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April 07, 2020 
ISPRS Archives
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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXI Part B5, 1996

XVIIIth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission V: Close Range Techniques and Machine Vision
July 9-19, 1996, Vienna, Austria
Editor(s): Karl Kraus, Peter Waldhäusl


Table of Contents

Die photogrammetrische Ergänzung der Karte der Ruine von Hattusas, der Hauptstadt des Hethiter Reiches
Altan, Orhan (TURKEY)
Page(s) 1-4
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1675 KB)

Uniformity and Proximity Applied to the Generalisation of Target Fields in Close Range Photogrammetry
Anderson, L.C. (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 5-10
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1271 KB)

Via Georgofili, May 27 1993: A Testimony
Arrighi, Antonio (ITALY)
Page(s) 11-15
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1897 KB)

3D Detailed Reconstruction of a Demolished Building by Using Old Photographs
Badekas, John (GREECE)
Page(s) 16-21
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 3032 KB)

Analytical Photogrammetry for the Survey of the Golden Altar of S. Ambrose's Basilica In Milan
Baj, Elena (ITALY)
Page(s) 22-27
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1629 KB)

PAROS: un système d'information pour le système architectural
Baratin, Laura (ITALY)
Page(s) 28-32
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 904 KB)

Photogrammetric Measurement of Deformations of the Gabcikovo Lock Gate
Page(s) 33-37
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1312 KB)

Analysis of Residuals from L1 Norm Estimation
Bethel, James (UNITED STATES)
Page(s) 38-43
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 901 KB)

Valve Measurement Using Photogrammetric Feature Modeling
Bethel, James (UNITED STATES)
Page(s) 44-47
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 815 KB)

Methods of Surveying in Archaeology demonstrated at the Tang Emperors' Mausoleums
Böhler, Wolfgang (GERMANY)
Page(s) 48-54
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1924 KB)

The Optical Tube Measurement System OLM Photogrammetric Methods used for Industrial Automation and Process Control
Bösemann, Werner (GERMANY)
Page(s) 55-58
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 789 KB)

Object Recognition Using Multi-Sensor Fusion and Active Exploration
Brenner, Claus (GERMANY)
Page(s) 59-64
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1659 KB)

Long Time Photogrammetric Measurement of Rockfill Dam
Cernansky, Jozef (SLOVAK REPUBLlC)
Page(s) 65-69
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 772 KB)

An Evaluation Of Three Different Image Capture Methods Suitable For Measurement And Analysis Of Deformation Within A Geotechnical Centrifuge
Page(s) 70-75
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1485 KB)

The New System Of Surface Measurement
Chida, Masumori (JAPAN)
Page(s) 76-81
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1885 KB)

A Study on Real-Time Photogrammetry for Archaeolgical Site Using Wireless CCD Camera
Chikatsu, Hirofumi (JAPAN)
Page(s) 82-87
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1249 KB)

Dynamic Analysis of Human Motion Using Sequential Images of Video Theodolite
Chikatsu, Hirofumi (JAPAN)
Page(s) 88-94
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1304 KB)

Real-time Ortho Projection and Drawing for Archeological Artifacts of Complicated Form
Chikatsu, Hirofumi (JAPAN)
Page(s) 95-100
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2793 KB)

Stereo Light Microscope Calibration for 3D Submicron Vision
Danuser, Gaudenz (SWITZERLAND)
Page(s) 101-108
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1876 KB)

Generation of a Panorama Mosaic for the Dome of a Planetarium
de Fazio, Piero (ITAL Y)
Page(s) 109-113
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1004 KB)

Photogrammetry and Survey Procedures for the Analysis of Venetian Villas: the Case Study of Villa Zeno by Andrea Palladio
di Thiene, Clemente (IT AL Y)
Page(s) 114-118
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2182 KB)

Influence of Target Size on the Results of Photogrammetric Bundle Adjustment
Dold, Jürgen (SWITZERLAND)
Page(s) 119-123
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 559 KB)

Photogrammetrical Applications to Aerial Archaeology at the Institute for Prehistory of the University of Vienna, Austria
Doneus, Michael (AUSTRIA)
Page(s) 124-129
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 3521 KB)

Measurement in Hazardous Environment: Review of Several Applications
Dumont, Arnaud (FRANCE)
Page(s) 130-132
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 381 KB)

Implementation of Sequential Estimation for Single-Sensor Vision Meteorology
Edmundson, Kenneth (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 133-139
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1431 KB)

Two 3D Sensors for Environment Modeling and Virtual Reality: Calibration and Multi-View Registration
EI-Hakim, S.F. (CANADA)
Page(s) 140-146
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1739 KB)

A Comparison of the Performance of Digital and Conventional Non-Metric Cameras for Engineering Applications
Faig, Wolfgang (CANADA)
Page(s) 147-151
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 996 KB)

Vibration Monitoring with Video Cameras
Faig, Wolfgang (CANADA)
Page(s) 152-159
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1937 KB)

Developing of the Surface Modell of Human Gums
Fekete, Károly (HUNGARY)
Page(s) 160-166
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1420 KB)

PAROS: Le sens de la mesure. Photogrammetrie et modeles architecturaux: Le cas du forum antique de la ville d'Arles (France)
Florenzano, Michel (FRANCE)
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2590 KB)

Photorealistic Presentation Of The Palais Grand Ducal Based On Photogrammetric Recording
Freudenreich, Peggy (GERMANY)
Page(s) 173-177
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1589 KB)

Single Station Self-Calibration Techniques
Fryer, John (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 178-181
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 818 KB)

A Comparison of the Utility and Efficiency of Digital Photogrammetry and Industrial Theodolite Systems
Ganci, Giuseppe (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 182-187
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1106 KB)

Photogrammetric Quantification of Changes of Soft-Tissue after Skeletal Treatment of the Facial Part of the Skull
Gäbel, Helga (GERMANY)
Page(s) 188-193
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1510 KB)

A 3D-Sensor for the Measurement of Particle Concentration from Image Sequences
Geissler, Peter (GERMANY)
Page(s) 194-199
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1272 KB)

Archaeological Photogrammetry with Small Format Cameras: The Survey of the Forum Vetus of Sarmizegetusa (Romania)
Grussenmeyer, Pierre (FRANCE)
Page(s) 200-204
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1002 KB)

Archeology and Photogrammetry: The Site of Laodikeia
Guerra, Francesco (ITALY)
Page(s) 205-208
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2102 KB)

Reconstruction Of The Deformation Surface Of CFER Panels
Guzzetti, Franeo (ITALY)
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1534 KB)

A General Approach for Object Oriented 3D-Mapping in Digital Close Range Restitution
Hanke, Klaus (AUSTRIA)
Page(s) 215-219
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1928 KB)

Object Reconstruction from Images of a Moving Camera
Heikkinen, Jussi (FINLAND)
Page(s) 220-224
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1189 KB)

Digital Microphotogrammetry with the Scanning Electron Microscope
Hemmleb, Matthias (GERMANY)
Page(s) 225-230
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1577 KB)

A Novel System for the Combined Measurement of Wave- and Flow-Fields Beneath Wind Induced Water Waves
Hering, Frank (GERMANY)
Page(s) 231-236
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1503 KB)

Object-Oriented Data-Integration between Digital Architectural Photogrammetry and CAAD
Hirschberg, Urs (SWITZERLAND)
Page(s) 237-242
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2233 KB)

Real Time Tracking a Dynamic Object
Homainejad, Amir Saeed (AUSTRALlA)
Page(s) 243-246
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 910 KB)

Digital Stereophotogrammetric Solutions for Orthodontics
Höflinger, Wolfram (AUSTRIA)
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1683 KB)

Object Recognition for a Flexible Manufacturing System
Huang, Yongru (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1291 KB)

Digital Stereoplotter for Historic Monuments Recording
Jachimski, Józef (POLAND)
Page(s) 259-263
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1386 KB)

Practical Integration of Vision Metrology and CAD in Shipbuilding
Johnson, George W. (UNITED STATES)
Page(s) 264-273
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 4889 KB)

Some Special Cases of Application of Close Range Photogrammetry
Joksic', Dusan (YUGOSLAVIA)
Page(s) 274-279
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2286 KB)

Measurement of Spinal Deformities Using Stereophotogrammetry
Jones, Kevin (AUSTRALlA)
Page(s) 280-283
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 642 KB)

Close Range Photogrammetry Using Geometric Primitives for Efficient CAD Modelling of Industrial Plant
Page(s) 284-289
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1525 KB)

Digital Monoplotting and Photo-Unwrapping of Developable Surfaces in Architectural Photogrammetry
Karras, George E. (GREECE)
Page(s) 290-294
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1647 KB)

Image Sequence Analysis
Klimesova, Dana (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Page(s) 295-298
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 675 KB)

Stereoscopie Computer Measurements of Multi-Time Images for Investigation of Mountain Glacier Movements
Knizhnikov, Yuri (RUSSIA)
Page(s) 299-303
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1275 KB)

Drawing Up of a Fireworks Viewing Area Map
Koizumi, Toshio (JAPAN)
Page(s) 304-308
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1251 KB)

Architectural Photogrammetry and Picture Processing for Acquisition and Documentation of a Brazilian Town Ensemble
Landes, Steffen (GERMANY)
Page(s) 309-312
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1264 KB)

Quantitative 3D-Microscopy for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer Cells
Leemann, Thomas (SWITZERLAND)
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1061 KB)

An Underwater Digital Photogrammetric System for Fishery Geomatics
Li, Rongxing (CANADA)
Page(s) 319-323
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 841 KB)

Results of the German Comparison Test for Digital Point Operators
Luhmann, Thomas (GERMANY)
Page(s) 324-329
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1417 KB)

Developments Towards Remote Metrology for Component Alignment Under Conditions of Restricted Access in Jet's Toroidal Vacuum Vessel
Macklin, Brian (UNITED KINGDOM)
Page(s) 330-335
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1538 KB)

"Flying" 3-D Sensors for Efficient Close-Range Measurement and Reverse Engineering
Malz, Reinhard W. (GERMANY)
Page(s) 336-346
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2724 KB)

Tower Castle of Garcia D'Avila -First Outcomes for the Restoration Procedures
Martins Gomes, Camillo José (BRAZIL)
Page(s) 347-352
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 870 KB)

Data Fusion of Three-Dimensional Measurement and CAD in Plant Construetion
Matsumoto, Atsuyuki (JAPAN)
Page(s) 353-356
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1164 KB)

Kombination von Photogrammetrie und Streifenprojektion zur Vermessung großer Objekte
Michaelis, Martin (GERMANY)
Page(s) 357-361
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1015 KB)

Issues in Medical Photogrammetry in the Digital Imaging Era
Mitchell, Harvey (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 362-367
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1194 KB)

Denture Mobility Measuring System of Complete Dentures using Four Infrared Video Cameras
Miyashita, Kengo (JAPAN)
Page(s) 368-373
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 865 KB)

Archaeological Real-time Photogrammetric System using Digital Still Camera
Miyatsuka, Yoshito (JAPAN)
Page(s) 374-377
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2057 KB)

Discussion on the Automatic Measurement of Traffic Flow by Video Camera Mounted on Balloon
Mori, Masaru (JAPAN)
Page(s) 378-383
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1117 KB)

Frame-based Analysis of Multisensor Image Sequences
Morzeev, Yury V. (RUSSIA)
Page(s) 384-389
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1663 KB)

Closed Form Space Resection Using Photo Scale Variation
Munjy, Riadh (UNITED STATES)
Page(s) 390-394
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 776 KB)

Measurement of Railway Surface Flaws with the CCD Line Sensor Camera System
Murakami, Osamu (JAPAN)
Page(s) 395-398
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 856 KB)

Accuracy Improvement in Computational Close Range Photogrammetry by the Use of Multi-Control Variable (MCV) Monte Carlo Method
Nagaraja, H.N. (ZIMBABWE)
Page(s) 399-404
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 687 KB)

Evaluation of a Low Cost Digital Photogrammetric System for Medical Applications
Page(s) 405-410
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1857 KB)

A Video-Rate Stereo Machine and its Application to Virtual Reality
Page(s) 411-415
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1328 KB)

A Reconstruction of the Ancient Thai City of Ayuthaya Using Modern Photogrammetric Techniques
Ogleby, Cliff (AUSTRALlA)
Page(s) 416-425
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2398 KB)

A Study on the Development of Semi-Metric Camera for Very Close-Range Photogrammetry
Page(s) 426-431
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 730 KB)

The Design and Simulation of Video Digitizing by Using Three-Dimensional CAD-Models
Oksanen, Katri (FINlAND)
Page(s) 432-437
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 865 KB)

Numerical Inventory of Architectural Objects
Orlinska, Jolanta Malgorzata (POLAND)
Page(s) 438-442
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 980 KB)

Stereophotogrammetric Mapping of the Anterior Surface of the Human Cornea
Osborn, Jon (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 443-450
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2457 KB)

CAD-Supported Determination of Sensor Attitude in Terrestrial Photogrammetric Applications
Patias, Petros (GREECE)
Page(s) 451-456
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1681 KB)

Contribution of Videogrammetry to the Architectural Restitution Results of the CIPA "Otto Wagner Pavillon" Test
Patias, Petros (GREECE)
Page(s) 457-462
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1109 KB)

The CIPA Initiative "Test Karlsplatz Vienna"
Patias, Petros (GREECE)
Page(s) 463-470
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1215 KB)

High Resolution Data Acquisition to Observe Moving Objects
Peipe, Jürgen (GERMANY)
Page(s) 471-474
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1278 KB)

CAD-Based Reverse Engineering with Digital Photogrammetry
Petran, Frank (GERMANY)
Page(s) 475-480
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1557 KB)

Configuration Optimization and Workspace Enlargement of CCD-Video-Cameras
Pollak, Hernd (GERMANY)
Page(s) 481-486
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1122 KB)

Implementation of Digital 3D-Models in Building Surveys Based on Multi Image Photogrammetry
Pomaska, Günter (GERMANY)
Page(s) 487-492
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1212 KB)

The Dynamic Digital Photogrammetric Measurement and Visualisation of a 21 m Wind Turbine Blade Undergoing Structural Analysis
Page(s) 493-498
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2120 KB)

Multi-Image Correlation for Digital Photogrammetric Measurement Systems
Rüther, Heinz (SOUTH AFRICA)
Page(s) 499-505
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1525 KB)

A Multi-View Trinocular System For Automatic 3D Object Modeling And Rendering
Sarti, Augusto (IT AlY)
Page(s) 506-511
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1282 KB)

CCD Multicameras Interactive Digital System for Close Range Photogrammetric Applications
Sawicki, Piotr (POLAND)
Page(s) 512-517
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1091 KB)

Target Detection and Epipolar Geometry for Image Orientation in Close-Range Photogrammetry
Scaioni, Marco (ITALY)
Page(s) 518-523
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1419 KB)

Improvement of Fishfarm Pen Design Using Computational Structural Modelling and Large-Scale Underwater Photogrammetry (CoSMoLUP)
Schewe, Heinrich (GERMANY)
Page(s) 524-529
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1398 KB)

DPA-WIN - A PC Based Digital Photogrammetric Station for Fast and Flexible On-Site Measurement
Schneider, Carl-Thomas (GERMANY)
Page(s) 530-533
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 758 KB)

Multiple Focus Calibration of a Still Video Camera
Shortis, Mark (AUSTRALlA)
Page(s) 534-539
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1026 KB)

Laser Dot-Matrix Based Digital System for Monitoring Textureless Roof Strata of Mines
Singh, Rajendra (UNITED KINGDOM)
Page(s) 540-545
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1832 KB)

The Construction of an Ancient Bas-Relief Replica Using Photogrammetric Methods and CNC Techniques
Stambouloglou, Efthimios (GREECE)
Page(s) 546-547
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 551 KB)

Utilization of CAD Models for the Object Oriented Measurement of Industrial and Architectural Objects
Streilein, André (SWITZERLAND)
Page(s) 548-553
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1522 KB)

Advanced Study Of Non-Prism Laser-Ranger And It's Imaging (low-Cost 3D Imaging And Range Imaging Using Non-Prism Laser-Ranger)
Takahashi, Yoshiaki (JAPAN)
Page(s) 554-557
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 452 KB)

A Study And Development For Stereo Fundus Camera System Using Stereo Matching Technique
Tsuru, Kosuke (JAPAN)
Page(s) 558-565
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2180 KB)

Spectral Analysis of a Human Walking Sequence Using Medical Stereo Images
Tsuruoka, Masako (JAPAN)
Page(s) 566-571
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1002 KB)

Sur l'Utilisation des Contraintes a l'Ajustement Simultane des Observations Photorammetriques et Geodesiques dans la Photogrammetrie a Courte Distance
Turdeanu, Lucian (ROMANIA)
Page(s) 572-575
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 510 KB)

The Use of Multiple Surviews of a Computed Tomography Scanner to Determine the 3D Coordinates of External Cranial Markers
Van Geems, Barbara (SOUTH AFRICA)
Page(s) 576-580
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 990 KB)

Automatic DEM Generation Using Digital System InduSURF: An Application to the Artworks of Milano Cathedral Finalized to Realize Physical Marble Copies
Vassena, Giorgio (ITALY)
Page(s) 581-586
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2173 KB)

An Algorithmic Method for Real-Time 3-D Measurement
Page(s) 587-592
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1174 KB)

Recovering 3-D Object Geometry Using a Generic Constraint Description
Weik, Sebastian (GERMANY)
Page(s) 593-598
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1693 KB)

Ist die Photogrammetrie reif für das Museum?
Weisensee, Manfred (GERMANY)
Page(s) 599-604
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 3397 KB)

Digital Orthoimages in Architectural Photogrammetry Using Digital Surface Models
Wiedemann, Albert (GERMANY)
Page(s) 605-609
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1268 KB)

Cultural Assets Preservation Using Digital Photogrammetry Methods
Yeu, Bock-Mo (KOREA SOUTH)
Page(s) 610-616
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 850 KB)