451
Conference Paper (PDF, 268 KB)

The capabilities of TerraSAR-X imagery for retrieval of forest parameters
Roland Perko, Hannes Raggam, Karlheinz Gutjahr, Mathias Schardt
Page(s) 452-456
Conference Paper (PDF, 2078 KB)

Road extraction from ALOS images using mathematical morphology
Jorge Antonio Silva Centeno
Page(s) 457-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 501 KB)

Inferring fluctuations of the aquifer by monitoring the area of small lakes in a brazilian savanna region using a temporal sequence of 50 landsat images
Carlos Henrique Pires-Luiz, Philippe Maillard
Page(s) 463-468
Conference Paper (PDF, 757 KB)

Real-Time Image Processing for Road Traffic Data Extraction from Aerial Images
Dominik Rosenbaum, Jens Leitloff, Franz Kurz, Oliver Meynberg, Tanja Reize
Page(s) 469-474
Conference Paper (PDF, 955 KB)

Change detection of building footprints from airborne laser scanning acquired in short time intervals
Martin Rutzinger, Benno Rüf, Michael Vetter, Bernhard Höfle
Page(s) 475-480
Conference Paper (PDF, 1158 KB)

Land Cover and Land Use classification assessment for a creation of a National Mapping Agency framework
Carolina Sanchez Hernandez, Glen Hart
Page(s) 481-485
Conference Paper (PDF, 252 KB)

Object-oriented methods for landslides detection using high resolution imagery, morphometric properties and meteorological data
Ionut Sandric, Bogdan Mihai, Zenaida Chitu, Andreea Gutu, Ionut Savulescu
Page(s) 486-491
Conference Paper (PDF, 3742 KB)

Assessment of very high resolution satellite data fusion techniques for landslide recognition
Leonardo Santurri, Roberto Carlà, Federica Fiorucci, Bruno Aiazzi, Stefano Baronti, Alessandro Mondini, Mauro Cardinali
Page(s) 492-497
Conference Paper (PDF, 138 KB)

Simulation assisted high-resolution PS-InSAR analysis
Alexander Schunert, Timo Balz, Kang Liu, Mingsheng Liao, Uwe Sörgel, Jan Dirk Wegner
Page(s) 498-503
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Topographic estimation by TERRASAR-X
Umut Gunes Sefercik, Uwe Sörgel
Page(s) 504-510
Conference Paper (PDF, 1057 KB)

Characterisation of long-term Vegetation Dynamics for a semi-arid wetland using NDVI time series from NOAAAVHRR
Ralf Seiler
Page(s) 511-516
Conference Paper (PDF, 782 KB)

Semi-automatic assessment of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in modern digital aerial photographs
Rudolf Seitz, Armin Troycke, Peter Rebhan, Bernd Grubert
Page(s) 517-522
Conference Paper (PDF, 2144 KB)

Using remote sensing products for environmental analysis in South America
Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, G. Pereira, G.B.S. Silva, F.B. Silva, F.S. Cardozo, E.C. Moraes
Page(s) 523-529
Conference Paper (PDF, 3762 KB)

Detection of highways in high resolution images using Mathematical Morphology techniques
Erivaldo Silva
Page(s) 530-534
Conference Paper (PDF, 332 KB)

Canasat project: monitoring of the sugarcane cultivation area in south central Brazil
Wagner Fernando da Silva, Daniel Alves de Aguiar, Bernardo Friedrich Theodor Rudorff, Luciana Miura Sugawara
Page(s) 535-540
Conference Paper (PDF, 713 KB)

Enhancing urban digital elevation models using automated computer vision techniques
Beril Sirmacek, Pablo d’Angelo, Thomas Krauss, Peter Reinartz
Page(s) 541-546
Conference Paper (PDF, 1012 KB)

An adaboost-based iterated MRF model with linear target prior for synthetic aperture radar image classification
Xin Su, Chu He, Xinping Deng, Wen Yang, Hong Sun
Page(s) 547-551
Conference Paper (PDF, 1391 KB)

Deriving water fraction and flood map with the EOS/MODIS data using regression tree approach
Donglian Lillian Sun, Yunyue Yu
Page(s) 552-556
Conference Paper (PDF, 902 KB)

Envirnomental impact assessment using Neural Network Model: A case study of the Jahani ,konarsiah and Kohe Gach salt plugs, SE Shiraz, Iran
Mohammad Hasan Tayebi, Majid Hashemi Tangestani, Hasan Roosta
Page(s) 557-562
Conference Paper (PDF, 1743 KB)

Hyperspectral evaluation of the pear trees on the basis of the genetic collection of the different species
Janos Tamas, Zoltán Szabó
Page(s) 563-567
Conference Paper (PDF, 1119 KB)

Analysis of RapidEye imagery for annual landcover mapping as an aid to European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy
Brooke Tapsall, Pavel Milenov, Kadim Tasdemir
Page(s) 568-573
Conference Paper (PDF, 1235 KB)

Identification of beach features/patterns through artificial neural networks techniques using IKONOS data
Ana Teodoro, Hernâni Gonçalves, Joaquim Pais-Barbosa, Fernando Veloso-Gomes, Francisco Taveira-Pinto
Page(s) 574-579
Conference Paper (PDF, 768 KB)

Remotely sensed data and GIS in land resources management for regional planning over semi-arid parts of NE Brazil
Harendra S. Teotia, Klaus A. Ulbricht, Guttemberg da Silva Silvino
Page(s) 580-585
Conference Paper (PDF, 2178 KB)

Automatic 3D Change Detection based on optical satellite stereo imagery
Jiaojiao Tian, Houda Chaabouni-Chouayakh, Peter Reinartz, Thomas Krauß, Pablo d’Angelo
Page(s) 586-591
Conference Paper (PDF, 1012 KB)

Prospective Space Missions with L-Band Microwave Radiometric Systems
Yuriy Tishchenko, Victor Savorskiy, Mikhail Smirnov, Vladimir Ablyazov, Alexander Khaldin
Page(s) 592-595
Conference Paper (PDF, 222 KB)

Validation of a semi-automatic classification approach for urban green structure
Øivind Due Trier, Einar Lieng
Page(s) 596-601
Conference Paper (PDF, 346 KB)

Comparison of grid-based and segment-based estimation of forest attributes using airborne laser scanning and digital aerial imagery
Sakari Tuominen, Reija Haapanen
Page(s) 602-605
Conference Paper (PDF, 133 KB)

ALTM ORION: Bridging conventional LIDAR and full waveform digitizer technology
Valerie Ussyshkin, Livia Theriault
Page(s) 606-611
Conference Paper (PDF, 872 KB)

Surface temperature estimation using artificial neural network
Maurício Roberto Veronez, G. Wittmann, A. O. Reinhardt, R.M. Da Silva
Page(s) 612-617
Conference Paper (PDF, 428 KB)

Analysing the facial morphology with a three-dimensional geometrical features approach
Enrico Vezzetti, Flaviana Calignano, Sandro Moos
Page(s) 618-621
Conference Paper (PDF, 184 KB)

Quantitative Prognosis of Oil and Natural Gas Fields
Anatoliy Vostokov, Vadim Lyalko, Arthur Hodorovsky, Aleksander Apostolov
Page(s) 622-627
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

DEM generation from airborne LiDAR data by an adaptive dual-directional slope filter
Cheng-Kai Wang, Yi-Hsing Tseng
Page(s) 628-632
Conference Paper (PDF, 565 KB)

Semiautomatic classification of tree species by means of multi-temporal airborne digital sensor data ADS40
Lars Waser, Christian Ginzler, Meinrad Küchler, Emmanuel Baltsavias
Page(s) 633-638
Conference Paper (PDF, 429 KB)

Fusion of ALS Point Cloud Data with High Precision Surveying Data
Aloysius Wehr, Hamid Duzelovic, Christian Punz
Page(s) 639-643
Conference Paper (PDF, 2601 KB)

Change analysis with TerraSAR-X data
Diana Weihing, Felicitas von Poncét, Oliver Lang, Michael Schlund
Page(s) 644-647
Conference Paper (PDF, 1370 KB)

An overview of two decades of systematic evaluations of canopy radiative transfer models
Jean-Luc Widlowski
Page(s) 648-653
Conference Paper (PDF, 170 KB)

Tropical Biodiversity Mapping from Hyperion Image in Bogor Indonesia
Antonius Wijanarto, Fahmi Amhar
Page(s) 654-657
Conference Paper (PDF, 707 KB)

A New Strategy for DSM Generation from High Resolution Stereo Satellite Images Based on Control Network Interest Matching
Zhen Xiong, Yun Zhang
Page(s) 658-663
Conference Paper (PDF, 911 KB)

SAR stereo-mapping based on DEM
Shucheng Yang, Guoman Huang, Zheng Zhao
Page(s) 664-668
Conference Paper (PDF, 738 KB)

Weakly Supervised Polarimetric SAR Image Classification with Multi-modal Markov Aspect Model
Wen Yang, Dengxin Dai, Jun Wu, Chu He
Page(s) 669-673
Conference Paper (PDF, 1611 KB)

Lunar Geomorphy 3D Visualization Method
Zhou Yang, Xu Qing, Zhang BaoMing, Li JianSheng, Lan ChaoZhen
Page(s) 674-679
Conference Paper (PDF, 2706 KB)

Pixel level fusion methods for remote sensing images: A current review
Jinghui Yang, Jixian Zhang, Haitao Li, Yushan Sun, Pengxian Pu
Page(s) 680-686
Conference Paper (PDF, 156 KB)

Identification of historical land use by the help of aerial photography
Vaclav Zdimal
Page(s) 687-689
Conference Paper (PDF, 755 KB)

Development of a supervised software tool for automated determination of optimal segmentation parameters for eCognition
Yun Zhang, Travis Maxwell, Hengjian Tong, Vivek Dey
Page(s) 690-696
Conference Paper (PDF, 1334 KB)

Research on Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images by using 2D-Fisher Criterion Function Method
Baoming Zhang, Ke Chen, Yang Zhou, Mingxia Xie, Hongwei Zhang
Page(s) 697-702
Conference Paper (PDF, 440 KB)

Evaluation of time series of MODIS data for transitional land mapping in support of bioenergy policy development
Fuqun Zhou, Aining Zhang, Huili Wang, Gang Hong
Page(s) 703-707
Conference Paper (PDF, 933 KB)




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