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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXVII Part B7, 1988

XVIth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission VII: Interpretation of Photographic and Remote Sensing Data
Supplements from Part B8-B11 are included
July 1-10, 1988, Kyoto, Japan
Editor(s): Shunji Murai


Table of Contents

Observation of the Bo-hai, China by NOAA/AVHRR and MOS1/MESSR
Abe, K., Ogata, S.
Page(s) 1-10
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2404 KB)

Crop Growth Diagnosis from Low Altitude Platform-Sensor Systems
Akiyama, T., Shibayama, M., Yamagata, Y.
Page(s) 11-20
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 877 KB)

Tourist Aerial Photointerpretation
Albota, M.
Page(s) 21-26
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1372 KB)

On Soil Moisture Mapping Using IR-Thermography
Axelsson, S.R.J.
Page(s) 27-38
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 811 KB)

On the Estimation of Energy Losses from Municipal Heating Networks by Using IR-Thermography
Axelsson, S.R.J.
Page(s) 39-48
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 787 KB)

Zur Kennzeichnung Agrotechnischer Geosysteme mit Hilfe Spektraler Signaturen
Barsch, H., Weichelt, H., Söllner, R., Marek, K.-H.
Page(s) 49-58
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 962 KB)

Sampled LANDSAT Data for Crop Area Estimations
Chen, S.C.
Page(s) 59-63
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 327 KB)

Effect of Spatial Transformations on the Accuracy of Supervised Classification
Cheng, C.
Page(s) 64-76
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1423 KB)

Comparison among Selected Landsat-5 TM Data for Forest Surveys
Chiao, K., Chow, C.
Page(s) 77-89
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 913 KB)

Mapping the Heterogeneity of Agricultural Fields by Means of Aerial Photography
Clevers, J.G.P.W., Heijden, G.W.A.M., Swan, D.L.C.B.
Page(s) 90-97
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1246 KB)

The Application of the Weighted Near-Infrared - Red Vegetation Index for Estimating LAI at the Vegetative and Generative Stage of Cereals
Clevers, J.G.P.W.
Page(s) 98-107
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 921 KB)

Mathematical Modelling to Estimate the Contribution to the Radiance due to Scattering from Turbid Water : Case Study - Landsat MSS Data over the Tay Estuary
Cracknell, A.P., Ibrahim, M.
Page(s) 108-117
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 787 KB)

Sunglint in AVHRR Data and the Determination of Near Surface Windspeeds
Cracknell, A.P., Khattak, S., Vaughan, R.A.
Page(s) 118-124
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1114 KB)

Satellite Measurements of the Surface Currents and the River Shannon Outflow Plume Movements off the West Coast of Ireland
Cracknell, A.P., Huang, W.G.
Page(s) 125-131
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 790 KB)

Improvement of Geological Mapping in North-West Scotland
Cracknell, A. P., Saraf, A.K.
Page(s) 132-141
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1299 KB)

Region Extraction in SPOT Data
Egawa, H., Kusaka, T.
Page(s) 142-151
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1101 KB)

Multisensor Image Fusion Techniques in Remote Sensing
Ehlers, M.
Page(s) 152-162
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1563 KB)

Joint Automated Processing of Aerial Space and Cartographic Information about Forests
Elman, R.I., Bodanski, E.D.
Page(s) 163-167
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1038 KB)

Generation of Objective Urban Land Use Maps of the Johannesburg Area by Semisupervised Spectral and Special Choropleth Classifications of SPOT and Landsat TM Data
Erasmus, P.F., Fourie, C., Malan, O.G., Scheepers, L.G.C.
Page(s) 168-174
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 693 KB)

Age Estimation of Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata D. Don) with Landsat Images
Ernst, W.R.L.
Page(s) 175-179
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 198 KB)

Evaluations of Unsupervised Methods for Land-cover/use Classifications of Landsat TM Data
Fukue, K., Shimoda, H., Matsumae, Y., Yamaguchi, R., Sakata, T.
Page(s) 180-194
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1744 KB)

Monitoring Land Use Change in Rural Sri Lanka from Sequential Aerial Photography
Gangodawila, C.D.
Page(s) 195-204
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 912 KB)

Estimate of the Amount of Gravel Content in the Soil by Airborne MSS Data
Gomi, Y., Yamamoto, H., Sato, S., Ishiguro, S.
Page(s) 205-211
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 681 KB)

Geothermal Resources Map Aided by Remote Sensing Data
Hase, H., Miyazaki, Y.
Page(s) 212-221
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1264 KB)

Discussions on a Phenomenon That Forest Edges Do Not Accompany Radar Shadow in L-Band Airborne SAR Images
Hirosawa, H.
Page(s) 222-229
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 861 KB)

Applications of False-Coloring of Black and White Imagery by Optical Density Encoding Techniques
Hu, R., Yang , S.
Page(s) 230-237
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 820 KB)

Use of Airborne MSS and Landsat-TM Data for Monitoring and Forest Decline Inventory
Kadro, A.
Page(s) 238-251
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2475 KB)

A Comparison between the Variability Structure of the Remotely Sensed Sea-Surface Temperature and Pigment Distributions
Kahru, M.
Page(s) 252-260
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 869 KB)

Un Essai d'Inventaire de l'Occupation du Sol dans la Region d'Agrinio(Grece) a l'Aide d'Images SPOT
Karathanassi, V.G., Rokos, D.KL.
Page(s) 261-270
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1459 KB)

Basin Streamflow Estimation Using the Landsat Data and Its Application to Optimum Control of Dam Water Level
Kawata, Y., Ueno, S.
Page(s) 271-277
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 698 KB)

Detection and Mapping of the Disaster-Stricken Areas from LANDSAT Data
Kishi, S., Ohkura, H.
Page(s) 278-287
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1563 KB)

A Study on Information Analysis Aids for Sea Surface Temperature Image Data
Koshiishi, H., Naka, M., Yamamoto, H., Matsumoto, K., Homma, K., Matsumura, S., et al.
Page(s) 288-293
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 661 KB)

Determination of Snow Water Equivalents by Using NOAA-Satellite Images, Gamma Ray Spectrometry and Field Measurements
Kuittinen, R.
Page(s) 294-303
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 907 KB)

Natural Environment Research of Coastal Sea Area from the Air
Kumaki, Y.
Page(s) 304-312
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 955 KB)

Checking Computer Classifications on Forest Decline Inventory
Kuntz, S.
Page(s) 313-323
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1027 KB)

Homogeneous Photographic Texture: An Instrument to Identify Different Urban Population Segments
Kurkdjian, H.L.N.O.
Page(s) 324-332
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1221 KB)

Characteristics of Surficial Brightness Temperature and Reflective Spectrum in Sporadic Permafrost Region
Liang, F., Zeng, Q.
Page(s) 333-341
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 518 KB)

A Result of Measurement of Atmospheric Parameters from Ground for Marine Remote Sensing
Lin, S., Pan, D., Zhang, G.
Page(s) 342-347
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 394 KB)

Aerial and Mobile Thermography to Assess Damages and Energy Losses from Buildings and District Heating Networks - Operational Advantages and Limitations
Ljungberg, S.-A., Rosengren, H.
Page(s) 348-359
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1858 KB)

Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data from Eastern Areas of the Baltic Sea
Lokk, J., Pelevin, V., Solomakha, V.
Page(s) 360-365
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 322 KB)

Statistical Analysis of SPOT HRV/PA Data
Hori, H., Gotoh, K.
Page(s) 366-373
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 892 KB)

An Attempt of Suitable Land Selection for Regional Agricultural Development Using Remote Sensing Data and Geographical Information
Morimoto, K., Yoshinaga, K., Setojima, M., Shibata, K.
Page(s) 374-383
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 998 KB)

Atmospheric Correction of NIMBUS-7 Data Based on the Multiple Scattering Calculation
Mukai, S.
Page(s) 384-390
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 643 KB)

Development of Borehole Scanner for Underground Geological Survey
Murai, S., Tanimoto, C., Matsumoto, Y., Nagata, K.
Page(s) 391-395
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1177 KB)

Multiviewing Linear Models for Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC) from Remotely Sensed Data
Novo, E.H.L.H., Godoy Jr., M.
Page(s) 396-405
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 797 KB)

An Improving Multispectral Recording Set Analysis Method
Oprescu, N., Borduselu, C.
Page(s) 406-415
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 953 KB)

The Importance of the Selection of the Training Areas at the Maximum-Likelihood Classification
Örmeci, C.
Page(s) 416-422
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 405 KB)

Automatic Road Selection from LANDSAT Data
Oshima, T., Emori, Y., Yasuda, Y.
Page(s) 423-432
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 713 KB)

Examples of Analysis of Aerial Photographs and Geographic Information System for Surveying Disasters
Oyama, Y., Setojima, M.
Page(s) 433-440
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 855 KB)

Efficacy of Monitoring of Urban Development with the Use of Remote Sensing Techniques
Pavate, T.V.
Page(s) 441-445
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 397 KB)

A Method for Urban Growth Evaluation Using LANDSAT Data
Pereira, M.N., Kurkdjian, M.L.N.0., Foresti, C.
Page(s) 446-451
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 659 KB)

A Study Extracting Information on Ground Objects from Characteristics of Space Thermal Distribution
Rikimaru, A., Kamijo, M., Oshima, T.
Page(s) 452-459
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 931 KB)

Cybernetics and Remote Sensing Methodology - A Dialectic, Interdisciplinary and Integrated Approach
Rokos, D.KL.
Page(s) 460-469
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1014 KB)

Approach to Estimation of Mangrove Resources Using Remote Sensing and a Trial in Okinawa
Sato, K., Hoshi, T.
Page(s) 470-481
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1132 KB)

Interpretation of ERS-l Windscatterometer Data: Wind Field Extraction
Schwenzfeger, K.J.
Page(s) 482-497
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1105 KB)

Methods to Supplement Insufficient Ground Survey Data for Land Cover Classification
Sekiguchi, T., Akiyama, M., Koido, K., Sasajima, H.
Page(s) 498-507
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1082 KB)

Radiometric Predictions for Agronomic Variables of Rice Canopies Using a Visible to Mid-infrared Spectroradiometer
Shibayama, M., Wiegand, C. L., Akiyama, T., Yamagata, Y.
Page(s) 508-517
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 992 KB)

On a Conversion of Airborne MSS Data into Reflectance by Using a Simulation Model
Shikada, M., Miyakita, K., Haba, Y.
Page(s) 518-533
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1208 KB)

Landsat Derived Shade Images of Forested Areas
Shimahukuro, Y. E., Haertel, V.F .A., Smith, J.A.
Page(s) 534-543
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 944 KB)

Effects of Spatial Resolution to Landcover Classification Accuracies for SPOT HRV and LANDSAT TM Data
Shimoda, H., Kasai, Y., Yamaguchi, R., Fukue, K., Sakata, T.
Page(s) 544-553
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1232 KB)

The Realizations of the Grasslands Classification Principles in Computer Processing for the Grasslands Resources Investigations
Shu, N.
Page(s) 554-563
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 932 KB)

Use of Remotely Sensed Data for Yield Estimation Surveys
Singh, R.
Page(s) 564-568
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 541 KB)

Aerial Space Monitoring of Forest Resources
Sukhikh, V. I., Isaev, A.S.
Page(s) 569-578
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2034 KB)

The Survey Method by Using Aero-Video Data and Its Application
Takahashi, Y.
Page(s) 579-584
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 596 KB)

The Estimation of Snow Depth Distribution by Satellite Data
Takahashi, Y., Suwabe, K., Hirono, K.
Page(s) 585-588
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 277 KB)

Introduction of the Remote Sensing System in the Tropical Rain Forest Research Institute, Indonesia
Takahata, S., Risman, S.
Page(s) 589-598
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1366 KB)

Evaluation of Some Spectral and Spatial Features of Satellite Images Using Airborne MSS Data for the Analysis of Urban Area
Takeuchi, S., Tomita, T.
Page(s) 599-606
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 717 KB)

Application of Remote Sensing to Benthic Marine Algae Monitoring
Tanaka, K., Matsumoto, Y., Takaba, M.
Page(s) 607-618
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1017 KB)

Investigation of Lineaments from Remote Sensing Data
Tsuchida, S., Yamaguchi, Y., Hase, H.
Page(s) 619-628
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 791 KB)

Observation of Submarine Volcanic Activities at the Kaitoku Seamount and the Hukutoku-Okano-Ba Seamount by the Airborne Thermal Infrared Radiometer
Tsuchide, M., Sato, H.
Page(s) 629-640
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2253 KB)

On the Regional Characteristics of Actual Evapotranspiration Derived from LANDSAT MSS and Elevation Data
Uchida, S., Hoshi, T.
Page(s) 641-650
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 989 KB)

Comparative Analysis of Landsat-5 TM and SPOT HRV Data in Kanazawa Region
Ueno, S., Kawata, Y., Kusaka, T.
Page(s) 651-662
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1534 KB)

Soil Moisture Estimation Based on Thermal Inertia from Airborne MSS Measurements
Utsunomiya, Y.
Page(s) 663-672
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1026 KB)

The Application of an Atmospheric Correction and Chlorophyll Algorithm on a TM Image of Central Lake Tanganyika : Techniques and Observations
Vanouplines, P.I.
Page(s) 673-680
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 693 KB)

Application of Landsat TM Data into Regional Exloration of Lead-Zinc Deposits
Wang, P.
Page(s) 681-689
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 707 KB)

Analysis of Thematic Mapper Satellite Data for Inventorying Field Crops in New York
Wei, X.
Page(s) 690-695
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 433 KB)

The Spectral-Agronomic Multisite-Multicrop Analysis (SAMMA) Project
Wiegand, C.L., Hatfield, J.L.
Page(s) 696-706
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 895 KB)

Flood Inundation and Rice Crop Damage Analyzed by Multitemporal TM Data
Yamagata, Y., Wiegand, C., Akiyama, T., Shibayama, M.
Page(s) 707-717
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1005 KB)

Development of a Field Radiometer as a Truth Equipment for the Japanese ERS-1 Ground
Yamaguchi, Y., Sato, I., Ohkura, T.
Page(s) 718-727
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1045 KB)

Application of Aerial Side-Looking Radar Imagery in China
Yang, P., Wang, L.
Page(s) 728-736
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1591 KB)

Classification of Land-Cover Based on Statistical Verification
Yokoyama, I., Deguchi, C., Numata, M., Matsuo, K.
Page(s) 737-745
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 809 KB)

FEX: Automatic Planimetric Feature Rxtraction
Zelek, J.S., Paine, S., MacDonald, P., Hawkins, D.
Page(s) 746-755
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1389 KB)

A Role Played by Airphoto Scale during the Transmission of the Geographic Information
Zhang, R.
Page(s) 756-767
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1271 KB)

Studies on the Compilation Method of Afforestation Site Map at a Scale of 1:100000 in Pin Quan County China
Zhang, X., Liu, Y.
Page(s) 768-777
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1037 KB)

New Classification Algorithm Using Spatial Information for High Resolution Image Data
Zhang, Z., Shimoda, H., Fukue, K., Matsumae, Y., Sakata, T.
Page(s) 778-785
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 899 KB)

Study of Modern Vicissitudes of the Jianghan Lake Groups by Using Remote Sensing Techniques
Zou, S.
Page(s) 786-792
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 735 KB)

Supplements from Part B8

British National Air Photo Surveys 1969-88 and Landscape Monitoring
Kirby, R.P.
Page(s) 1-9
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 950 KB)

Definition et Determination des Unites Dynamiques d'un Paysage Sahelien(OURSI), pour un Diagnostic des Facteurs de Degradation et de Regeneration des Ressources Naturelles et Renouvelables
Andrianasolo, H., Malek, C.
Page(s) 10-19
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2544 KB)

Linear Feature Extraction and Road Recognition from Large Scale Digital Aerial Images
Lemmens, M.J.P.M., Bruel, E.W., Fennis, F.
Page(s) 20-31
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1282 KB)

Evaluation of the Extension and Degradation of Mangrove Areas in Sergipe State with Remote Sensing Data
Abdon, M.M., Vieira, E.G.M., Espindola, C.R.S., Setzer, A.W.
Page(s) 32-37
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 808 KB)

Identification of Waterlogged Soils in the East-Slovakian Lowland by Application of LANDSAT Data
Feranec, J., Kolar, J.
Page(s) 38-47
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1315 KB)

Integration of Procedures Available in Low Cost Image Processing and Geographical Information Systems. An Application on Human Settlement and Landscape Ecology in the Depression of El-Fayoum (Egypt).
Ghabour, Th.K., Antrop, M.
Page(s) 48-57
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2183 KB)

Sea Spectra as Determined from Low-Altitude SLAR Images
Voliak, K.I.
Page(s) 58-67
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1577 KB)

Lidar Measurements of Sea Surface Waves
Voliak, K.I., Solntsev, M.V.
Page(s) 68-77
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 934 KB)

The Determination of Sea Surface Temperature from AVHRR Infrared Data in Cloudy Area
Liu, G., Tang, S.
Page(s) 78-87
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 863 KB)

A Raster Approach to Population Estimation Using High-Altitude Aerial and Space Photographs
Lo, C.P.
Page(s) 88-97
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1232 KB)

Improvement of Classification Results from a Satellite Image Using Context Information from a Topographic Map
Laan, F.B. van der
Page(s) 98-108
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1084 KB)

The Studies on Computer Aided Classifications for Grass Resources Investigations in Northern Tibet by Using Spacelab Colour Infrared Images
Shu, N.
Page(s) 109-117
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 883 KB)

Use of Digital Images as a Mineral Prospecting Tool in the Tin Province of Goias, Brazil
Filho, R.A.
Page(s) 118-130
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1941 KB)

Caracterization d'une Region Agricole a Partir d'un Radar Bande C et d'un Radiometre dans 1'Infrarouge Thermique Aeroportes
Soares, J.V., Bernard, R., Vidal-Madjar, D.
Page(s) 131-141
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 934 KB)

Comparative Digital Analysis of SEASAT-SAR and LANDSAT-TM Data of Iceland
Rast, M., Jaskolla, F., Amason, K.
Page(s) 142-166
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 5005 KB)

Satellite Environmental Monitoring in Support of Global Food Security and Desert Locust Plague Prevention at FAO : the ARTEMIS System
Hielkema, J.U.
Page(s) 167-179
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1131 KB)

Vegetation Mapping in Pantanal Region Using Thematic Mapper Sensor: A Physiognomic Approach
Ponzoni, F.J., Filho, P.H.
Page(s) 180-188
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 603 KB)

Supplements from Part B9

Urban Density Monitoring Using High Resolution Spacebome Systems
Forster, B.C., Jones, C.
Page(s) 189-195
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 791 KB)

The Use of SPOT and CIR Aerial Photography for Urban Planning
Lohmann, P., Altrogge, G.
Page(s) 196-205
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 995 KB)

Crop Monitoring for Agricultural Propositions
Clevers, J.G.P.W.
Page(s) 206-215
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1057 KB)

A National Land Use Mapping in 1:250 000 of the Philippines within One Year Time
Rasch, H., Kihlblom, U., Rosenholm, D.
Page(s) 216-219
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 611 KB)

The Role of an Automated GIS in the Development and Management of Renewable Natural Resources of Northeastern Brazil
Kennard, W.C., Teotia, H.S., Civco, D.L.
Page(s) 220-231
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1007 KB)

Remote Sensing for Forest Resource Management: CCRS Advances in Electro-Optical and Radar Imaging Systems
Till, S.M., Gray, A.L., Ahern, F.J.
Page(s) 232-239
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1364 KB)

Analysis of Multitemporal Airborne Remote Sensing Data for the Location of Solution Features in the Chalk of Southern England
Kennie, T.J.M., Rosenbaum, M.S., Edmonds, C.N.
Page(s) 240-249
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 924 KB)

Geological Interpretation of Neotectonic Activities from Soyus MKF-6 Imagery in the Pamir-Alay, Central Asia
Huang, X., Bankwitz, E., Bankwitz, P.
Page(s) 250-259
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1638 KB)

Application of Remote Sensing Method to an Evaluation on the Damage of Coniferous Forests in Czechoslovakia
Charvat, K., Uhlir, J.
Page(s) 260-265
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 798 KB)

Identification of Soils with Different Nutrient and Moisture Status Indicated by Vegetation Using Infrared Aerial Photography - A Study in the Eastern Region of Sri Lanka
Weerasekera, T.S.B.
Page(s) 266-270
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 421 KB)

Remote Sensing Approaches Used in Chinese Urban Land Use Analysis
Gong, P., Chen, B.
Page(s) 271-276
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 533 KB)

Simulation of ERS-1/OPS by the Use of Airborne Spectroradiometer
Watanabe, H., Osanai, T.
Page(s) 277-286
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 378 KB)

Matching of Digital Scanner Data by Feature Extraction and Cross Correlation
Lemmens, M.J.P.M., Looyen, W.J.
Page(s) 287-297
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1243 KB)

Development of Borehole Scanner for Underground Geological Survey
Murai, S., Tanimoto, C., Matsumoto, Y., Nagata, K.
Page(s) 298-302
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1249 KB)

The Precision of the Sea Surface Temperature via NOAA-AVHRR Sensor
Yokoyama, R., Tanba, S., Souma, T., Yoshida, I.
Page(s) 303-311
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 911 KB)

Application of Remote-Sensing Technique in Geo-Environmental Study of Singrauli Area, India
Sinha, A.K.
Page(s) 312-321
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 732 KB)

Urban Monitoring Using SPOT Imagery - A Case Study
Nagarathinam, V., Jayagobi, K., Maruthachalam, M., Panchanathan, S., Palanivelu, R.
Page(s) 322-328
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1023 KB)

Noise Reduction from Synthetic Aperture Radai Imagery
Sirkiä, 0.
Page(s) 329-336
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2271 KB)

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil, Vegetation and Waters
Armand, N.A., Shutko, A.M.
Page(s) 337-340
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 611 KB)

Discovery of a New Mineralized Area in Lomblen Island of Indonesia Indicated by the Remotely Sensed Image Data
Kouda, R., Suwijanto, Suhariono, K., Miyazaki, Y., Muraoka, H., Ninomiya, Y.
Page(s) 341-350
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1034 KB)

Detection of City Growth Areas Using SPOT Image Interpretation
Polle, V.F.L.
Page(s) 351-364
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1652 KB)

Digital Analysis for Evaluating Functions of Forest and Agricultural Lands in a Watershed
Sawada, H., Awaya, Y., Ohnuki, I., Tsuyuki, S.
Page(s) 365-374
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1087 KB)

Supplements from Part B10

Shallow Water Mapping of Coral Reef Habitats: ft Case Study from the Great Barrier Reef
Reichelt, R.E., Bainbridge, S.J.
Page(s) 375-383
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1267 KB)

Extraction of Hydrogical and Meteorological Information Using NGAft AVHRR Data with Geographical Information
Okuyama, K., Konno, T., Saitoh, S., Akatsu, K., Morimoto, R.
Page(s) 384-392
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 657 KB)

A Study on the Automatic Extraction of Ground Cover Changes in the Forest Area Using Remote Sensing and Existing GIS
Ishii, H., Shimamura, H., Yomoda, S.
Page(s) 393-398
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 333 KB)

Influence of Mixels on Land Cower Classification in Residental Areas Using Airborne MSS Data
Hoyano, A., Komatsu, Y.
Page(s) 399-408
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1433 KB)

On Volcano Eruption Plumes Observed by Meteorological Satellites
Naito, K., Sawada, Y.
Page(s) 409-415
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 550 KB)

Detail Estimation of Snow Covered Area from NOAA AVHRR Data with Mew Extracting Method of Pixel Inside Information
Rikimaru, A., Oshima, T., Kuwabara, T., Mukai, H.
Page(s) 416-421
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 923 KB)

Photo-Geomorphic Clue to Detection of Landslide-Prone Slopes, Drawn from Notable Disasters in Postwar Japan
Hatano, S., Oyagi, N.
Page(s) 422-423
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 232 KB)

Application of TM Data to a Geologic Structure Study of the Eastern Liaoning Province, China
Sato, I., Deng, Z,, Wang, P., Yamaguchi, Y., Urai, M., Ninomiya, Y.
Page(s) 424-434
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1379 KB)

Investigation of a Red Tide Pattern Observed in Osaka Bay by Landsat
Fujita, S.
Page(s) 435-443
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 938 KB)

Improvement of Classification Accuracy with Consideration of the Mixture of Land Covers
Shibasaki, R., Shimamura, H., Shizukuishi, M.
Page(s) 444-451
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 911 KB)

Estimation of Economic Data Based on Aerial-Photographic Information in Developing Countries
Miyamoto, K.
Page(s) 452-461
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 831 KB)

Environmental Studies Using the Remote Sensing Data in Civil Engineering Project
Oshima, T., Tanaka, S., Sugimura, T., Yoshimura, M.
Page(s) 462-471
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1294 KB)

Discrimination of Surface Alteration Based on Digital Processing of Airborne Multispectral Data
Okada, K., Yokoyama, T,, Arai, K.
Page(s) 472-481
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 801 KB)

Separability of Vegetation and Non-vegetation Using MOMS-1 Visible and Infra-red Data
Tanaka, S., Sugimura, T., Al-Sultan, S.H.
Page(s) 482-496
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 3440 KB)

Reflectance Pattern and the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Three Brazilian Oxisols
Formaggio, A.R., Epiphanio, J.C.N.
Page(s) 497-505
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 978 KB)

LANDSAT TM and Agrometeorological Data for Wheat Yield Estimation at the Farm Level
Rudorff, B.F.T., Batista, G.T.
Page(s) 506-515
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1012 KB)

Environmental Impact of the Urban Growth on the Western Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area
Foresti, C.
Page(s) 516-524
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1070 KB)

LANDSAT-TM Data to Map Flooded Areas
Pinto, S.A.F., Florenzano, T.G.
Page(s) 525-531
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 891 KB)

The Use of Orbital Remote Sensing Data for Low Cost Ground-Water Survey
Ohara, T., Cunha, R.P. da, Barbosa, M.P.
Page(s) 532-537
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 648 KB)

Selecting Hydroelectric Power Plant Alternatives Using Remote Sensing
Bernardi, A.C., Vieira, E.G.M.
Page(s) 538-544
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 461 KB)

Study of the Spectral Response of Soybeans
Batista, G.T., Rudorff, B.F.T.
Page(s) 545-553
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 816 KB)

Main Conclusions of the Activity of the Working Group VI1-3 between 1984 and 1988
Guyot, G.
Page(s) 554-563
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 889 KB)

The Use of the Thematic Mapper for Coastal Water Analysis
Tassan, S.
Page(s) 564-575
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 977 KB)

Studies on the Estimation of the Land Use in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area by Landsat Thematic Mapper Data
Tarumi, H., Fujii, S., Kenmotsu, H.
Page(s) 576-584
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1614 KB)

Use of NOAA AVHRR Data for Snow Cover Mapping in Mountain Areas in Norway
Dick, 0., Loberg, E., Andersen, T., Killingtveit, A., Faanes, T.
Page(s) 585-594
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 945 KB)

Forest Damage Inventory by Remote Sensing Methods. Experiences from Sweden
Wastenson, L., Aim, G., Kleman, J., Wastenson, B.
Page(s) 595-605
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1404 KB)

Classification of the Altered Zone by the GER Airborne 64 Channel Scanner
Takemura, T., Kohno, I., Kakimoto, I., Arai, K., Tonoike, K.
Page(s) 606-615
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 513 KB)

Reliability of Remote Sensing for Assessing Planktonic Algal Chlorophyll in NJ near Water of NY Bight
Bagheri, S., Dios, R.A.
Page(s) 616-624
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1014 KB)

Analysis of Urban Environmental Pollution Using Remote Sensing
Wang, S.
Page(s) 625-632
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Comparison of TM, SIR-B and Simulated Radar Images in Particular Consideration of Forest Classification
Popella, A., Schardt, M.
Page(s) 633-648
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2815 KB)

Relationships between Spectral Reflectance and Phytomass of the ground Layer Community of Neotropical Savanna (Cerrado)
Valeriano, D.M., Pereira, M.D.B.
Page(s) 649-657
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1080 KB)

TM/LANDSAT-5 Data to Evaluate Wheat and Bean Percent Soil Cover and Leaf Area Index
Epiphanio, J.C.N., Formaggio, A.R.
Page(s) 658-666
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 876 KB)

Evaluation of LANDSAT-TM Data for Geomorphological Mapping
Florenzano, T.G., Kux, H.J.H.
Page(s) 667-672
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 442 KB)

Supplements from Part B11

Use of Landsat TM Digital Data for Estuarine Water Quality Modeling
Rios, P., Khorram, S.
Page(s) 673-698
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2189 KB)

Monoplotting in a PC Environment
Stuiver, H.J., Molenaar, M.
Page(s) 699-708
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 723 KB)

Introducing ARGUS, an Operational Remote Sensing System for Groundwater Exploration
Fergestad, P.I., Langeraar, W.D.
Page(s) 709-725
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1240 KB)

Review of the Calibration of Radiometric Measurements from Satellite to Ground Level
Slater, P.M.
Page(s) 726-734
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1076 KB)

Determination of Coastline Variations Using Aerial Photos
Ahn, C., Yeu, B., Kang, I.
Page(s) 735-741
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 424 KB)

Red Edge Shift as Vitality Indicator for Plants ?
Boochs, F., Dockter, K., Kupfer, G., Kuhbauch, W.
Page(s) 742-749
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 718 KB)

High Spectral Resolution : Determination of Spectral Shifts between the Red and Near Infrared
Guyot, G., Baret, F., Major, D.J.
Page(s) 750-760
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1018 KB)

CIR Aerial Photography Applied to the Evaluation of the Air Pollution Impact in a Tropical Forest: The Case of Cubatao - Brazil
Valeriano, D.M., Ponzoni, F. J.
Page(s) 761-769
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1163 KB)

Estimation of the Simulated JERS-1 Data
Takemura, T., Kohno, I., Kakimoto, I., Arai, K., Tonoike, E.
Page(s) 770-777
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 720 KB)

On the Slopes Like Avalanche Chute and Their Distribution in Heavily Snowy Regions in Japan
Hoya, T., Sugiyama, M., Sekiguchi, T.
Page(s) 778-784
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1292 KB)

Quelques Reflexions sur la Mise a Jour d'une Base de Donnes Urbaines a Partir des Images du Satellite SPOT
Armand, M.
Page(s) 785-798
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2490 KB)

Optical and Digital Interpretation of "SPOT" Imagery for Land Resources Planning and Management in Northeastern Brazil
Teotia, H.S., Kennard, W.C., Civco, D.L.
Page(s) 799-821
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 4034 KB)

Topographic Feature Extraction Based on Context Dependant Filters
Gorte, B.G.H., Mulder, N.J.
Page(s) 822-825
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 398 KB)

Coral Reef Mapping Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data
Nagarathinam, V., Jayagobi, K., Palanivelu, R.
Page(s) 826-830
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 692 KB)

Evaluation of Soil pH through Remote Sensing
Jayagobi, K., Nagarathinam, V., Maruthachalam, M., Palanivelu, R.
Page(s) 831-838
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 591 KB)

Monitoring of Forest and Forest Reserve Boudaries in Ghana Using Satellite (Landsat) Imagery
Prah, B.E.K.
Page(s) 839-846
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1160 KB)

Detection of Spectral Effects in Individual Tree Crowns of Metal-Injected Trees Using High-Resolution Pushbroom Imagery
Miller, J.R., Boyer, M.G., Wu, J., Gauthier, R.P., Hare, E.W., Belanger, M.
Page(s) 847-858
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 880 KB)

Detection of Spectral Effects in Individual Tree Crowns of Metal-Injected Trees Using High-Resolution Pushbroom Imagery
Miller, J.R., Boyer, M.G., Wu, J., Gauthier, R.P., Hare, E.W., Belanger, M.
Page(s) 847-858
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 880 KB)




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