ISPRS I²AC - International Industrial Advisory Committee

I²AC Organization and Terms of Reference

Approved by the I²AC inaugural meeting on 13-Jul-2016

Creation of the I²AC
The I²AC has been established to support the ISPRS Council in its dealings with the Geospatial industry, with the aim of making the ISPRS more relevant to industry.

Recognizing that the ISPRS is a learned society of academics, and also is strong in governmental mapping agencies, it needs to improve its interactions with the rapidly changing and evolving Geospatial industry as the driver of all global geospatial activities and innovations.

The I²AC’s creation was by decisions of the ISPRS General Assembly at the 23rd international congress of the ISPRS [Prague, 2016]. It was installed with a membership of 19 businesses, each nominating a person to take one of the seats. Additionally, 1 seat was held for the Chairperson of The ISPRS Foundation TIF.

Membership in the I²AC
The membership of the I²AC is self-perpetuating. Should a person no longer represent a business, then this business will nominate a replacement. Should a business no longer want to hold a seat, then the I²AC will invite a replacement business. Continued inactivity of a seat holder may lead to a dialogue between the Chairperson and the business-representative to refresh the business-agent, or to vacate that seat.

Chair of the I²AC
It is the membership of the I²AC that votes with a simple majority on its chairperson. Every member can propose a chairperson. Voting will be organized by the outgoing Chairperson in two steps. Each candidate will collect votes in the first round. Then the two persons with the most votes will go through a run-off. The position will be held for 4 years or until the ISPRS Congress following the election, whatever is first. Renewal of the Chairpersonship will be during the [currently quadrennial] ISPRS Congress.

Decision Making
Decisions by the committee will be taken upon a debate within the ranks of the committee, under the guidance of the Chairperson. If appropriate, decisions will get voted on with a simple majority. Each seat votes, each vote holds the same weight. Voting can be via physical presence at a meeting, or by electronic participation.

ISPRS Council and the I²AC
The I²AC interacts with the ISPRS-Council via its Secretary General.

Purpose | Terms of Reference
The I²AC may address any topic it deems of interest, and bring its views to the attention of the point of contact on the ISPRS council.  This may be as general as identifying and addressing important industry trends which impact the scope of the ISPRS Commissions and activities by ISPRS Working Groups. It may very specifically address the site choices of upcoming ISPRS-events.

Broadly, activities of theI²AC are to

  • Improve the benefits of its industrial sustaining membership program – simply provide industry with a better voice in ISPRS and thereby widen the base of ISPRS industrial sustaining members;
  • Advise Council in matters regarding the cooperation of industrial sustaining members with the society;
  • Enable an improved response to the incredible dynamics of the Geospatial industry;
  • Define requirements which should be fulfilled by ISPRS for companies of different sizes to participate in the exhibition of ISPRS events, and in particular in the [currently quadrennial] Congress exhibition;
  • Coordinate ideas and policies with other ISPRS committees [].

Budget | Costs
There will not be any costs associated with the activities of the I²AC. There is no budget for its activities.

Corporate Sustaining ISPRS Membership Program


   I²AC Member  Company  Country
1 Rosengarten, Hartmut (Chair I²AC) Leica Germany
2 Vozikis, George Airbus DS Geo GmbH Germany
3 Li, Ke Beijing Geoway PR China
4 Flem, Lennart Blom Norway
5 Navalur, Kumar Digital Globe USA
6 Jordan, Lawrie ESRI USA
7 Haasnoot, Huug Fugro The Netherlands
8 Parsons, Ed Google USA
9 Percivall, George OGC USA
10 Sasagawa, Tadashi Pasco Japan
11 Cooper, Steve PhaseOne Denmark
12 Strecha, Christoph Pix4d Switzerland
13 Adrov, Victor Racurs Russia
14 Sevcik, Christian Riegl Austria
15 Sitar, Michael Teledyne Canada
16 Stewart Walker TIF | The ISPRS Foundation International
17 Beckett, Keith Urthecast Canada
18 Raizman, Yuri VisionMap Israel
19 Kumar, Sanjay Geospatial Media and Communications India
20 Leberl, Franz Organizer | Support N/A


I²AC Inaugural Meeting, 13-July-2016



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