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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXIX Part B1, 1992

XVIIth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission I: Primary Data Acquisition
August 2-14, 1992, Washington, D.C., USA
Editor(s): Lawrence W. Fritz, James R. Lucas


Table of Contents

Optimal Digitization Steps for Usual Film Material
Hermann Diehl (GERMANY)
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1224 KB)

Automated Water Finders for Radar Imagery
Pi-Fuay Chen (USA), et al.
Page(s) 7-13
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 933 KB)

Requirements for Earth Observation in Tropical and Subtropical Zones from Low Inclination Orbit
Werner Kirchhof (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 14-20
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 870 KB)

NASA Remote Sensing Data Policy
Lisa Robock Shaffer (USA)
Page(s) 21-24
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 498 KB)

An International Remote Sensing System: A Possibility
Adigun A. Abiodun (UNITED NATIONS)
Page(s) 25-29
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 634 KB)

Symmetry of the MTF of Aerial Cameras
H. Juhani Hakkarainen (FINLAND)
Page(s) 30-37
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 417 KB)

The Camera Lenses for HS2323 Aerial Camera of JOIF
Li Can Cheng (CHINA)
Page(s) 38-40
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 262 KB)

Aviphot B & W Films Sensitization and MTF
Wilfried Bahnmüller (GERMANY)
Page(s) 41-43
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 480 KB)

A Flexible Digital Wide-Angle Optoelectronic Stereo Scanner
Dieter Oertel (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 44-49
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1095 KB)

Ultra-light Aircraft Low Altitude Aerophotography
Zhang Xin (CHINA), et al.
Page(s) 50-55
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 637 KB)

Microlight Aircraft for Large-Scale Aerial Surveying
V. G. Afremov (RUSSIA), et al.
Page(s) 56-60
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 762 KB)

The Differential Brightness Measurement and the Exposure System of Aerial Photography
Yang Ke (CHINA)
Page(s) 61-63
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 277 KB)

Appropriate Pixel Size for Orthophotography
Hans-Peter Bähr (GERMANY)
Page(s) 64-72
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2131 KB)

Subjective vs. Objective Image Quality
Anders E. Boberg (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 604 KB)

The Trial of Alternative Methods in Large Scale, Low Altitude Aerial Photography for Field Monitoring in Forestry
Lodovico Gherardi (ITALY), et al.
Page(s) 79-87
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1407 KB)

Hochauflösende Photographie mit der Contax RTS 111 -Messkammer mit Filmansaugung
Franz-Josef Heimes (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 88-95
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1217 KB)

Relationship Between Format and Resolution of Metric Camera and Mapping Accuracy
Chang Ninghua (CHINA)
Page(s) 96-99
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 447 KB)

Thoughts on Standard-Related Activities in ISPRS commission I(IP)
Hartmut Ziemann (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 100-106
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 956 KB)

Evaluation of Aerial Photographs Taken by Forward Motion Compensation Cameras
Sergei S. Nekhin (RUSSIA), et al.
Page(s) 107-111
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 640 KB)

Sensitometric Aspects in Aerial Photography -A Study
Guntur S. Kumar (INDIA)
Page(s) 112-117
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 380 KB)

Test-Field and Self-Calibration of Fiducial Marks
Kennert Torlegard (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 118-123
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1063 KB)

Applied Formulae for Accurate Calibration of Aerial photogrammetric Cameras
Wang Yuwei (CHINA)
Page(s) 124-129
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 647 KB)

The Camera Experiments HRSC and WAOSS on the Mars 94 Mission
Jörg Albertz (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 130-137
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 930 KB)

Optoelectronic Imaging Spectrometers: German Concepts for Remote Sensing
Eberhard Bach (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 138-144
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 702 KB)

Calibration Results for the Field Portable Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (THIRSPEC)
Benoit Rivard (CANADA), et al.
Page(s) 145-151
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 775 KB)

The Study of Multispectral Images from Existing Primary Color Filters
Hsing-Wei Lee (CHINA-TAIPEI), et al.
Page(s) 152-157
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 411 KB)

An International Opportunity for an Orbital Imaging System (IP)
Donald L. Light (USA)
Page(s) 158-166
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 802 KB)

New Satellite Data with High Ground Resolution from the Space Complex MIR and Other Platforms (IP)
V. Liebig (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 167-171
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 514 KB)

The Airborne Data Acquisition and Registration (ADAR) System 5000: A CCD-Based System for High Resolution Multispectral Remote Sensing
Cody A. Benkelman (USA), et al.
Page(s) 172-176
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 769 KB)

Three Years' Experience with the CASI Imaging Spectrometer
Michaela C. Mueksch (GERMANY)
Page(s) 177-182
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 552 KB)

Spatial Resolution of a Digital CCD-Camera
Manfred Schroeder (GERMANY)
Page(s) 183-189
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 566 KB)

Development and Application of an Airborne Multispectral Digital Frame Camera Sensor
Douglas J. King (CANADA)
Page(s) 190-192
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 361 KB)

Interior Orientation of SPOT Imagery
Torbjörn Westin (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 754 KB)

A Rigorous Calibration Method for Digital Cameras
Ying Chen (USA), et al.
Page(s) 199-205
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 598 KB)

X-SAR, A Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Instrument
E. Velten (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 206-211
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 562 KB)

Radiometric Calibration of SAR Image Data
Anthony Freeman (USA)
Page(s) 212-222
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1489 KB)

Reduction of Systematic Errors in GPS-Based Photogrammetry by Fast Ambiguity Resolution Techniques
Holger Schade (GERMANY)
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 667 KB)

Integration of GPS and Photogrammetry Reduces Flying Strips in Highway Mapping
Harnek S. Bains (USA)
Page(s) 229-233
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 454 KB)

A Real Time 3 Axis Compensation Platform and GPS-Based Navigation System for High Resolution Airborne Spectrometers
Michaela C. Mueksch (GERMANY)
Page(s) 234-236
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 411 KB)

Experiences from the Use of Computer Aided Aerial Photography with GPS at the National Land Survey of Sweden
Jonas Andreasson (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 237-240
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 451 KB)

Optimum Forward Looking Angle for Stereoscopic View Taking into Account Steep of the Terrain Based on Auto-Regressive Model
Kohei Arai (JAPAN), et al.
Page(s) 241-244
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 394 KB)

Video Imaging for Controlling Differential GPS Measurements
Juha I. Jaakkola (FINLAND)
Page(s) 245-247
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 554 KB)

GPS & Aerotriangulation
Francisco H. S. Magro (BRAZIL), et al.
Page(s) 248-250
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 232 KB)

Microcomputer Aided Design System for Aerial Remote Sensing Flight Path
Chen Ruie (CHINA), et al.
Page(s) 251-253
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 348 KB)

Limits of KDGPS-Supported Aerial Triangulation for High Precision Point Determination
Christian Schwiertz (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 254-259
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 459 KB)

Simulation Study for Integrating GPS-Control and Infrared Photography in Aerotriangulation for Shoreline Mapping
Roop C. Malhotra (USA)
Page(s) 260-269
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 789 KB)

GPS and Photogrammetry: An Italian Experiment
B. Astori (ITALY), et al.
Page(s) 270-269
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 887 KB)

Block Adjustment Including GPS Observations of the Photo Stations
Helen Burman (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 278-277
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 490 KB)

Experiences and Results of the GPS Aerial Triangulation Test Urgell
I. Colomina Fosch (SPAIN), et al.
Page(s) 283-290
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 718 KB)

Ergebnisse über drei GPS-gestützte Testflüge und Vergleiche -- Testflight, Results
Keren Li (GERMANY)
Page(s) 291-298
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 754 KB)

Experience with GPS-Supported Aerial Triangulation
Peter Friess (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 299-305
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 723 KB)

Handling of Disturbed Kinematic GPS-Data in Block Adjustment
Karsten Jacobsen (GERMANY)
Page(s) 306-311
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 616 KB)

A Practical Test of a Photogrammetric Project Controlled with Airborne GPS
Karen Schuckman (USA), et al.
Page(s) 312-316
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 529 KB)

An Integrated GPS Flight Management System (IP)
Peter M. Connors (USA)
Page(s) 317-320
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 498 KB)

Data Synthesis Challenges for the Future
Bill P. Clark (USA)
Page(s) 321-324
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 513 KB)

ERS-1 Europe's First Remote Sensing Satellite
Alfred Setzer (GERMANY)
Page(s) 325-332
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 602 KB)

Technology Trends in Spaceborne Remote Sensing Instruments
Bill P. Clark (USA)
Page(s) 333-339
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 457 KB)

Volume XXIX, Part B1 -ISPRS Commission I
Page(s) 340-340
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 74 KB)

Volume XXIX, Part B1 -ISPRS Commission I
Page(s) 341-343
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 139 KB)




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