Presentations of the Earth Observation Forum
XXIInd ISPRS Congress:
25 August - 1 September 2012, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

‘Working together to achieve the best use of Earth Observation data’

Melbourne, Aug 28, 2012


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ISRSE

Organised by ISPRS, ICRSE, IAA

There are a number of fora now for bringing together different sectors of the space industry, these include GEO, CEOS, GGIM and meetings organised by different Societies and companies. ISPRS has a particular interest in bringing together space agencies and commercial satellite operators, together with non commercial users, such as environment agencies and academic researchers to discuss issues such as funding environmental missions, providing socio economic benefits and legal constraints. A one day Earth Observation Forum will be held during the ISPRS Congress in Melbourne in August 2012 to commemorate the symposia on 50th anniversary of the International Symposia on Remote Sensing of Environment.


  • Review the current status of international coordination of Earth Observation
  • Explore constraints on collaboration
  • Discuss legal issues concerning space law and EO satellite data
  • Formulate a list of requirements for future collaboration


Session 1: The role of international and national agencies

Earth Science & Applications
Lawrence Friedl, NASA, USA NASA
Presentation File
China's Earth Observing Satellites for Digital Earth
Guo Huadong, CEODE, China
Presentation File
Earth Observation Data Continuity and Dependencies in Australia’s R&D Sector
Alex Held, CSIRO, Australia
Presentation File
JAXA's Earth Observation Programme
Toru Fukuda, JAXA, Japan
Presentation File
The ESA Approach to Sustainable Earth Observation
Stephen Ward, ESA
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Session 2: The Business Perspective

The CEOS Role in EO Data Supply
Stephen Ward, CEOS
Presentation File
Commercial EO Industry: A Media Perspective on the Way Forward
Bhanu Rheka, Geospatial Media, India
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The DMC International Collaboration and Serving Public Entities with Commercial Data
Gary Holmes, DMC International Imaging, United Kingdom
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Collaborative Thoughts in a Competitive World
John Ahlrichs, RapidEye AG, Germany
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Session 3: Non Commercial and Legal Issues

A Steppingstone for Global Space Cooperation
Rainer Sandau, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), German Aerospace Center, Germany
Presentation File
Advances in the Use of Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Technologies in Nuclear Non proliferation and Arms Control Verification Regimes
Irmgard Niemeyer, Nuclear Waste Management and Reactor Safety, Germany
Presentation File
Australian Government use of Commercial EO Capabilities
Adam Lewis, Geoscience Australia, Australia
Presentation File
Earth Observation for Science and Public Use: Rules, Experiences and Plans
Gunter Schreier, German Remote Sensing Data Centre, Germany
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EO Forum Report
Ian Dowman, University College London, United Kingdom
Bhanu Rekha, Geospatial Media and Communications India



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